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  • Over-stretched formula
  • Contains some absolute garbage
  • Some ingredients a total joke



Full Nutratech Vialus Review


Nutratech produce a pretty diverse range of supplements. Yet they are still a relatively unknown manufacturer. You wont see them on the shelves at your nearest bodybuilding supplement outlet.

That’s largely because they seem to exclusively produce low quality, cheap, scammy-looking supplements.

They have all the usual suspects: diet pills, dick pills, and growth hormone enhancers.

But we aren’t reviewing Nutratech as a whole. You’re here for a detailed and impartial Nutratech Viaslus review, and that’s what you’re going to get.


Nutratech Vialus Review


So what is Vialus supposed to do?

Who is it designed for?

If we look at the bottle, we see that Vialus is a testosterone booster primarily aimed at aiding with sexual performance.

The bottle lists three main benefits that users can expect:

  • Enhanced “size”
  • Increased stamina
  • Elevated testosterone levels

We’ll leave what they mean by “size” to your imagination. They could easily mean muscle size, or something much more important to most guys.

This list of benefits looks identical to that on the bottle of Testorex; another Nutratech product.

Looking at the two merchant pages for these products, it is clear that Vialus is designed as more of a libido-enhancing product.

The fact that Vialus raises testosterone levels is actualy called an “added benefit”, rather than its main purpose.

But it does say that this uptick in test levels is real, and that it will lead to more muscle mass, fat loss, and improved physical performance.

Sounds like an interesting product.

We just need to figure out how much of this we can believe.

Can Vialus actually increase testosterone levels?

Does it do what it says on the bottle?

Is it safe?

Is Vialus worth the $39.99 price tag?

We’ll go through all of these questions in our full Vialus review, found below. We’ll start, as always, by looking at the formula. We’ll then look at potential dangers, before telling you what we think of this stack overall.



Vialus Formula

Check out the Vialus formula:


Nutratech Vialus formula


Yep, Vialus doesn’t tell us the formula.

Instead, we get palmed off with a prop blend.

We’re sure you’re sick of proprietary blends, but we promise, not as much as we are.

Proprietary blends should be avoided like the plague.

They are only ever used to mask a dreadful formula from potential customers.

Your formula is your biggest selling point; manufacturers brag about their serving sizes, and the most popular supplements on the market all reveal their formulas on their packaging.

So when a manufacturer¬†doesn’t, you know why they’re really hiding it – it’s TOTAL CRAP!

There is something about the way these ingredients are dosed that Nutratech doesn’t want prospective customers to know.

But we see no need to speculate here.

You can do that yourselves.

Instead, we’ll focus on the two major issues with the Vialus proprietary blend in particular.




The Vialus proprietary formula is 1560mg in size. Total.

We don’t think there’s anything special behind this number – it just sounds nice and purposeful.

Now, with 9 individual ingredients, we have an average serving size of 173mg.

That is a very small average serving size.

And it isn’t like some ingredients can be dosed well above this figure; for every ingredient dosed above 173mg, another needs to be dosed an equal below 173mg.

We simply don’t have enough formula to go around here.

For point of contrast, our current number 1 rated testosterone booster contains 1,600mg of D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate per serving. That is bigger than the whole Vialus blend.

Mucuna puriens, for example, needs to be dosed above 300mg to be optimally effective.

For this to be the case, we need to take 127mg from other ingredients – and that is just one example!

So far, not so good.


Bogus Ingredients

Vialus is full of totally useless ingredients.

There is more than herb in here that has more chance of making you fly than boosting your testosterone levels.

Take Saw palmetto, for example.

We see this stuff crop up in test boosters sometimes. But we have no idea why.

We haven’t seen any reason to think Saw Palmetto has an influence on testosterone production, estrogen conversion, or anything else for that matter.

No scientific studies exist which show this stuff as doing a damn thing for guys with low testosterone.

There isn’t even any forum chatter about Saw Palmetto, and people will claim anything works.


Saw Palmetto Nutratech Vialus ingredients


In short, it’s garbage.

Garbage that is potentially taking up 90% (or more) of this formula.

Garbage you’re paying for.

Manufacturers sometimes get a little angry at us for considering the worst, but unless they’re willing to tell us their full formula specs, what else are we supposed to do?!


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Nutratech Vialus Review Summary – Is It Any Good?

The short answer: no.

The long answer: we wouldn’t spend our money on this product, no.

Nutratech refuse to tell us what exactly is in Vialus.

Sure, we’re told the names of all the ingredients, but we have no idea what the formula actually looks like.

It could be 1500mg of Saw Palmetto for all we know.

To list an ingredient on the label, all a manufacturer has to do is include it; 1mg will do.

Since so many manufacturers reveal their formulas in full, in fact take pride in their formulas, we know Nutratech have a reason for hiding it.

We don’t know what that is for sure, but we think we have a good idea.

Anyway, enough speculation.

Why would you spend money on a product that doesn’t tell you its ingredient serving sizes, when there are plenty that will?

Why spend money on a product that contains completely impotent ingredients, like Saw Palmetto?

Check out our testosterone booster ingredient guide to find out what a real ingredient looks like. To see what a truly premium testosterone booster can do, check out some of our top rated stacks.

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