Weider Prime Review – Disappointing Formula! – Weak Ingredients

Weider Prime






Value For Money



  • Contains zinc
  • Side effects shouldn't be a big issue


  • 4 main ingredients, all duds
  • Ashwagandha a proven anxiolytic, but does nothing for testosterone
  • Cordyceps doesn't do anything at all



Full Weider Prime Review


Weider Prime is a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

It is currently one of the most talked about supplement on the market, so we decided to do a thorough Weider Prime review. That way, you know what’s what with this new stack.

So what is this supplement all about?

Who is Weider Prime meant for?


Weider Prime review


As far as we can tell, Weider Prime is a standalone testosterone booster. There’s no bigger brand behind this stack; whoever makes it, this seems to be their only product.

If we look at the bottle, we see that Weider Prime claims to deliver a few key benefits:

  • Supports normal fat metabolism
  • Supports testosterone levels in the blood within normal levels

The official website also talks a great deal about improving physical performance, supporting lean muscle mass growth, and generally improving vitality.

All of these things would follow from raising your testosterone levels.

So the question is, does Weider Prime really do any of this, or is it all just sales-speak?

Can Weider Prime really boost testosterone levels back up to within normal range?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to the best testosterone boosters we have right now?

In our Weider Prime review, which you can find below, we pick apart this supplement’s formula to find out if it can really deliver on everything it promises. At the end, we give you a concise summary of the review. Post any questions to the comments section and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



Weider Prime Formula

To cut through the marketing crap, always look at the formula. Here is the Weider Prime ingredients label as shown on the bottle:


Weider Prime formula analysis


That is a seriously weak formula.

Right away, we can tell you that few users are likely to get any benefit from using Weider Prime.

None of these ingredients have the kind of robust scientific backing we expect from modern supplements.

There’s a lot of hype behind them for sure.

But when it comes down to it, they don’t deliver.

There aren’t any of the best natural testosterone boosters that we look for in all stacks.

All we have is ineffective, over-blown herbal extracts.

Let us explain in more detail.



Ingredients All Bark But No Bite

None of the ingredients in Weider Prime have been proven to have testosterone boosting properties.

All of them are said to be amazing for muscle growth, sex drive and vitality.

But saying something is good is one thing, proving it is another.

When they’ve been put under serious scientific scrutiny, most of these ingredients have failed to deliver.

In the case of Cordyceps, we don’t even think a study has been done on its ability to raise testosterone availability.

Take Diindolylmethane (DIM), for example.

Found naturally in broccoli, DIM is said to be a natural aromatase inhibitor.

Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for turning androgen hormones, like testosterone, into estrogen.

It is vital for the maintenance of a healthy hormonal balance.

But blocking aromatase from forming is a good way to ramp up testosterone levels, as less of it will be turned into estrogen.

Some studies have found that DIM is able to promote a healthy hormonal balance in the body.

In short, it actually seems to work for some people.

Yet the effect is extremely mild, and it seems to be incredibly unreliable.

More worryingly, DIM can actually INCREASE aromatase activity when ingested in large amounts.


Why anyone would use this for such weak potential gains is beyond us.


Weider Prime ingredients ashwagandha


Ashwagandha is a known anxiolytic.

That means that it reduces stress and anxiety.

However, it doesn’t have any known effect on hormones.

It is useless for actually boosting testosterone.

Many manufacturers include ashwagandha in test boosters because anxiety is a symptom of low test.

But we aren’t trying to treat the symptoms – we want to TREAT THE CAUSE AND ACTUALLY RAISE TESTOSTERONE AVAILABILITY!

A poor ingredient in this context.


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Weider Prime Side Effects

Our main issue with Weider Prime is that benefits are going to be pretty much non-existent.

Some people might get a placebo kick, but not much else.

However, the flip side of that is that side effects are going to be few and far between too.

The ingredients in Weider Prime are widely used, well understood, and generally thought to be safe.

The doses used aren’t outrageous in any way.

For 99.9% of users, Weider Prime is not going to cause any problems.


Weider Prime side effects DIM


The only potential problem here is DIM.

As stated above, DIM is supposed to ork by inhibiting aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

However, DIM can also increase aromatase activity.

This is unlikely to happen at these doses, but it is a risk worth considering – especially since DIM is so weak and unreliable.

Please remember that we aren’t doctors.

It is vital that you seek proper medical advice before trying natural testosterone boosters. If you think you have chronically low test, you might be better suited to TRT. Only a real doctor can tell you!

Please post any experiences you have had with Weider Prime, good or bad, in the comments section below!


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Weider Prime Review Summary – Worth The Money?

This is a pretty low grade testosterone booster.

If you haven’t read the full Weider Prime review above, then suffices to say that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that have been soundly proven to boost testosterone for most users.

Instead, it contains an anxiolytic that has no effect on hormones at all (treating a symtpom of low-T, not the cause), an over-hyped aromatase inhibitor that could backfire (raising estrogen levels), and som totally useless garbage.

We do get some minerals and vitamins, but these hardly justify the price tag.

Zinc can raise testosterone levels, but it is just about the only ingredient in Weider Prime that can!

We think this stack is a total waste of money.

It is built on hype, not hard science.

If you want some bang for your buck, look elsewhere.

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