Test X180 IGNITE Review – Proprietary Blends Mean Low Value

Test X180 IGNITE






Value For Money



  • May help with libido


  • Probably ineffective for testosterone levels
  • Caffeine anhydrous dose unknown
  • Dedicated libido supplements probably more effective


Full Test X180 IGNITE Review


Test X180 IGNITE is a relatively new testosterone booster from Force Factor.

These guys are a major supplement manufacturing outfit. They produce a wide range of bodybuilding and sports performance supplements. If you’ve been in the market for a testosterone booster for a while, then this won’t be the first time you’ve heard of Force Factor. 

Test X180 IGNITE is a kind of upgraded version of Force Factor’s original, incredibly popular testosterone booster, Test X180. There are now many different “advanced” forms of the original Test X180 formula, including Tempest, Alpha, Genesis, and of course, IGNITE.


Test X180 Ignite Review


It will be interesting to see in the course of this Test X180 IGNITE review how this version improves upon the existing formula. 

So what is Test X180 IGNITE all about? 

Who is it designed for?

According to the official website, Test X180 IGNITE is a natural testosterone booster and fat burner rolled into one.

The idea is that Test X180 IGNITE gives your testosterone levels a boost while also increasing your metabolism. The result is both an increase in energy, stamina, and strength while your body burns through more calories 24/7.

Obviously then, this is a supplement designed for bodybuilders and amateur athletes in need of some assistance during their cutting phase.

Users are promised the following benefits:

  • Higher sex drive and increased libido
  • More muscle mass
  • Improvements in strength
  • Enhanced physical performance

Sounds great.

But is any of it true?

There’s only one way to find out. We put this product to the test in our full Test X180 IGNITE review which you can find below. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to share your experience using Test X180 IGNITE, then please post in the comments section at the end.


Test X180 IGNITE Formula

Here is the Test X180 IGNITE formula as it appears on the bottle:


Test X180 IGNITE Force Factor


As you can see, there is a major problem with the Test X180 IGNITE formula.

The label does not show individual ingredient serving sizes.

Instead, we’re simply given two proprietary blends and their total serving sizes.

That’s not good enough for us.

Proprietary blends are pretty much always used to hide things about the supplement that the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know. Usually, it’s the fact that 99% of the blend is the cheapest, least effective ingredient.

After all, the best ingredients are useless unless they are dosed properly.

If a manufacturer won’t tell us the doses, they must have a reason. But so many manufacturers reveal their full formulas in detail and still make heaps of cash.

There’s really no excuse for proprietary blends, so we always look on them unfavorably.

But we can’t just dismiss the formula like that. Not all proprietary blends are equally bad. Let’s take a look at each blend on its own and see what it has to offer you.


Manliness Ignition Matrix

The Manliness Ignition Matrix is clearly the part of the formula dedicated to hormone support. However, it doesn’t look like it will be effective for raising testosterone levels.

The main ingredient in this blend is Fenugreek Extract.

There is atually some strong evidence to suggest that Fenugreek Extract helps improve libido in otherwise healthy males. This study found that Testofen, the exact Fenugreek Extract used in Test X180 IGNITE, improved sex drive in men aged between 25 and 52.

However, there is conflicting evidence as to whether or not Fenugreek Extract raises testosterone levels. This study found that 500mg of FE raised free testosterone levels, while this study found that FE did nothing to affect testosterone levels.


Fenugreek extract Test X180 ingredients


Also, the study which saw FE having an effect on testosterone used 500mg per day. That’s 100mg more than the total Manliness Ignition Matrix.

The other ingredients in the Manliness Ignition Blend are not known for their ability to increase free testosterone levels.

Horny Goat Weed is often advertised as a natural cure for low-T levels, but there is no evidence to support this claim. This seems to be an example of hype winning over facts.

Green tea extract is a potentially great supplement for overall health and longevity. It may even have powerful fat burning properties, but it has no place in a blend designed to raise testosterone levels, decrease estrogen levels, or anything of that sort.

All together, this is a poorly designed blend.


Fat Incineration Complex

The Fat Incineration Complex is better than the Manliness Ignition Blend in terms fo ingredient selection.

This blend contains green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, and green coffee bean extract.

All of these ingredients have powerful fat burning properties. They are all known to accelerate fat loss, enhance physical performance, and power training during a diet.

However, there are still major issues here.


caffeine anhydrous Test X180 Ignite ingredients


Green tea extract needs ot be dosed quite high in order for it to have any effect. Professional bodybuilding supplements designed for fat loss will use 500mg of green tea per serving. The whole blend here is 400mg in total.

We also need to know how much caffeine we’re consuming each day for us to consider Test X180 IGNITE safe.

It’s possible that there’s as much as 399mg of caffeine anhydrous in the Fat Incineration Complex. That would be far too much caffeine for most of you, if not all of you.

We don’t like speculating about serving sizes like this, but we have to consider the extremes when a manufacturer keeps us int he dark.


-See Our Full Supplement Guide For More Details-


Test X180 IGNITE Side Effects

Any proprietary blend is going to give us more cause for concern than a supplement which lists all of its ingredients with their serving sizes individually on the bottle.

The same goes for Test X180 IGNITE.

While all of the ingredients in Test X180 IGNITE can be used safely, several of them have the potential to cause side effects if consumed in large enough quantities.

The most serious concern here is caffeine anhydrous.

As stated above, there could conceivably be 399mg of caffeine anhydrous in Test X180 IGNITE. That is going to cause side effects for even those of you with a very high tolerance for caffeine.

It is important to talk to your doctor before using Test X180 IGNITE. Get the opinion of a qualified health professional before using premium-grade supplements.


Test X180 IGNITE Review Summary -Should You Buy It?

If you don’t have time to read our full Force Factor Test X180 IGNITE review above, then we’ll try to summarize it here.

Most of the ingredients in Test X180 IGNITE are pretty useless when it comes to boosting testosterone levels.

The main ingredient, Feugreek Extract, seems to increase libido, but it is a less than impressive when it comes to raising testosterone levels.

Test X180 IGNITE contains some great ingredients, but they are mainly effective for stimulating fat loss.

And we don’t even know how much of these ingredients we are getting per serving. It is impossible for there to be enough green tea extract in the formula to really get the benefits associated with this ingredient.

On the whole, there’s just too many problems with this test booster to really get excited about it.

We wouldn’t recommend this supplement to someone who wants a professional-quality, reliable testosterone booster to help them gain muscle mass, improve their well-being, and enhance their physical performance.

It may help improve sex drive, but not as well as supplements designed specifically for that purpose.

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