Primeval Labs Neanderthal Review – Will It Work For You?







Value For Money



  • Very good serving of D-AA
  • Good serving of Zinc


  • Lots of the ingredients do nothing
  • No need to pay for so much dead weight


Full Primeval Labs Neanderthal Review


Primeval Labs is slowly making a name for itself as a small-scale supplement manufacturing brand. It currently produces the full range of bodybuilding supplements: a pre-workout, protein shakes, a fat burner, and so on. It even makes some more obscure products like a sleep aid. Clearly they want to establish themselves in the industry.

So what’s Neanderthal all about then?

What is it supposed to do for you?


Primeval Labs Neanderthal Review


The bottle describes this product as a “clinically elite testosterone booster”. We don’t know what “clinically elite” means, and we doubt Primeval Labs do either. It sounds powerful though!

People who use Primeval Labs Neanderthal testosterone booster are told that they can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Increased testosterone production
  • Reduced estrogen conversion
  • Enhanced libido
  • More self-confidence

That’s a great range of benefits. We can’t ask for any more than that.

The question is, does Primeval Labs Neanderthal really do any of this?

Does the formula contain the right ingredients to get the job done? How are they dosed?

Will Primeval Labs Neanderthal cause any nasty side effects?

How does it compare to the best natural testosterone boosters on the market right now?

Read the full Primeval Labs Neanderthal review below and find out! We’ll begin with a detailed look at the formula. We’ll talk about side effects, as well as what some other people have been saying about this popular test booster. In the end, we’ll give you a summary and tell you whether or not we’d recommend this product to anybody. Got questions? Post them in the comments section and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


Primeval Labs Neanderthal Formula

Here is the Neanderthal ingredients label as it appears on the bottle:


Primeval Neanderthal formula


That is a very mixed formula.

There’s some good here.

And there’s some bad.

It contains some genuinely effective natural testosterone boosting agents. The doses don’t look bad in places, and there’s some good variety.

But there are also lots of ingredients that don’t do anything for your T levels. Some ingredients are known for other things (such as anxiety reduction), while others do absolutely zilch. 

We hate paying for things we don’t need to be using, and so should you. 

Overall, we think this looks like a fairly effective but poor value testosterone booster. 


Main Strenghts

  • Good serving of D-Aspartic Acid
  • Contains good mix of ingredients

The main strength of this product is without doubt the massive D-AA serving

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is easily one of our favorite ingredients. Few substances have as much hard, clinical backing as this stuff, and almost none boast its potency. 

Several studies (such as this one) have shown beyond reasonable doubt that D-AA supplementation leads to higher free testosterone levels in the blood. 

It is so reliable because it has an almost direct influence on endogenous testosterone production. 

Basically, D-AA tells the brain to start releasing Luteinizing Hormone (LH). LH then tells the testes to immediately begin pumping out more testosterone. 


D-Aspartic Acid Neanderthal ingredients


As the researchers in the above study said, D-AA is a key regulator of the testosterone production process. 

This is why D-AA supplementation has been found to increase free testosterone levels by as much as 60%, and sperm mobility by a whopping 160%.

In our opinion, no testosterone booster should be without a good serving of high quality D-Aspartic Acid. The 3g of regular D-AA we get from Primeval Neanderthal is more than enough to see real improvements. 


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Main Weaknesses

  • Impotent ingredients
  • Dud testosterone boosters

There is really only one weakness with Primeval Neanderthal, but it’s a big one.

Many of the ingredients in the formula don’t actually contribute to higher testosterone levels. 

Some of them are common ingredients in other sorts of supplements – anxiety aids, for example. 

But they do not actively help raise free serum T levels. 

Others are sold as testosterone boosters – you will find them in many of the most popular products on the shelves right now.

But in reality, they’ve never been conclusively proven to work!

Take Maca Root for example. 


maca root ineffective for testosterone


Much of the evidence for the use of Maca Root as a test booster comes from traditional medicine. People have used it as a libido enhancer for centuries, so it must work, right?

Wrong. Enter science!

This study looked at Maca’s effect on both sexual desire and hormone levels in the blood. Fascinatingly, the researchers found that “Maca has an independent effect on sexual desire at 8 and 12 weeks of treatment, and this effect is not because of changes in either Hamilton scores for depression or anxiety or serum testosterone and oestradiol levels”.

Another fairly comprehensive study, published in 2003, found that “compared with placebo Maca had no effect on any of the hormones studied nor did the hormones show any changes over time”. 

Very interesting. 

Interesting and pretty damn conclusive.

It seems that Maca is enhancing libido through some other means than elevating testosterone levels. 

We therefore don’t want it in any natural testosterone booster.

At all.

In any amounts.

But Primeval Neanderthal gives us 3g of the stuff.

That’s 3g of formula you are getting absolutely no benefit out of. 

3g of formula you’re paying for that you really shouldn’t be.


Neanderthal Side Effects

Like most natural testosterone boosters, Neanderthal looks relatively safe as far as side effects go.

The reason these supplements exist is because people want to increase their testosterone levels without incurring any of the serious dangers that come with anabolic steroid use. So if a natural testosterone booster caused any serious side effects, there wouldn’t be much point using it. 

None of the ingredients listed here are known to cause notable side effects.

They have all been studied in humans extensively, and they have been deemed generally safe for long-term human consumption. 

They are all widely used in various sorts of supplements. They do not normally cause any problems for users.

Keep in mind…

We are NOT doctors, and this is NOT medical advice. 

All we are doing is giving our opinion based on our own experiences and the latest available scientific literature.

You MUST do your own research and take medical advice before using these products.


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Primeval Neanderthal Review Summary – Does It Work?

This really is a supplement of two halves.

There is a very good dose of D-AA, a lot of zinc, and some mucuna puriens. 

The presence of these ingredients will be enough to give many users some notable benefits. A lot of people will see their free serum T levels rising if they start taking 3g of D-AA and this amount of zinc every day. 

But then there are many more ingredients that do absolutely nothing for testosterone levels. 

We hate paying for stuff we don’t get any use out of.

We hate taking more supplements than we absolutely need to. 

So overall, we don’t think this is a stack we’d recommend to anyone wanting some value for the money. Much more streamlined, potent and economical stacks are available. 

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