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  • White label pre-made blend
  • Prop blend full of bogus ingredients
  • No idea how the only good ingredients are dosed
  • Just another private label scam


Full TestoMenix Review


TestoMenix is a natural testosterone booster sold by a Florida-bsed company of the same name.

This product has managed to stay under the radar until now, but it has suddenly appeared as one of the most searched-for testosterone boosters on Amazon. As you can imagine, there isn’t a lot of information about this product out there at the minute. So, we had to do a TestoMenix review asap.

So what is this supplement all about? 

Who is it designed for?


TestoMenix review


It is obvious that TestoMenix is a testosterone booster designed primarily with young bodybuilders in mind. This seems to be another stack made mainly for guys who want to stay natural but who want to maximize their muscle growth.

If we look at the TestoMenix bottle, we see that it states the following key features:

  • Supports male hormonal vitality 
  • Increases sex drive & libido
  • Boosts energy & recovery

These are benefits that would most interest guys looking to gain an edge in the gym or on the laying field.

Of course, this supplement is sold primarily as a testosterone booster, so it is implied that these benefits will result from elevated T levels. As such, it will be just as suitable for older guys looking for some help maintaining healthy T levels as they age. It just won’t be catered exactly to that purpose. 


TestoMenix claims


That is assuming it works of course. Many testosterone boosters today try to trick you by plastering over the symptoms of low testosterone production. Very few stacks actually treat the cause by stimulating testosterone production naturally. 

So, where does TestoMenix fit in?

Does it work?

Is it safe?

How does TestoMenix compare to the leading stacks available today?

Let’s find out. Below you will find our full TestoMenix review. In it, we look at ingredients, doses, and likely side effects. We have written a short summary at the end in case you don’t have time to read the whole review. Please post any questions in the comments section at the bottom!


TestoMenix Formula

Here is the TestoMenix formula:


TestoMenix formula


There’s an awful lot that we just straight away dislike about this product. 

Right off the bat, we can tell you that we don’t think this is a very good testosterone booster. It doesn’t represent good value for money, and we don’t think it can come close to the big guys.

This might sound harsh, but we have some very good reasons for saying this. 

For one thing, we have a proprietary blend. 

Here it is called the Flow-Viv Max Test Blend.

That means all the ingredients are thrown together in one big lump – there’s no way for us to tell how any one of them is dosed.

We’re supposed to just assume the manufacturer has dosed them properly – yeah right!

Manufacturers often say this is done to protect their formula from theft, but we just don’t buy that at all. When you’re using common ingredients, nobody needs to steal your formula to know what doses are best to use; they’re well established. 

In reality, prop blends are used as a way to hide how badly you’re being shafted by the manufacturer. 

Why are they so bad?

Simply put, prop blends prevent us from being able to accurately guess how good a product is going to be.

Since there’s no good reason to hide the blend, we take them as a sign that the best ingredients are under-dosed and the blend is full of bogus ‘fillers’. 

But that isn’t even our biggest problem here.

Our biggest problem is that we’ve seen this formula before.


White Label Scam

When we say we’ve seen this formula before, we mean we’ve seen this exact formula before.

Down to the last milligram, down to the layout of the label even – we’ve seen this formula before.

Take a look at our Military Labs First Strike review.

See what we mean?

The proprietary blend even has the same name for both products!

Now take a look at our Invictus Labs Supreme Test analysis.

Yes, that’s the same formula again, only this time it is called the “supreme Testosterone Blend”.

We’re not going to insult your intelligence by drawing this out too much; you know full well that you’re looking at some total scam testosterone boosters.

Clearly the people behind these products are all buying the same cheap, low-grade proprietary blend from a wholesaler who has too much Wild Yam on their hands.

They’re just buying the blend ‘off-the-rack’ and slapping their branding on afterwards. Everything is then delivered to Amazon for storage and shipping. 

The people behind these products probably never even see a bottle; they just collect the few % profit that’s left after the wholesaler and Amazon get their cut. 


What About The Ingredients?

There isn’t a lot of good things to say here.

TestoMenix does contain some effective ingredients. 

Yet they are only as effective as their doses are good. We don’t know how well they are dosed, which means they’re probably dosed too low (otherwise we believe they’d tell us). 

The problem of dose ignorance aside, there is still nothing to get excited about here.

For many of these ingredients, even a generous dose would fail to deliver the benefits promised by TestoMenix.

For example, take Sarsparilla root.

That’s right, you know, Sarsparilla, as in Sarsaparilla.

What a completely useless inclusion this is!


TestoMenix ingredients Sarsaparilla


Usually we will tear an ingredient to pieces if it lacks strong, independent scientific backing. 

But there isn’t even any anecdotal evidence telling us that this stuff promotes testosterone availability.

We don’t know where the people who formulated this blend got the idea that it can boost free T. We think they probably just had a lot of it lying around so found a clever way to get rid of it. 

We also have Wild Yam Extract.

This is another ingredient you will be familiar with but which has absolutely no place in this product.

Yams are delicious. They’re a great source of energy.

But they do not influence your hormone levels in any way.

They don’t even touch the symptoms of low T, never mind treating the problem itself!


Wild Yam Extract TestoMenix ingredients


The only good ingredients are Nettle Root Extract and Boron

Together, if dosed properly, these two ingredients could significantly reduce the activity of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. By doing so, they can significantly increase free serum testosterone levels. 

Yet they need to be dosed properly to achieve this. 

Are they? Since good doses of these ingredients would be a major selling point, and since the manufacturer is silent on them, we think not.


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TestoMenix Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

This is not the first white label scam supplement we’ve seen, and it sure isn’t the last.

If you’ve read our TestoMenix review, you’ll know that this formula is used by several other testosterone boosters currently on sale on Amazon. 

It is possible that the same individual is behind all of them, or it might be different people all using the same wholesaler.

One thing is for sure though; these supplements are all masquerading as unique, premium supps when they are just the same cheap, low-grade, ‘off-the-rack’ blend in different wrappers. 

The ingredients themselves are, on the whole, terrible. There’s no way Wild Yam Extract is going to do a thing for your T levels. 

We don’t know how the good ingredients are dosed, which usually means they’re dosed poorly. 

All in all, a terrible supplement. If you want real results, look elsewhere. 

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