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  • Bulbine might be LIVER TOXIC - be careful here!
  • Proprietary blend
  • Any ingredient could make up 90% of this stack
  • Contains ineffective ingredients


Full NutraOne TestOne Review


NutraOne aren’t exactly a big name in bodybuilding. If you’ve found your way onto this TestOne review, then chances are you came across their products recently for the first time. They have only been making bodybuilding supplements for a short while, but they are slowly starting to gain some popularity. Their products get good reviews from customers, and their range is growing all the time.

So what’s this test booster all about?

Who is it for?



The NutraOne TestOne website tells us a little about what this stack is all about: “TestOne utilizes the most advanced, natural testosterone-boosting ingredients that can cause your natural testosterone levels to skyrocket!”

Sounds good to us.

The bottle also gives us some key benefits that users can expect from TestOne:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Supports muscle mass growth
  • Skyrocket libido

These are all things that would result from having increased testosterone levels.

If TestOne can actually help raise your test levels, naturally and safely, then all of these benefits will follow in quick succession.

The question is, does TestOne really work?

After all, many supplements promise these things – only a few deliver.

Will TestOne give you higher free testosterone levels?

Is it all natural and side effect free?

How does it compare to the best testosterone boosters of today?

There’s only one way to find out! Read our complete TestOne review below. We kick off with a close look at the ingredients and doses used. We look at what the science says, not the hype. Do the ingredients really work? DO they work at the doses in TestOne? Are they safe? Let’s find out. Please post all questions in the comments section at the end and we’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.


TestOne Formula – Ingredients, Doses & More

Here is the TestOne formula:



We’re really not wild about proprietary blends. 

Especially not proprietary blends with so many bogus ingredients.

There are some ingredients in here capable of increasing free testosterone. 

But there are plenty that do absolutely nothing. 

We don’t know how any of them are dosed – most of the formula could be totally bogus.



You get the picture. 


Main Problem – Proprietary Blend

You should pretty much just always stay away from proprietary blends.

For those of you that don’t know, a prop blend is simply a formula that only gives you an ingredients list and an overall, total serving size. You don’t get individual ingredient servings.

These are quite common in the supplement industry, but that doesn’t make them OK.

There’s really no good reason for any manufacturer to use a proprietary blend. Some claim that they need them in order to protect their intellectual property.

They say someone might “steal” their precious formula if they don’t hide it.

But that’s total bullsh*t. 

Natural testosterone boosters use ingredients that we know a lot about. We know how they work, and at what doses they work best.

Basically, there’s nothing to steal.



The real reason most manufacturers use proprietary blends is to hide the fact that the main ingredients are way under-dosed, while the cheapest ingredients take up most of the blend.

For all you know, 2,249mg of the TestOne formula could be taken up by a single ingredient.

The others could all be dosed at 10μg – that’s micrograms!

That’s all manufacturers need to include to list these ingredients on the label. 

Got it?

Plenty of manufacturers are comfortable sharing their full formula details.

The best testosterone boosters all do this. They show you every ingredient dosage long before you buy.

If they can do it, so can NutraOne. They just haven’t.


Major Problem – Useless Ingredients

To make matters worse, the TestOne proprietary blend contains some ingredients that don’t actively contribute to increasing testosterone levels.

They’ve not been shown to work in the lab, and in some cases there isn’t even any strong anecdotal data.

For example, TestOne contains Ashwagandha.

This stuff is often found in natural mood boosters and anxiety suppressants. It has been used for centuries by people wanting to reduce stress and anxiety, and there is actually some good scientific support for these claims. It doesn’t seem to work for everyone, and effects are limited, but it has produced benefits in clinical settings.

But there isn’t a single study out there showing it as having a positive effect on testosterone levels.

Not one hard, reliable, scientific paper is out there claiming that this stuff boosts testosterone. 



Another questionable ingredient in TestOne is Bulbine Natalensis.

This is a substance that has been used in parts of Africa as an aphrodisiac for a long period of time. 

Now, we have two problems here.

One is that, while the product does promise increased libido, we want it to boost libido BY RAISING TESTOSTERONE LEVELS – not by some different mechanism. 

Many testosterone boosters do this, and it’s fine – so long as they also actually target free test levels. 

A more serious problem is the total lack of any human studies. 

All of the studies showing good increases in testosterone from Bulbine have been conducted on rats. This study, for example, found that bulbine supplementation increased rat serum testosterone in just a couple of weeks. But a rat study is a rat study. 

To make things worse, other studies (such as this one) have found that bulbine can also have a negative effect on testosterone levels. If you read the cited paper you’ll see that some rats responded well to bulbine, while others experienced a decline in testosterone and a subsequent decline in sexual function.

Not worth the risk, in our opinion.

We like things that have actually been studied in humans!


NutraOne TestOne Side Effects

Unlike the vast majority of products reviewed on this site, there are actually some fairly serious side effect worries with TestOne. 

In our opinion the main risk factor is the Bulbine natalensis.

As mentioned above, no robust human studies have been done on this stuff at all.

We never recommend using a substance that has never been thoroughly studied in humans. 

Worse still, however, is the fact that Bulbine supplementation has been found to be liver toxic in rats. This study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2009, found that Bulbine supplementation changed the liver enzyme profile in male rats. These changes are known to be adverse.

To put it simply, Bulbine natalensis looks as though it could be liver toxic.

At the very least, it seems to be very stressful on the liver.

That is not what we want from a natural testosterone booster!

We think you should all be very careful when considering a substance that has yet to be properly tested in humans. 

Please Remember

This is not medical advice, and we are not doctors.

It is absolutely crucial that you do your own research and consult a qualified health professional before using any of these supplements. 

Every individual is different, so we cannot possibly provide an exhaustive overview of every possible side effect. We don’t know you or your unique medical history. 

Never try to treat a serious case of chronically low testosterone with natural supplements bought online. If you think you have seriously low T, talk to a doctor.


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NutraOne TestOne Review Summary – Not Worth The Money

It should be obvious to all of you who have read the full TestOne review that we’re not going to be recommending this testosterone booster to anybody any time soon.

We think you should just straight up avoid proprietary blends anyway.

There’s no excuse for them.

There’s no need for them.

But the TestOne proprietary blend is much worse than many others. Not only does it contain some useless ingredients (and nobody knows how much of these ingredients there is), but it contains a substance thought to be liver toxic.

Not acceptable.

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