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Full TF7 Toxin Test Booster Review

TF7 Labs have come out with some pretty heavy-duty looking supplements. They are the people behind the ominous looking Poison Pre-Workout and the Antidote fat burner.

As a manufacturer, TF7 Labs aren’t too well known yet. Their website isn’t even live; we don’t have any detailed info about their products from the manufacturer website.

But their products stand out so much that we think they’ll become a lot more popular with time.

So what is Toxin all about?


TF7 Toxin review


TF7 Toxin is sold as a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

According to the product’s distinctive orange label, the TF7 Toxin “formula dramatically boosts testosterone levels”. That’s good to know!

If we look at the merchant pages of the big suppliers, we get a lot more detail about this product. We are told that TF7 Toxin not only encourages the testes to produce more testosterone naturally, but that it also sets about “unbinding and utilizing” your extant free serum test levels.

That is really interesting.

We prefer stacks that try to work through multiple pathways.

When a guy is suffering from low testosterone levels, there is usually more than one cause.

If you have multiple, small issues all suppressing your test levels, then the cumulative effect can be significant.

So a product that tries to boost production in the testes, suppress SHBG binding, and lower estrogen conversion; well, that’s a winner in our book.

If we look at one of the most popular bodybuilding supplement supplier websites, we see that TF7 Toxin is designed to give you the following benefits:

  • Increase Strength
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Boost Test
  • Faster Recovery
  • Increased Libido
  • Great Pump
  • Increased Stamina
  • Safe & Reliable

That is quite an extensive range of enhancements for a single supplement.

Whether or not TF7 Toxin can really do all of this really depends on one single thing: its ability to raise free serum testosterone levels.

So can this testosterone booster deliver?

With a name like Toxin, is this supplement safe? What are the side effect risks?

How does TF7 Toxin test booster stack up next to other testosterone support products on the market today?

Should you buy it?

Let’s find out together. We will work through all of these questions in our full TF7 Toxin review below. We’ll start with the formula, before moving on to the health risks. If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments section at the end.


TF7 Toxin Formula

As stated at the start, the TF7 Labs website doesn’t have any information about their products at all.

Here is what we know of the formula from third-parties:


TF7 Toxin formula


That’s right.

TF7 Toxin Text Booster is a single-ingredient supplement.

It is simply a branded bulbine natalentis extract.

We’re always incredibly disappointed with supplements that just contain one supplement when they are branded, given a premium price tag, and sold as a stack.

As stated above, we much prefer testosterone boosters that try to address low T levels along multiple different fronts.

When someone has low testosterone levels, there could be several things all going on at once.

That’s why we prefer stacks; if we improve lots of things in a relatively small way, then the cumulative effect is much bigger than the sum of the parts.

As we’re dealing with natural supplements and not AAS, we need to take advantage of this multiplying effect.

So a single-ingredient supplement is disappiinting from the off.

Unless we see a massive dose of an incredible natural test booster, it is highly unlikely that a single ingredient supp can compete with the big, multi-action stacks on the market today.

Unfortunately, that’s not what we see here.


What Is Bulbine?

Bulbine natalensis is a herb native to Southern Africa and some areas along the eastern coast of the continent.

It has been used by some cultures as an aphrodisiac for a very long time. It has also been used for the same things that most other “traditional medicine” aphrodisiacs have long been used for; boosting energy, helping with vitality, warding off illness, and so on.

None of these benefits have been scientifically evaluated as of yet.

However, clinical trials have found that Bulbine natalensis has some potent testosterone-boosting properties.

The main study often cited here is this trial, published in 2010, which looked at the effect of Bulbine supplementation on rat testosterone levels.

In this study, three doses were investugated: 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight. The substance was being monitored for both its anabolic and androgenic effects in male Wistar rats.

The results speak for themselves: “All the doses of the extract increased (P <0.05) the testicular-body weight ratio as well as alkaline phosphatase activity, glycogen, sialic acid, protein, and cholesterol content of the testes except the single administration of 100 mg/kg body weight which compared well (P>0.05) with the controls for glycogen and cholesterol. The testicular and serum testosterone concentration were increased except in the 100 mg/kg body weight where the effect on the tissue and serum hormone did not manifest until after the first and seven daily doses respectively.”

Interestingly, the dose seems to follow a sort of bell curve pattern with regards to effectiveness: “The increases were most pronounced in the 50 mg/kg body weight extract treated animals. The results indicate anabolic and androgenic activities of Bulbine natalensis stem in male rat testes with the 50 mg/kg body weight of the extract exhibiting the highest anabolizing and androgenic activities.” Next came the 25mg/kg, then the least effective was the 100mg/kg.

The study concludes that the data supports the “folkloric” use of the plant as a treatment for male sexual dysfunction.

We don’t actually think that conclusion is justified based on the data presented here.

After all, we’re dealing with rats here, and an increase in in anabolic/androgenic activities does not necessarily mean that sexual function will return to normal.

However, it does seem from this somewhat limited data that Bulbine has serious potential as far as testosterone support goes.

But there is a major problem here.

First of all, the study found that 50mg/kg of bodyweight was the most effective dose.

25mg/kg of bodyweight was second most effective, while doses larger than 50mg/kg seems to provide diminishing returns.

So what does that tell us?

Well, it tells us that the amount of Bulbine provided by TF7 Toxin Test Booster is nowhere near enough to deliver meaningful results.


Bulbine TF7 Toxin ingredient analysis


Assuming an average users bodyweight of 80kg, we get an average serving of 25mg/kg bodyweight.

If you weigh more than 80kg, you are instantly below the lowest active dose so far studied in mice.

In order to be getting the 50mg/kg “ideal” dose, you would need to weight 40kg. Or to put it another way, you’ll have to shrink down to the size of a female Olympic gymnast.

Sound appealing?

Didn’t think so!

That is all assuming that the effects seen in rats will be seen in humans too of course; something we don’t have any evidence for!

In our opinion, this is a very poor choice of ingredient to put in even the most wide ranging stack.

To use this as a single ingredient is simple unacceptable.

But there is an even more pressing problem here.

That is the fact that Bulbine natalensis has some very serious side effect concerns associated with it.

It seems that Bulbine natalensis may be highly dangerous for human consumption.


-Learn More From Our Ingredient Guide-

Bulbine Natalensis Dangers

Astoundingly for a natural testosterone booster called Toxin, it seems that this product might actually be, to some degree, toxic.

More specifically, doses of Bulbine natalensis needed to stimulate testosterone production also seem to cause damage to both the kidneys and the liver.

Take a look at this study, which examined the bodies of rats after they were fed reasonable doses of Bulbine natalensis.

The researchers found that Bulbine natalensis supplementation had a seriously adverse effect on the kidneys and liver: “The extract produced higher effects on the liver functional indices (39%) than the kidney parameters (21%). Histological examination revealed slight distortions in the architecture of the liver lobules as well as proximal and convoluted tubules of the kidney.”

Just to make things clear, these abnormalities were thought to stop the liver and kidneys doing their jobs: “The alterations produced in some of the functional indices as well as in the hepatorenal architecture may adversely affect the normal hepatic and renal functions.”

In the end, the stress inflicted on the liver and kidney by Bulbine use was enough to force the researchers to conclude something very rarely seen in natural testosterone boosters:

“This is an indication that the extract is not completely “safe” as an oral remedy.”

Fear of liver and kidney damage is precisely why many guys decide to stay well away from AAS.

The whole purpose of natural testosterone boosters is to help guys maximize their own natural testosterone production and to give them a safer, more sustainable alternative to exogenous hormone injection.

Why on earth then would those same people want to use a natural testosterone booster that stresses the liver and kidneys?!

As far as we’re concerned, this is enough to completely write off Bulbine use.

We strongly advise people to use a safer alternative; and there are plenty of substances out there able to deliver the same results with fewer risks.

We urge you to talk to a qualified doctor before you go anywhere near this stuff. We don’t mean read a blog written by a chiropractor online. We don’t mean ask the manufacturer if it is safe. We mean get an actual medical opinion.


-Dangers Of Steroid Use: A Fair Overview-

TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

Should you buy TF7 Toxin Test Booster?

We think the answer to that is: “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

This is a single ingredient supplement.

We pretty nuch always come down hard on these products.

For one thing, they’ve no business branding themselves as a premium, unique, high quality product.

You can almost always get better value picking up the ingredient yourself, unbranded, straight from a wholesaler or manufacturer.

We also think all stacks should take a multi-pronged approach to tackling low testosterone.

But the problems with TF7 Toxin test booster go way beyond that.

The single ingredient in this testosterone booster happens to have serious health risks associated with use – even when talking about reasonable quantities.

It seems that TF7 Toxin’s sole ingredient, Bulbine, places enormous stress on the liver and kidneys.

More than that, it seems that doses known to boost testosterone have actually caused changes in the physical structure of the liver and kidney.

These changes are thought to severely restrict function of these two vital organs.

Why would you expose yourself to these risks when using a natural testosterone booster?

We strongly advise anyone who intends to use this to think carefully about these risks and to talk to a doctor first.

If you want help raising your free testosterone levels without the huge risks, look elsewhere.

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