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  • Digestive enzyme complex a novel addition


  • Almost nothing but useless ingredients
  • Tribulus PROVEN to be bogus
  • Massively overpriced for what you get
  • No D-AA

Full Pronabolin Testosterone Booster Review


Pronabolin is a testosterone booster currently being sold by Dietspotlight on Amazon. Dietspotlight have given this testosterone booster an almost perfect rating; what a surprise!

Clearly, the product’s name was made to sound a little like Primobolan. This is a very well known anabolic steroid; it was one of Arnold’s favorite steroids, actually.

We hate it when natural testosterone boosters try to sound like pharmaceutical grade performance enhancers. A natural supplement is never going to give you results like gear, so trying to trick people into thinking it’s the same stuff is just wrong.

It’s actually hard to find details about how makes Pronabolin. We will just assume that Dietspotlight are involved somewhere, as they sell it through Amazon, and leave it at that.


Pronabolin review


So what is Pronabolin all about?

What is it supposed to do?

According to the bottle, Pronabolin is a “100% natural” testosterone booster.

Users can apparently expect:

Renewed vitality
Increased strength
Improved stamina

More specifically, Pronabolin claims to supercharge your sex life, help you get more out of your workouts in the gym, and to see “big results”.

The Amazon merchant page tells us that there are no side effects, that it is free of stimulants and hazardous substances, and that it provides a digestive blend on top.

Sounds interesting.

But does Pronabolin actually do anything?

Does this stuff deserve to be named after Primobolan? or is that a cheap marketing trick?

Is Pronabolin safe? What are the risks?

What have other people been saying about Pronabolin?

We answer all of these questions in our full Pronabolin testosterone booster review below. If you read it and still have questions, let us know in the comments and we’ll get back to you asap.

Pronabolin Formula Analysis

Let’s take a look at the Pronabolin formula and see if it can really back up these claims:


Pronabolin formula


Well, that is a seriously disappointing formula.

What we have here is a mix of ineffective, unproven, over-hyped herbal extracts.

Even when taken together, we don’t think these ingredients are going to make a big difference to your testosterone levels.

If they don’t make a big difference to your testosterone levels, then that means Pronabolin isn’t going to boost your strength, raise your libido, or make you feel generally better.

Or to put it another way, it looks like Pronabolin isn’t going to deliver on its promises.

Let’s get more specific. We’ll take you through the main ingredients and why we think they’re useless.


Useless Ingredients

Almost all of the ingredients in Pronabolin are practically useless if your goal is to elevate your testosterone levels.

The majority of the ingredients in here have never been shown to stimulate testosterone production, reduce estrogen conversion, or to do much of anything at all.

In fact, the main ingredient in Pronabolin, Tribulus Terrestris, has been conclusively proven TO DO NOTHING.

Take a look at this study, which examined Tribulus for its ability to support testosterone levels during times of peak physical stress.

Elite rugby players were subjected to intensive training and fed either 450mg of Tribulus terrestris per day or placebo for 5 weeks. Their testosterone levels were measured over time.

Both groups saw their testosterone levels decline over time while they were training intensely. No difference between groups was observed.

So the main ingredient in Pronabolin has been proven in clinical trials to do nothing more than a placebo.

Things aren’t much better elsewhere.

While some of the other ingredients haven’t been conclusively proven NOT TO WORK like Tribulus terrestris, they definitely haven’t been shown TO WORK.


Tribulus terrestris Pronabolin bogus ingredients


Take Horny Goat Weed for example.

Here is a plant extract that has never been found to influence testosterone levels one way or the other.

As far as we know, there are few studies even looking at this stuff for any purpose.

We have never seen a peer-reviewed clinical trial or research paper suggesting that Horny Goat Weed raises free test levels.

All we see are bloggers and manufacturers creating the impression that it works, and allusions to the fact that it is thought by some traditional medicine practitioners to be an aphrodisiac.


Doesn’t Fenugreek Work?

We think fenugreek does have some properties beneficial to someone suffering from low testosterone levels.

Fenugreek doesn’t seem to influence free testosterone levels per se.

But it does seem to increase libido, as well as improving sexual function in some men.

However, taking Fenugreek by itself is not going to make a big difference to your sex drive.

Normally, fenugreek is consumed alongside other substances which increase testosterone production in the testes, lower estrogen conversion, and so on.

When used alongside these substances, fenugreek stands a chance of giving your sex drive a kick.

But it should never be the main ingredient in a testosterone boosting stack.

Since it is one of the main ingredients in Pronabolin, and since the rest of the formula is unproven garbage, we aren’t getting too excited about this one.


-The True Risks Of Steroid Use-

What Are Other People Saying About Pronabolin?

Sometimes it is worth looking at what other people have been saying about a supplement before we use it.

You can’t always trust user reviews, but looking at a range of experiences can give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

Here is a selection of Pronabolin reviews taken from Amazon:


Pronabolin user reviews


customer experience Pronabolin test booster



Pronabolin Side Effects

Pronabolin is indeed an all-natural, herbal testosterone booster.

The risk of side effects is always going to be lower than when using a synthetic drug or an anabolic steroid.

However, just because something is natural does not mean it is safe – after all, tobacco is natural, arsenic is natural, mercury is natural, but I wouldn’t try to consume those things every day.

On the whole, Pronabolin doesn’t look like it poses any serious side effect concerns.

It does contain Tribulus Terrestris, which is known to cause side effects in some users.

This is rare, but these side effects can get quite nasty. They may include:

Stomach cramps

Considering TT doesn’t do anything for your testosterone levels, exposing yourself to these side effects seems hugely unnecessary.

As always, talk to a doctor before you start putting things into your body.

We urge you to consult with a doctor before using supplements that contain strange herbal extracts. If you think you have severely low testosterone levels, then your doctor may decide on a more drastic course of action.

Pronabolin Review Summary – A Potent Testosterone Booster?

To put it quite bluntly, no, this doesn’t look like a potent testosterone booster.

If you read our full Pronabolin review, you’ll see that we actually didn’t have anything good to say about this stack.

All we have here is a decent serving of Fenugreek (which has limited use taken alone), coupled with a bunch of ingredients that have never been shown to affect T levels.

One of the main ingredients, Tribulus terrestris, has been studied and conclusively proven to DO NOTHING at all to your testosterone levels.

That’s right, the main ingredient was no better than placebo at supporting healthy testosterone blood levels.

This product has a very shady background.

Solid information is hard to come by.

It has obviously been named to sound like Primobolan; the hugely popular anabolic steroid. That’s a pretty dirty tactic at the best of times, but when you just fill your product with weak, ineffective substances, it almost comes across as insolent.

Clearly, you can get a better results using a different stack.

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