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Full Testrogain RX-100 Review


Testrogain RX-100 is a natural testosterone booster produced by a company called Newton-Everett Nutraceuticals. This isn’t exactly a well known supplement brand. It isn’t like they are unknown in the bodybuilding world; they’re pretty much unknown everywhere. However, their testosterone booster has gained some serious attention recently, so we decided it was time to do our own independent Testrogain RX-100 review.

So what is this stack all about?

What does it claim to do?

Why should anyone care?


Testrogain RX-100 review


Testrogain RX-100 is advertised as a pretty heavy duty testosterone booster. It is definitely a bodybuilding supplement, not a stack designed for older guys. Just check out this description from one of the major retailers: “It contains a natural blend of testosterone and luteinising hormone (LH) boosters combined with aromatase (antiestrogen) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitors.”

If Testrogain RX-100 can really deliver higher testosterone production, reduced aromatase, and reduced DHT action, users can expect the following key benefits:

  • Increased libido
  • Improved mood and confidence levels
  • Rapid strength gains
  • More muscle mass growth
  • Denser muscles
  • Greater vascularity

These are all the benefits that follow from improving your free serum testosterone levels naturally.

But so many products promise these things.

Only a handful actually deliver.

So where does Testrogain RX-100 stand? Does it really work?

Is it safe and side effect free? What about long-term consumption?

How does it compare to the likes of Prime Male and TestoFuel – today’s leading testosterone boosters?

Let’s find out! Below you will find our complete and regularly updated Testrogain RX-100 review. We start by looking under the hood. We see if the ingredients and doses are supported by the latest scientific literature. We talk about side effects too. In the end, we’ll give you a summary of our findings and tell you if we’d recommend this testosterone booster to our readers.


Testrogain RX-100 Formula

Let’s have a look at the formula and see what’s really going on with Testrogain RX-100:



That does not look like a powerful testosterone boosting formula.

We see plenty of over-hyped, ineffective ingredients.

What we see less of are scientifically-proven, powerful test boosting substances.

Sure, you’ll find blog posts raving about some of these herbal extracts. But robust, repeated human studies showing significant increases in free serum testosterone? Those are harder to come by!

Overall, Testrogain RX-100 doesn’t look like it packs much firepower.

Results are going to be minimal with this one.


What We Don’t Like – Bogus Ingredients

The worst thing about this stack is the ingredient selection. 

There aren’t any of the ingredients that make up the backbone of top quality testosterone boosters.

We don’t see any of the ingredients we know to reliably produce results in the vast majority of users.

Instead, we have plenty of the dud, over-hyped ingredients we regularly find in the worst test boosters on the market today.

For example, one of the main ingredients in Testrogain RX-100 is Tongkat Ali. In fact, it seems that the formula was originally without Tingkat Ali and the makers went out of their way to add it in. 

We have no idea why, because Tongkat Ali has not got the convincing scientific backing we look for when judging test boosters.

This study, for example, found that while Tongkat Ali supplementation did improve some aspects of subjective well-being, it failed in influence serum hormone parameters. To put it simply, Tongkat Ali seemed to make participants feel better, but their actual testosterone levels were unaffected. 

Other studies, such as this one, have found TA supplementation to have a noticeable effect on serum testosterone levels. 

You can find several studies showing little to no effect from TA supplementation, and several reporting good things.

We can’t help but think this unreliability is a problem.

If TA actually worked, then it would work more often. Until we see a meta-analysis or a lot more studies pointing to it working, we’re going to assume that the benefits observed in other studies were due to other factors. 



A much worse offender is Tribulus Terrestris.

In the case of Tongkat Ali, we simply think a more conclusive meta study needs to be done before we are going to believe that it works. There’s too much contradictory evidence for us to pay good money for it, or for us to think it makes a good main ingredient.

But with Tribulus Terrestris, we actually have CONCLUSIVE PROOF that it DOES NOTHING!

Just take a look at this study. Here, A group of men were given 450mg of Tribulus Terrestris per day for the duration of their intensive pre-season rugby training. It was found that Tribulus Terrestris had no effect on testosterone. Both the treated group and the control experienced the same steady decline in T levels that comes from long periods of intensive training.

Since most people using Testrogain RX-100 will be looking for exactly that – protection for the test levels during intensive training schedules – Tribulus is a very poor choice of ingredient. 

We hate paying for ingredients that don’t contribute to higher free serum test levels.


Testrogain RX-100 Side Effects

As far as side effects go, this doesn’t look too bad.

Our main problem with Testrogain RX-100 is that the ingredients aren’t exactly known for their power! They don’t seem to do anything at all. 

While that is bad news for the end results, it’s good news for side effects.

The ingredients in Testrogain RX-100 are all widely used in supplements, and they are thought to be generally safe for human consumption. 

That said, everyone is different.

How safe a substance is for you depends on your own medical history and your own tolerances.

Consult a doctor to be safe before you go near any testosterone boosters. Natural does not mean 100% safe!

Please Remember

There are some things you MUST keep in mind when reading these reviews.

  1. This is not medical advice
  2. We are not doctors.

It is absolutely crucial that you do your own research and consult a qualified health professional before using any of these supplements. 

Every individual is different, so we cannot possibly provide an exhaustive overview of every possible side effect. We don’t know you or your unique medical history. 


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Testrogain Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

There are just too many bogus ingredients in this testosterone booster for us to recommend it.

Since the main ingredients are pretty much all unproven, we wouldn’t want to spend any money on it.

At least one ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, has been conclusively proven NOT to work.

Testrogain RX-100 lacks any of the ingredients that commonly form the backbone of the best testosterone boosters on the market today. 

There’s none of the staple ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Nettle Root, or Luteolin. 

There isn’t even a heavy dose of zinc and magnesium. 

We’re far from impressed by Testrogain RX-100. If you want to see big improvements in your free serum test levels, then you will have to invest in a more focused, potent, and scientifically-validated formula. Only then will you see the gains in muscle mass and libido promised by Testrogain RX-100.

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