Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite Review

Boost Elite






Value For Money



  • Fenugreek can help with libido


  • Contains many useless ingredients
  • Majority of formula is bogus
  • Unlikely to actually affect testosterone levels

Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite Review


Zhou Nutrition is a serious supplement manufacturer. These guys have been around for a long time, and they are going to be around for a good while to come.

Zhou Nutrition currently offer a range of high quality, extremely popular supplements. The Zhou Nutrition range currently includes a brain support supplement, a hair growth stimulator, a sleep aid supplement, and obviously, a testosterone booster.

Since the brand is so well respected, we thought it was important to get our own Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite review published asap.

So what is Boost Elite all about?


Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite review


According tot he bottle, Boost Elite “naturally promotes testosterone, libido, and energy”.

While raising your T levels will lead to a more active libido and higher energy levels, it is possible to do all three of these things separately.

More specifically, Zhou Nutrition say that Boost Elite users can expect:

Higher free testosterone levels
Increased stamina
Decreased feelings of lethargy
Less muscle loss

Those are the kind of benefits we want from a natural testosterone booster.

So does Boost Elite really do all of this?

WHat about side effects? Is Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite safe?

Most importantly, is it going to give you the results you’re looking for? Or are there better options out there?

We’ll answer these questions below in our full Boost Elite review. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, we’ve provided a short summary at the end. Please post all questions in the comments section at the end.


Boost Elite Formula

The most important thing to look at here is the formula. Here is the Boost Elite ingredient list as it looks on the label:


Boost Elite formula


Unforunately, at first glance this doesn’t look like a particularly impressive formula.

There are some good points here.

There are definitely some ingredients in here that will make a difference to your libido, and it may help bring your testosterone levels back up to within normal range if you have some serious deficiencies.

But on the whole, there is a lot wrong with this formula.

We can tell you now that the main issue is to do with ingredient selection. Basically, lots of the ingredients in Boost Elite don’t work in reality.

We’re going to go over the main benefits and main drawbacks so it’s easy for you to make up your mind about this testosterone booster.


Main Benefits

The main good point to this stack is the generous dose of high quality Fenugreek Extract.

Each serving of Boost Elite gives us 300mg of Fenugreek Extract which has been standardized to be 60% Saponins.

It’s really the saponins in Fenugreek Extract that we’re concerned about for the purposes of boosting testosterone levels. Saponins are thought to help preserve the enzymes which are necessary for testosterone synthesis in the testes.

Fenugreek has actually been shown to be pretty sub par for boosting testosterone levels.

However, it does seem to be reliably effective for improving libido.

Fenugreek Extract is very much something you would use to treat the symptoms of low T levels rather than rectifying the low T levels themselves.

But for many men, stimulating the libido is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Fenugreek Boost Elite ingredients


There is also lots of Zinc in here.

Many men do not consume anywhere near enough zinc. Zinc is an absolutely vital link in the testosterone synthesis process.

Rectifying a zinc deficiency can immediately make your testosterone levels rise. If you care about having healthy, optimal T levels, then making your testosterone synthesis as efficient as possible is your first step, and zinc is your first port of call.

Each serving of Boost Elite gives us 40mg of zinc citrate, which is 500% of your RDI. Any deficiency will be gone in no time.


-See Our Supplement Guide For More On The Best Ingredients-


Main Drawbacks

As stated above, the big, underlying issue with the Boost Elite formula is the choice of ingredients.

To put it bluntly, most of the ingredients used here offer no real benefit in terms of raising testosterone production.

Sure, it isn’t hard to find people claiming that they all put your T levels through the roof.

But when there’s no hard scientific data to back up these claims, we have to conclude that it is just marketing hype driven by the supplement industry.

Always remember, an ingredient isn’t effective just because somebody says it is effective. Supplement manufacturers will always find ways to big-up the ingredients they want to use. All you can do is look for ingredients with serious, independent scientific backing.


Horny Goat Weed Boost Elite ingredients


For example, one of the key ingredients in Boost Elite is Horny Goat Weed.

Some bloggers claim that Horny Goat Weed can supercharge your libido. Yet these are almost always either latching on to hype or responding to pressure from supplement manufcaturers.

We have never seen a human study showing Horny Goat Weed as actually helping with sex drive, sexual performance, or anything of that nature.

Horny Goat Weed is never even really associated with improving testosterone availability. Why it is so often found in natural testosterone boosters is a mystery to us.

The same can be said about Yohimbe.

We’ve seen plenty of people saying that Yohimbe is a natural promoter of testosterone synthesis.

As far as we know, evidence for this claim is non-existent.

In fact, Yohimbe ingestion seems to lead to a spike in cortisol levels https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21710402. This is a nightmare if you want to maximize muscle growth, vitality and emotional stability.

Cortisol is the hormone which is released in response to stress. It causes rapid muscle mass wastage and a range of other unwanted physical effects. High cortisol levels are associated with anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Most notably, cortisol and testosterone are antagonists. High blood cortisol levels invariably mean low free testosterone levels.

We can go on through the Boost Elite ingredients list; Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, DIM. None of these ingredients have been proven to boost testosterone availability in the blood.

The use of so many useless ingredients is a serious problem. When buying Boost Elite you are paying for more bogus ingredients than effective ones.

In terms fo value for money, this is less than ideal. It isn’t great news for the overall potency of the product either.

Most of the work falls to Fenugreek Extract and Zinc; there’s none of the big, powerful ingredients we look for in today’s professional quality testosterone boosters.


Boost Elite Side Effects

On the whole, Boost Elite seems to cause problems for very few users.

Zhou Nutrition are a very reputable manufacturer. They clearly want to be around for a while, so we don’t think they’d put anything serious dangerous onto the market (as some manufacturers would).

However, that does not mean that it won’t cause any users any problems at all.

No supplement is 100% safe, and side effect severity often varies wildly from person to person.

Boost Elite contains lots of herbal extracts that you will never have consumed before. Your body will not be used to consuming these substances, and it will certainly not be used to consuming them in a concentrated form.

It is absolutely vital that you talk to a health professional before you begin using Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite. It doesn’t matter how safe you think a testosterone booster is, you shouldn’t gamble with your health. If you think your testosterone levels are extremely low, then you need to talk to a doctor, not look for answers online.


Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

At the start of this Boost Elite review, we expected great things.

Zhou Nutrition make some pretty impressive supplements, and they certainly have a big fan base. People swear by Zhou Nutrition products, and their more specific supplements seem to be of a high quality.

But after looking at the formula more closely, we think their natural testosterone boosting stack, Boost Elite, can only claim to be average at best.

Most of the formula is taken up with pretty useless ingredients.

The main ingredient by dose, Tribulus Terrestris, has never been shown in a clinical trial to actually do anything to testosterone levels.

The same is true of many other ingredients.

In fact, Yohimbe not only fails to raise T levels, but it seems to actually cause a cortisol spike, which would in turn LOWER testosterone levels, muscle mass, and vitality.

It does contain ingredients which can help keep testosterone levels healthy and improve libido.

But they’re not enough on their own, and they don’t make up for the overall low quality of the stack.

For optimal results, genuine improvements in vitality, energy, and athletic performance, opt for a more comprehensive and scientifically-backed testosterone booster.

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