TestoTEK Review – Poor Dosing Let’s This Stack Down







Value For Money



  • Very good serving of D-AA
  • Contains Fenugreek and Zinc
  • Stinging Nettle Extract can help raise T levels


  • Doses used are way too low
  • Results will be significantly weaker than similar stacks
  • Doses do not justify premium price tag


TestoTEK Review


TestoTEK is without a doubt one of the most exciting new testosterone boosters on the market today.

The TEK Naturals supplement range is relatively new, and includes a fat burner, an erection enhancer, and with TestoTEK, a testosterone booster.

TEK Naturals may be a new face in the industry, but they have quickly established themselves as serious players.

So of course, a full TestoTEK was always going to be a priority for us.

What is TestoTEK all about?

Who is TestoTEK designed for?


TestoTEK Review


According to the official TestoTEK website, this testosterone booster is designed to trigger your body “safely and naturally produce testosterone like it did when you were in your twenties”.

We can therefore assume that the main purpose of TestoTEK is to replenish declining testosterone levels, which all men over the age of 30 experience to some degree.

But TestoTEK also apparently delivers an impressive array of benefits which not all supplements promise.

According to TEK Naturals, TestoTEK can help users:

  • Pack on lean muscle mass fast
  • Rapidly increase stamina and strength
  • Supercharge sex drive and libido
  • Enhance fat burning
  • Stabilize mood and increase confidence
  • Improve your cognition
  • Build Your cardiovascular system & optimize heart health
  • Reduce fatigue

That is an incredibly long list of impressive benefits.

Not only does it promise to promote muscle mass growth immediately, but it also promises to simultaneously improve heart health and enhance your mood!

That’s certainly something that anabolic steroids can’t claim to do!

We have never come across a natural testosterone booster which even claims to be able to do all of this.

So the question is, can TestoTEK manage it?

Is this really the incredible, industry-changing testosterone booster it says it is?

Or is this all marketing hype?

Is TestoTEK safe to use?

Is there anything better out there?

Let’s find out together. Below you will find our full TestoTEK review, in which we look at the ingredients, the doses used, and the likely side effects. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section at the end.


TestoTEK Formula

Here is the TestoTEK ingredient list. As you can see, every ingredient is shown with its serving size:


TestoTEK formula


At first glance, this is a very impressive formula.

We have plenty of effective testosterone boosting ingredients.

Most of them are safe, reliable, and with serious scientific backing.

There are, however, some fairly serious problems with TestoTEK’s formula.

These issues revolve primarily around poor dosing and the inclusion of useless ingredients.

Here is a quick overview of the main positives of this formula, and the main issues.


Main Benefits

The overriding appeal of TestoTEK is that it uses some absolutely fantastic ingredients and doses them very well.

For example, in each serving of TestoTEK we get 2,000mg of D-Aspartic Acid.

This is one of the most effective and reliable substances we have when it comes to triggering testosterone production, so it’s great to see it dosed properly here.

D-AA is an amino acid which regulates the synthesis of testosterone in the body.

Upping your D-AA intake is a sure-fire way to increase testosterone synthesis, leading to higher free serum T levels.


TestoTEK ingredients D-aspartic acid


This study, for example, found that 90 days of D-AA supplementation (2.6g per day) lead to increased testosterone levels by as much as 60%!

The 2,000mg of D-AA in TestoTEK is sufficient to see benefits within a week of supplementation; that’s pretty spectacular.

Some products use a much higher quality form of D-AA; D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate. This form is more readily absorbed by the body, making it much more potent. TestoTEK uses regular D-AA, but the dose is good.

We also get 100mg of Stinging Nettle Root in every serving of TestoTEK.

A particular compound in Stinging Nettle Root has been proven to bind to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which in turn leads to greater free testosterone levels in the blood.

It is reliably effective for most men; even those not struggling with particularly low testosterone levels. It is safe and works quite quickly. It is not uncommon to feel significant benefits within the first month of supplementation.

This isn’t a particularly common ingredient, but the leading testosterone boosters today contain a decent dose of Stinging Nettle Root Extract.

Another great benefit of TestoTEK is that each daily serving is divided across 4 capsules.

This means that you can split your consumption up evenly throughout the day.

Many supplements deliver all of their ingredients in a single capsule, taken first thing in the morning with food.

But some ingredients have a more pronounced short-term effect, with benefits diminishing over time.

It’s therefore much better to take your testosterone booster at regular intervals throughout the day.

That way, you can keep your testosterone levels elevated all day long. No peaks and dips; your T levels will be kept at a nice plateau 24/7.


Main Drawbacks

The main drawback of TestoTEK is that the doses used could be much better.

Perhaps the best example here is Mucuna Puriens. Each serving of TestoTEK gives us just 100mg of Mucuna Puriens.

To get results, we would need to see at least 3 times this much, and that is assuming the extract used is very potent.

This study found that Mucuna Puriens raised testosterone levels, but subjects used 3g per day for several months. The 3g used per day in the cited study is a little more than we get from TestoTEK!

Likewise, TestoTEK’s ginseng dose is well under hat we expect from a high quality testosterone booster.

TestoTEK gives us 50mg of ginseng per serving.

Not only is the form of ginseng used in TestoTEK, Siberian Ginseng, less effective than Korean Ginseng, but 50mg is nowhere near enough to get meaningful results.

Most professional-quality test booster will provide about 150mg per serving, and that is again assuming that the extract quality is high.


TestoTEK ingredients oyster extract


Another potentially great ingredient left under-dosed is Oyster Extract.

Not only does Oyster Extract contain high concentrations fo zinc, but it also contains over 50 other compounds, elements, and nutrients necessary for good health and normal hormonal balance. These substances come in a natural, balanced form via Oyster Extract.

Yet we only get 70mg of Oyster Extract per serving of TestoTEK.

High quality supplements which use Oyster Extract as a kind of nutrient supercharger will provide at least 100mg per serving, and that is assuming that there is plenty fo zinc in the stack already.

Finally, in a premium testosterone booster, we would expect to see at least 100mg of Fenugreek Extract.

Fenugreek Extract doesn’t actually help raise testosterone levels. However, it does seem to be effective for improving sex drive and sexual performance (by extension).

TestoTEK only provides 75mg of Fenugreek Extract per serving. We don’t even know how potent this FE is; it is unlikely to be extremely potent, otherwise it would probably say so on the label.


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TestoTEK Side Effects

Generally speaking, the ingredients used in TestoTEK are well-tolerated by the vast majority of users.

They do not, on the whole, carry significant side effect risks.

Consuming so much Vitamin B6 each day may cause some side effects in some users. These side effects can include a tingling sensation, shortness of breath, and an elevated heart rate.

It is also very important that you talk to your doctor about the unusual extracts in TestoTEK. You will not be used to consuming these ingredients, especially not in concentrated forms.

Book an appointment with a qualified health professional before using supplements like TestoTEK. Ideally, you should talk to a doctor who knows your medical history.


TestoTEK Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

TestoTEK really does have a lot of potential as a natural testosterone booster.

However, dosing issues really hold this supplement back.

TestoTEK provides some very good natural testosterone boosting substances. Yet on the whole, the doses are far too low to have a signficiant impact on your testosterone levels.

The only ingredients dosed properly are D-Aspartic Acid and Stinging Nettle Root, and even then the extract qualities are unknown.

The other ingredients are dosed so low that you are probably not going to notice a difference from taking them.

Even the most powerful natural testosterone boosters are only useful to us if they are dosed within their active range.

There are definitely worse options out there if you are in te market for a reliable, safe way to get your testosterone back up to its normal level.

Many users will get a lot of good out of using TestoTEK.

But it is not the best product on the market right now.

If you want optimal results, then you would be better off using a product with a more comprehensive ingredient list and better doses.

If you are serious about boosting your testosterone levels, getting your T levels into their optimal range, and regaining your vitality, then we think there are better options out there.

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