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Full Pro Supps Halotropin Review


Pro Supps Halotropin is sold as a “natural test enhancer”. It is currently not a widely used supplement, but with plenty of exposure online and some positive reviews, that could change quickly.

Pro Supps make quite a few bodybuilding supplements, and many of them have glowing reviews on merchant sites.

But it’s never a good idea to just trust customer reviews. So here is a thorough, systematic Halotropin review.


Halotropin review


First of all, what is Halotropin designed to do?

Who is it for?

Halotropin is clearly designed as a heavy-duty bodybuilding supplement.

Its has purposefully been named similarly to Halotestin; an extremely potent anabolic androgenic steroid.

We think that’s a very cynical way to approach marketing your product.

Naming your product after a steroid compound implies that it does a similar thing.

It creates the impression that it is a kind of legal alternative to said compound, without you actually having to say so explicitly.

But Halotropin isn’t going to do 1% of what Halotestin does to your body.

But we’re going to approach this Halotropin review with an open mind anyway.

If we look at the bottle, we see that Halotropin promises some key improvements:

  • Supports natural testosterone production
  • Suppresses estrogen and DHT
  • Stimulates androgen receptors

Those are some extremely interesting benefits.

Not many natural testosterone boosters explicitly try to stimulate androgen receptors.

Your androgen receptors regulate the development of male characteristics; facial hair growth, voice deepening, etc.

Testosterone is an androgenic hormone, as well as an anabolic hormone. Androgenic is one of the A’s in AAS.

However, most people only want the anabolic effects; that is, muscle growth and fat loss.

For most people, the androgenic effects of steroids are seen as side effects – everyone wants huge shoulders, few guys want to go bald at 25.

We’ll talk about this more later.

Tackling low testosterone by both reducing estrogen and boosting natural testosterone production is the ideal approach.

So Halotropin sounds like a really intriguing supplement.

We just need to find out if it works!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients, the serving sizes, and the potential risks. We’ll look at the formula as a whole and see if Halotropin can deliver on its promises. If you have any questions, just post them in the comments section at the bottom!



Halotropin Formula

Let’s take a look at the Halotropin formula:


Halotropin Formula


What a disappointment!

Pro Supps promise a lot with Halotropin, but we think there’s abslutely no chance of this stack delivering on any of them.

The Halotropin formula looks terrible.

The majority of the formula is taken up by this tiny, over-stretched, cheap proprietary blend.

This blend is full of completely bogus, ineffective ingredients that have no effect on testosterone levels.

Some of these ingredients are laughable.

We do have a mineral and vitamin stack too. We get a good serving of zinc, very unremarkable servings of magnesium and selenium, and a pointless dose of copper.

Zinc and magnesium are necessary for healthy testosterone production.

However, these should be standard additions to modern natural testosterone boosters. They aren’t anything to write home about.

We aren’t sure what the point is of including 5% of your RDI of copper!

Aside from that, this is an awful formula.

We hate proprietary blends at the best of times. They are just used to hide some uncomfortable facts from customers.

But the Halotropin proprietary blend is a whole different level of bad.

Let’s run through the main problems in more detail.



Tiny Proprietary Blend

The Halotropin proprietary blend contains 15 ingredients and it is 367mg in size.

That’s 367mg split between 15 ingredients.

That gives us an average serving size of ~24.5mg.

That doesn’t mean that all the ingredients are dosed at 24.5mg.

What it does mean is that for every ingredient dosed at 25.5mg, another needs to be dosed at 23.5mg.

There is only so much formula to go around. So for any increase in dose, there must be an equal and opposite decrease elsewhere in the formula.

It is rare for 25mg of anything to have a meaningful impact on your physiology.

Most of the ingredients in Halotropin which are thought to influence testosterone levels are typically dosed above 100mg.

There isn’t enough formula to accomodate for proper doses of these ingredients.

If any one of these ingredients is dosed in its ideal range, then the other ingredients will need to be pretty much micro-dosed.

So for Stinging Nettle Root Extract to be dosed in its ideal range (150-200mg), then the remaining 14 ingredients will need to be accomodated by 167mg of formula.

That would give us a remaining average serving size of 12mg.

You get the idea.

The worst example here is actually Mucuna Puriens. This stuff really seems to work, but we don’t think there’s any point taking less than 200mg per day. Most top stacks will go to 300mg per day. That would take up over 80% of the Halotropin blend. Ridiculous.

This would be bad enough were all the ingredients in Halotropin superb, effective, safe, scientifically validated substances.

But they aren’t.

In fact, there are only a fdew effective testosterone boosters in the Halotropin formula.

The rest of them are totally useless.



Bogus Ingredients

The worst thing about Halotropin is the amount of bogus ingredients we see in the formula.

In some cases, these ingredients are practically a joke.

Look at the worst example: White Button Mushrooms.

We almost can’t believe that Pro Supps have included White Button Mushrooms in one of their proprietary blends.

We can’t believe they’ve used it in any supplement at all, because it doesn’t do anything.

But to include it in a proprietary blend is absolutely laughable.

In buying Halotropin, you might be paying out your hard earned cash for 300mg of White Button Mushrooms.


white button mushrooms Halotropin ingredients


You know White Button Mushrooms.

They’re the things you see in the grocery store going for about $5 per pound.

Imagine paying $20 for 300mg of white button mushrooms, negligible amounts of other extracts, and some zinc.

You’d feel pretty hard done by, right?

Just to be clear, there is no reason to believe that White Button Mushrooms have any effect on testosteorne at all.

They don’t suppress estrogen.

They don’t boost test production.

They don’t do anything – certainly not at a dose of less than 367mg!

There are many more bogus ingredients in Halotropin.

Several of the ingredients have absolutely no independent scientific backing at all.

Some of them have more anecdotal backing and hype than others, but as far as the science is concerned, they are garbage.

But we think the possibility that 99% of the Halotropin blend could be White Button Mushrooms is all we need to know.

If the manufacturer doesn’t want us to consider this possibility, they’re welcome to send us the formula details.


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Halotropin Side Effects

It is inherently difficult to give a good overview of side effect risks when we’re dealing with a proprietary blend.

If we don’t know doses, we don’t know how safe something is going to be for most users.

However, with such a small blend size, we don’t think the risks here are too serious.

After all, 366mg of mushrooms isn’t going to put you in the hospital!

Our main issue with Halotropin is that it isn’t going to do very much – that’s good or bad.

However, we are not doctors.

The people you see writing about Halotropin on forums are not doctors.

Just because this stack looks safe to us doens’t mean it definitely is safe for all users.

Talk to a qualified health professional before proceeding.

If you experience any side effects while using Halotropin, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention. Talk to your regular family physician before you use any natural testosterone boosters!


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Halotropin Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

We think Halotropin is easily one of the worst natural testosterone boosters we have ever reviewed.

It has been named to sound like Halotestin; the extremely powerful anabolic-androgenic steroid.

The manufacturers knew what they wre doing here, and it is a dirty tactic.

In reality, the comparison is ludicrous.

Not only is Halotropin incomparable to Halotestin in terms of its effectiveness, it is actually incomparable to natural testosterone boosters in terms of potency.

Halotropin is just a few minerals copled with a terrible proprietary blend.

This blend is tiny, over-stretched, and full of completely ineffective ingredients.

It is perfectly possible, for all we know (i.e for all we have been told by Pro Supps), for 99% of the Halotropin blend to be White Button Mushrooms.

Mushrooms – cheap ones at that.

If you want to guarantee that you’re getting any kind of value for money, then you need to look elsewhere.

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