NutriSuppz Ultra Test Review

Ultra Test






Value For Money



  • Good serving of zinc
  • Good serving of magnesium


  • Many ingredients do nothing
  • Lacks the standard ingredients we expect in modern testosterone boosters
  • Some side effect concerns
  • Some ingredients not even hyped as test boosters!


NutriSuppz Ultra Test Review – Copycat Formula!


Ultra Test is a natural testosterone booster which first came to our attention as a recommended product on Amazon.

The makers of Ultra Test, NutriSuppz, make a wide range of supplements. Their current range includes an anti-anxiety supplement, a colon cleanser, as well as a range of generic, single ingredient supplements like Garcinia Cambogia and Coenzyme Q10.

So what is Ultra Test all about?

Who is it designed for?


Ultra Test Review


According to the bottle, Ultra Test delivers the following benefits to all users:

  • Boosts libido
  • Increases stamina
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Supports free testosterone levels

These are pretty standard claims for a testosterone booster these days.

After all, if a test booster didn’t claim to increase free testosterone levels, then it wouldn’t be much of a nice testosterone booster would it?

The question is, does Ultra Test deliver?

Can it really help you get your testosterone levels up to where you want them to be?

Is it safe? Or will it cause side effects?

Is it the best option for you? Or is there another supplement out there to help you reach your goals?

Read our full Ultra Test review below to find out. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments sectio at the end.


NutriSUppz Ultra Test Formula

Here is the NutriSuppz Ultra Test formula as it is shown on the bottle:


Ultra Test Formula private label scam


This formula might look familiar to you if you’ve read some of our other recent posts.

That’s because this is the exact same formula used by other testosterone boosters.

We aren’t exaggerating here: we mean Ultra Test uses THE EXACT SAME formula as other supplements, down to the milligram.

Check out our We Are Fit Pro Test Boost review and see what we’re getting at.


Why The Same Formula?

It’s possible that one of these companies is merely copying off the other.

But we think that’s highly unlikely.

What’s much more likely is that both companies sourced their testosterone booster formula from a single wholesaler who is offering this pre-made blend to anyone for ‘private labelling’.

Private labelling is where you purchase a pre-made supplement and apply your own branding afterward.

This is a popular method used by individual to make a fast buck through Amazon. It means you don’t have to invest in product development; all you have to do is buy one order up front and the wholesaler and Amazon take care of the rest.

We aren’t certain that this is what is happening, but we will certainly be looking out for more products using the same formula in the future.

But that’s not the full story.

What about the formula itself?


Main Benefits

The only real benefit of this formula is that it provides fairly decent doses of Magnesium and Zinc.

In each serving we get 200% of our RDI of Zinc and 50% of our RDI of Magnesium.

Both of these elements are necessary for the proper synthesis of testosterone.

If you are severely deficient in either one, then your body simply cannot produce sufficient quantities of testosterone. This problem can build up over time, leaving you in a sense chronically low in free testosterone.


Magnesium Ultra Test ingredients


Unfortunately, most people today do not consume anywhere near enough of these two minerals.

If your primary concern is maximizing your testosterone availability, encouraging muscle growth, vitality and confidence, then making sure you are getting enough of these two ingredients is a vital first step.


Main Drawbacks

The main drawback of Ultra Test is the simple fact that most of the ingredients do absolutely nothing.

Yes, there’s plenty of hype surrounding many of the ingredients in Ultra Test. We are sure that NutriSuppz are very convincing about the power of their ingredients.

Yet they can’t change th efact that there is no solid, independent, scientific evidence for most of these ingredients having any influence over hormone levels in humans.

For example, the main ingredient in Ultra Test is Tribulus Terrestris.


Tribulus Terrestris Ultra Test ingredients


As we’ve explained time and again on this site, this stuff really doesn’t have any effect on free testosterone levels in humans; certainly not at the dose used in Ultra Test.

Horny Goat Weed may well be touted as a miracle test booster, but in reality there are no human studies showing it having any effect on testosterone or estrogen whatsoever.

It doesn’t even seem to help with the symptoms of low T levels like Fenugreek does.

Cissus Quadrangularis is, to our knowledge, never even associated with libido, strength, or hormonal balance. There isn’t even any anecdotal evidence for this one helping test levels, let alone scientific evidence.


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Ultra Test Side Effects

You will want to seriously consider each ingredient and how it might affect you before using a supplement like Ultra Test.

Most of the ingredients in Ultra Test are pretty unusual.

You will not be used to consuming them on a daily basis; especially not in a concentrated extract form.

You will therefore not know if you have a pre-existing sensitivity or allergy to any of these substances.

In particular, Tribulus Terrestris is now thought to have some pretty serious long-term side effect risks.

More work is necessary here, as we don’t know anything either way yet. But there is enough evidence for many researchers to think that Tribulus Terrestris may be dangerous in the long-term. We advise you to check these out before you start using this substance.

It’s very important that you book an appointment with your regular doctor before you use Ultra Test to get their opinion on the ingredients. Do not gamble with your health; get the opinion of a qualified health professional first.


Ultra Test Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

NutriSuppz Ultra Test is not a good choice for you if you are looking for a high quality, premium testosterone booster representing good value for money.

It uses a generic formula which we have seen before. We are confident that we will see this exact same formula again too.

Somewhere out there a wholesaler is offering this low quality, pre-made blend for cheap. They are obviously offering it as a ‘private label’ supplement, which means you just slap on your own labels after production.

This is a really simple and easy way to make a quick buck, but it doesn’t do the customer any favors.

The formula itself is full of ineffective, unproven, bogus ingredients.

The only good point is the inclusion of zinc and magnesium.

But that doesn’t make a pro quality stack.

If you want a supplement to really help jack up your testosterone levels, enhance your muscle growth, and supercharge your sex drive, then you can do a lot better than Ultra Test.

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