True Grit Test Booster Review – Disappointment From Leading Supplier

True Grit Test Booster






Value For Money



  • Fenugreek Extract can improve sex drive considerably
  • Boron is effective


  • Not many 'big hitters'
  • Many ingredients do nothing for testosterone levels
  • DIM can encourage estrogen conversion

True Grit Test Booster Review


True Grit are quickly becoming one of the most popular supplement brands out there. They pop up in searches for pretty much any serious bodybuilding supplement type.

It isn’t surprising then that their natural hormone support supplement, True Grit Test Booster, has plenty of fans.

But it’s always hard to tell if products really deserve to be so popular. Maybe it’s just brand loyalty. Maybe it’s good marketing.

To find out if this stuff deserves its popularity, we’ve done a full True Grit Test Booster review.

First off, what is this stuff all about?

Who is it supposed to benefit?


True Grit Test Booster review


According to the bottle, users can expect the following key benefits while using True Grit Test Booster:

  • Decreased cortisol
  • Increased free testosterone
  • Decreased estrogen

These three benefits all sort of play into one another.

By decreasing estrogen, you allow the testostrone in your blood to have more of an androgenic effect on your body.

By decreasing cortisol, you maximize testosterone production.

If this product can do these things then users are sure ot experience increased muscle mass, enhanced physical performance, supercharged sex drive, and overall greater vitality.

The question is, can it?

Does True Grit Test Booster really work?

What are the dangers?

How good is it compared to other testosterone boosters on the market right now?

We’ll answer all of these questions in our True Grit Test Booster review, which you can find below.

For those of you who don’t have time to read the whole thing, you can skip to the summary at the bottom of the page for our overall verdict.


True Grit Test Booster Formula

Here is the True Grit Test Booster formula:


True Grit Test Booster formula


That’s quite a unique formula.

We very rarely see these ingredients in this combination.

Some of these ingredients we very rarely see at all, in any supplement.

That should make for a very interesting supplement, be that good or bad.

So what do we think overall?

All things considered, we’re actually a little disappointed with this stack.

We don’t think many of these ingredients are able to influence your free testosterone levels at all.

There are some substances in here that will no doubt benefit some people; be it boosting libido, encouraging free testosterone levels, or helping to keep cortisol levels in check.

However, the effect of these ingredients will be extremely weak compared to stacks that utilize a wide range of high quality, scientifically-verified testosterone boosting ingredients.

Most of the ingredients in here are pretty useless with regards to optimizing your hormone levels.

Let’s get into this in greater detail. Here is a breakdown of the best and the worst aspects of this supplement.


Main Benefits

The main benefit of True Grit Test Booster is that it contains a handful of ingredients which can, when taken together, help increase your testosterone serum levels and improve your libido.

First, we have Fenugreek Extract.

True Grit Test Booster contains a good quality Fenugreek Extract.

While Fenugreek Extract has been found to be ineffective for actually raising testosterone levels, it has been found to be more than effective for elevating sex drive.

Each serving of True Grit Test Booster provides 300mg of high quality Fenugreek Extract, which is more than enough for you to feel the benefit of this substance.

Another good ingredient in True Grit Test Booster is Zinc.

Zinc deficiencies are very common among men in the West today, and unfortunately having a low zinc intake is a good way to kill your testosterone levels.

Zinc is a necessary part of the testosterone synthesis process. Without enough zinc, your body simply can’t make all of the testosterone it possibly could.

Many men don’t realize that a zinc deficiency is at least in part behind their low T levels. Correcting this deficiency is easy, and the effects of doing so are almost immediate.


zinc True Grit Test Booster ingredients


One great ingredient which we can’t neglect to mention here is Boron.

Only top quality supplements seem to contain Boron, although we are sure that more run-of-the-mill supplements will start using Boron as its power becomes more well-known.

Boron works by reducing the activity of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

SHBG binds to excess testosterone in the blood, removing it from circulation and making it useless to us.

By reducing the binding activity of SHBG, we free up more testosterone to remain in the blood and give us all of the benefits associated with high serum T levels.

That’s about it as far as benefits go. Now on to the downsides.


Main Drawbacks

The main problem with True Grit Test Booster is the simple fact that it is primarily composed of ingredients that have very little effect on testosterone levels in humans.

It lacks many of the natural testosterone boosters we think should be standard for any serious supplement today.

In their place, it contains ingredients that have never been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.

Take Bladderwack Extract for example.

We’ve never come across this ingredient before, and we’re willing to bet that neither have you.

The reason for that is very good: it has never been associated with increasing natural testosterone production.

It is not thought to decrease estrogen activity.

It is not thought to decrease cortisol release.

There aren’t even any fitness bloggers hyping this stuff up.

There is merely some weak evidence suggesting that Bladderwack Extract might help with blood glucose control, but this is far from conclusive.


Bladderwack Extract True Grit Test Booster ingredients


We also get 250mg of whole broccoli plant.

This is done, we assume, because broccoli contains DIM, which is thought to decrease aromatase activity.

Yet we have a serious problem with using DIM as part of a natural testosterone booster.

If used in doses that are too large, or potentially for too long, DIM is actually known to INCREASE estrogen conversion.

While DIM does seem to decrease estorgen conversion when it works as we expect it to, the fact that it has the potential to increase estrogen conversion at all makes it unsuitable for use in a natural test booster.

With so many other substances able to deliver the same benefits, why risk it?


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True Grit Test Booster Side Effects

As mentioned above, one potential side effect of using DIM is the encouragement of estrogen conversion via aromatase.

However, we don’t actually get DIM here in a concentrated form.

Instead we get whole broccoli plant.

This reduces the likelihood of side effects. But it also reduces the chances of it having any effect at all.

250mg of broccoli extract is not going to have a big impact on everything.

There isn’t a lot in here that we think will cause any of you major issues.

That said, everyone is different, and just because these ingredients are not usually associated with side effects does not mean that it is 100% safe for you.

Consult your doctor before using True Grit Test Booster so they know what you plan on putting in your body.

If you think you are actually suffering from a severe decline in testosterone levels, then you should get a test with a qualified health professional before trying to self-treat with natural supplements. More aggressive hormone replacement may be necessary.


True Grit Test Booster Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

Despite True Grit being a popular bodybuilding supplement company, we really don’t think very highly of True Grit Test Booster.

If you’ve read our full True Grit Test Booster review then you will be full aware that the main issue here is the lack of serious, proven test boosters.

That might sound weird for a supplement billing itself as a testosterone booster, but it’s true.

There are some good ingredients in here which should, in combination, increase libido and give a small boost to your free serum test levels.

But there’s nothing in here to actually encourage your own, natural testosterone production in a big, meaningful way.

Things like DIM and Bladderwack Extract aren’t going to actually do anything.

DIM actually has the potential to encourage estrogen conversion, but we don’t really have DIM here. We have broccoli.

That’s right; broccoli.

If you are in the market for a supplement that will actually make a noticeable difference to your testosterone levels, then look elsewhere.

If you want an all-natural supplement that can, over the long-term, maximize your muscle gains, increase your strength and supercharge your libido, you need a more focused, scientifically-backed product.

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