Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1 Review – Small Prop Blend – IGF-1 Can Be Dangerous!

Raw IGF-1






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  • Tiny proprietary blend
  • Contains ingredients with no use whatsoever
  • DIM can backfire
  • Some serious health concerns


Full Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1 Review


Raw IGF-1 is a natural hormone booster from Vigor Labs.

These guys look fairly small time as far as supplement manufacturers go. Their website looks pretty cheap, their branding is kind of rough, and they don’t have much in the way of brand exposure.

They make a range of different products, some of which are a little suspect: their official website lists two products called ‘Ball Refill’, which are apparently designed to increase semen volume. They also list a Human Growth Hormone booster, and a “male enhancement” supplement.


Raw IGF-1 review


So what is Raw IGF-1 supposed to do?

Well, Raw IGF-1 is not a testosterone booster per se. It is actually a more wide ranging, general hormone booster.

According to the merchant page, Raw IGF-1 is designed to do the following:

  • Support IGF-1 levels
  • Support health testosterone levels
  • Increase energy for better workouts
  • Support muscle mass growth

This is the first supplement we’ve reviewed which aims to boost IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor 1.

IGF-1 is the main mediator of growth hormone’s effects. It works with growth hormone to make your body grow; it stimulates cell proliferation and existing cell maintenance.

Obviously then, IGF-1 is of great interest to bodybuilders. Along with insulin and HGH, it is literally the driver of celular growth, which is what bodybuilders strive for.

A product that can boost testosterone levels, IGF-1 release, and other hormonal paramters would definitely be of great use to guys looking for better results in the gym.

The question is, does it actually work?

Can Raw IGF-1 really do all the things it says it can?

Is it safe?

Is boosting IGF-1 and testosterone even desirable? What are the health risks if it does work?

Is Raw IGF-1 a good choice for guys looking to turbocharge their bodybuilding progress?

Or are there better stacks out there for you?

Let’s get into a full Raw IGF-1 review to find out. As usual, we’ll kick things off by looking at the actual formula; what is in Raw IGF-1? How are the ingredients dosed? What health risks do they pose?

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.



Raw IGF-1 Formula

Here is the Raw IGF-1 formula as shown on the product label:


Raw IGF-1 Formula


Well, look what we have here.

A tiny proprietary blend.

We can’t think of anything more disappointing to see than a tiny, over-stretched proprietary blend full of ineffective, sub-par ingredients.

And that’s exactly what we see here.


Small Prop Blend – Not Good!

We hate proprietary blends anyway. They just hide the details of a formula that the manufacturer doesn’t want you to see.

Many manufacturers reveal their full formula and make millions of dollars. Nobody steals them. That just doesn’t happen.

When a manufacturer blatantly hides from scrutiny like this, we see it as a big snub to potential customers.

But we would rather see a big proprietary blend than a tiny, over-stretched one.

If we look at the Raw IGF-1 blend, we see a total serving size of 500mg split across 8 ingredients.

That gives us an average serving size of 62.5mg.

For any ingredient to have a serving size above 62.5mg, another needs to have a serving size lower than 62.5mg.

Most of the ingredients in here are typically dosed above 100mg.

Some are usually dosed at 500mg; or the same size as the full blend.

Not a great start for Raw IGF-1 then!



Useless Ingredients

The small blend size means that, even if the ingredients in Raw IGF-1 were the very best around, it would still represent a poor investment.

Even the most effective natural testosterone boosters need to be dosed properly to make a difference to your hormone levels.

But amazingly, as if things weren’t bad enough, the majority of the ingredients in Raw IGF-1 are unproven, ineffective, over-hyped substances with little chance of raising any hormone levels in your blood.

The main offender here is Tribulus terrestris. This stuff has been conclusively proven by more than one clinical study to be about as effective at supporting testosterone levels as sugar pills.

Or to put it another way, it does nothing at all.

Carnitine isn’t going to have any effect on your hormone levels.

Deer Antler Velvet doesn’t do a thing for testosterone levels.

DIM is thought to be an aromatase inhibitor, but we’ve never seen this proven in an independent clinical trial.

We have actually seen suggestions that DIM can INCREASE aromatase activity.

With no hard scientific proof that it works, why would you risk INCREASING the rate at which you convert testosterone to estrogen?


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Raw IGF-1 Side Effects

With a supplement designed to raise IGF-1 levels, we need to seriously consider the side effects.

Raising IGF-1 levels above normal is not necessrily a good thing.

In fact, doing this can have serious health consequences.

IGF-1 is an extremely potent growth factor. It controls cell growth and proliferation.

As a child, with your body in develpment, then high IGF-1 levels are a must; you need to grow and grow fast.

But as an adult, having above-normal IGF-1 levels can lead to above normal cell growth.


Dangers of increasing IGF-1 levels


This may sound appealing to bodybuilders, because they assume that we’re talking about abnormal muscle growth.

But IGF-1 is not discriminatory; it doesn’t encourage growth in just one type of tissue. It stimulates systemic growth.

This means that IGF-1 has the potential to increase the risk of developing multiple diseases related to unregulated tissue growth.

Obviously, cancer springs to mind.

As this paper points out, the link between IGF-1 levels and cancer development is pretty strong: “anabolic signals by insulin or IGF-1 can promote tumour development by inhibiting apoptosis, and by stimulating cell proliferation. Epidemiological evidence is accumulating and suggests that the risk of cancers of the colon, pancreas, endometrium, breast and prostate are related to circulating levels of insulin, IGF-1, or both.”

However, we think that isn’t a major concern for users of Raw IGF-1, because we think there is almost no chance that this product influences your hormone levels.

Any hormones.

We don’t think Raw IGF-1 can do anything at all.

That isn’t great, but it does make for a relatively safe supplement.

Most of the ingredients in here are pretty benign. They don’t do much.

None of them can be dosed higher than 500mg either, which reassures us further.

All in all, we don’t think this product is likely to cause many of you any problems. It wont do mch in the way of positives, but serious negatives are pretty unlikely too.

That said, we aren’t doctors, so it is crucial that you do your own research, consider your own specific circumstances and requirements, and seek real medical advice.

Talk to a doctor before using a supplement like Raw IGF-1. If you think you need to elevate certain hormones in your body, you must seek medical advice from a qualified physician before you try to do it on your own.


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Raw IGF-1 Review Summary – Does It Work?

In short, no.

We don’t think Raw IGF-1 stands any chance of doing what it says on the bottle.

It is basically a tiny proprietary blend containing over-hyped, ineffective ingredients.

If you don’t see the problem with that immediately, we recommend that you read the whole Raw IGF-1 review.

We think users of this stack are highly unlikely to experience any benefits whatsoever.

If you want to see better results in the gym, look for a serious, well balanced supplement contianing ingredients that have been validated by independent scientific study.

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