Mutant Test Review – Will This Popular Testosterone Booster Work For You?

Mutant Test






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  • Side effects should be rare


  • Maca Root doesn't work
  • Fenugreek only really useful for boosting libido
  • Missing key components of a good test booster
  • Just 2 interesting ingredients



Full Mutant Test Review


We’re sure everybody reading this has come across Mutant before. These guys are absolute giants in the bodybuilding world. They make a wide range of pretty popular supplements, including creatine pills, pre-workouts, and their leading product, Mutant Mass weight gainer.

They are probably best known for the guys they get endorsing their products. It is through Mutant that most people first got to know Rich Piana; the infamous and now sadly deceased bodybuilder, YouTube personality, supplement manufacturer, and all-round hilarious character.

They have had an impressive group of enormous, freaky-looking bodybuilders on their roster, which is why so many people love their supplements – everyone wants to look like a mutant!


Mutant Test review


So what about Mutant Test?

What is this stuff all about?

As with all of Mutant’s range, Mutant Test is billed as a pretty “extreme” product.

The bottle tells us that this is a “Bioactive Test Amplifier”.

The bottle also claims that Mutant Test has been “clinically proven to increase testosterone within 12 hours”.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t a testosterone supplement designed for older guys looking for a vitality fix, or as a focused libido supercharger.

Mutant Test is a bodybuilding specific testosterone booster, designed to deliver:

  • Increased muscle mass growth
  • Improved physical performance
  • Reduced recovery times
  • Increases in strength

We are definitely dealing with a bodybuilding supplement here, not a sex drive booster. Just look at some of the ad banners:




So, if you’re looking to gain an edge in the gym, Mutant Test might look like the perfect solution.

But you never know whether these claims play out in reality. Many supplements claim to do all of these things, but only a tiny minority can.

So does Mutant Test?

Is this product safe? It certainly looks pretty powerful.

Does it deserve to be one of the most popular test boosters on the market?

Or are there better stacks out there for seeing more muscle mass growth, body fat reduction, and increased strength?

Let’s find out together. We’ll start our Mutant Test review, as always, by looking at the ingredients. We’ll talk a bit about the side effects, before telling you what we think of this testosterone booster overall.

Mutant Test Formula

Check out the Mutant Test formula:


Mutant Test formula


In all honesty, we were expecting much more from Mutant.

These guys only employ absolute mutants to represent their brand, and their supplements always pack a punch.

Their brand ambassadors all obviously use mountains of gear, so we thought they would want to at least pretend to use something with a kick.

This is a poor formula in our opinion.

We only really have 2 interesting ingredients.

By comparison, most of the best stacks today combine 5-10 ingredients, each of which have independent but complimentary properties.

We just aren’t going to get the same results from 2 ingredients.

To make matters worse, neither of these ingredients seem to have a powerful ability to influence testosterone levels.

We’ll get into this in more detail below. First, we’ll point out the few saving graces of this stack.



What We Like

We don’t have a lot to get excited about here, but there are some things worth pointing out.

Mutant Test contains a vitamin and mineral stack which will benefit many users.

In each serving, we get 1,000IU of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is an extremely powerful natural testosterone booster. Many people overlook it or dismiss it as weak because we usually get soem every day.

But most people today actually get very little Vitamin D.

Most of us spend our whole days indoors, and we eat very few foods contianing Vitamin D.

As such, most people today actually have a Vitamin D deficiency (unless your diet is rich in orange juice, mackerel, animal livers, and you get plenty of sun).

Vitamin D acts more like a hormone in the body than a vitamin. It has a direct influence on testosterone production; increasing your Vitamin D intake is a good first step if you think your test levels are dwindling.


Vitamin D Mutant Test ingredients


The same thing is true of Zinc.

Zinc plays a vital role in the synthesis of testosterone.

So important is its role that a zinc deficiency will reliably cause low testosterone.

Again, few people in the West today seem to get enough zinc. This is largely because most people’s diets are low in leafy green vegetables, nuts, and so on.

If you think you have low testosterone, checking your zinc intake is a good idea to start with.

The inclusion of these ingredients is definitely good, but it isn’t anything to brag about. Vitamin D and Zinc should be in every testosterone booster. They are absolute industry standards – we think Zinc at leats should be a given.



What We Don’t Like

With the nod to the vitamin and mineral stack out of the way, the rest of the formula is pretty much a let down.

First of all, we have Maca Root Extract.

A lot of it, actually; 3,000mg per serving.

Now, many people will tell you that Maca Root Extract is effective at raising testosterine levels in the blood.

We’ve never seen any convincing evidence for this claim. All we see are bloggers and manufacturers telling us that it works. We’ve seen no clinical trials, long-term studies, or even any convincing anecdotal data backing it up.

Mutant claim that the Maca Root dose in Test is “clinical tested”. All that tells us is that 3,000mg has been tested. It doesn’t mean it definitely works.

Take a look at this study. Here, researchers gave 3.5g of Maca Root Extract to postmenopausal women. No effect on hormones was observed.

But that’s postmenopausal women, not young bodybuilders.

Well, here is a 6 month study using men aged between 18 and 64.

As you’ll see, Maca Root supplementation did not alter hormone synthesis in any way. No increase in serum testosterone levels was observed.


Maca Root Mutant Test ingredient analysis


As far as we’re concern, the link between Maca Root Extract supplementation and elevated testosterone levels is bogus.

We also have some Fenugreek Extract in each serving of Mutant Test.

Now, we actually like Fenugreek Extract when it is used in the right context.

Fenugreek doesn’t seem to be particularly effective when it comes to raising serum testosterone.

Some studies have found it able to lift up your test production, but others have found it ineffective. So we’re not absolutely convinced in that regard.

But Fenugreek Extract does seem to be a pretty good libido kicker.

It seems that Fenugreek Extract supplementation works well for guys struggling with a depleted sex drive. It also seems to improve sexual performance too.

The issue is that, when used alone, it doesn’t do a great deal. It really works as a good supporting ingredient, ideally used alongside ingredients that ACTUALLY influence testosterone itself.

In a comprehensive stack, it gives your libido a kick start while your test levels gradually creep up.

But since the only other interesting ingredient in Mutant Test, the Fenugreek Extract is a bit pointless.

It’s also important to remember that Mutant Test is not sold as a libido booster.

There is no reason to believe that Fenugreek Extract will improve physical performance, increase muscle mass growth, boost protein synthesis, or anything like that.


-Why You Should Avoid Anabolic Steroids-


Mutant Test Side Effects

We don’t think that Mutant Test is going to benefit many people in a meaningful way. Perhaps it will have a bit of a placebo effect; perhaps the zinc and vitamin D are just what you need to get your test production back to normal.

But for 90% of you, we don’t think it’s going to do anything at all.

The positive aspect of this is that it probably isn’t going to do anything bad either.

Maca Rot is not normally associated with serious side effects.

Fenugreek Extract is not thought to pose any serious health risks. After all, fenugreek is used in abundance in Middle Eastern and near-Eastern cuisine. It has been used for centuries. If it was dangerous in large doses, we’d sure know by now. However, we are dealing with an extract here, which is different to using whole plant powder.

Of course, we’re not doctors, so you need to take all of this with a pinch of salt. Do your own research, and learn the significance of consuming extracts instead of whole plants.

It is vital that you talk to a qualified physician before using supplements like Mutant Test. Just because it looks safe for 99% of people doesn’t mean it is safe for you. 99% is not 100%. If you have chronically low test, your doctor may recommend pharmaceutical intervention.



Mutant Test Review Summary – Is It Any Good?

We expected much better from Mutant.

If you’ve read the whole Mutant Test review, you will already be aware that we are far from impressed with this stack.

As far as natural testosterone boosters go, Mutant Test is seriously weak.

It only contains 2 main active ingredients, neither of which seems to influence testosterone levels in the blood.

Maca Root extract has never been shown in clincial trials to infleunce testosterone. It has been studied in many different subjects, from young men to older women of varying levels of health, and every time it has done nothing.

Fenugreek Extract seems to boopst libido, but it is only really effective when used in combination with substances that actually influence testosterone.

If you want to see a significant increase in your testosterone levels, then you are going to need to use a more comprehensive test booster. You’ll need to use more ingredients, and better ingredients at that.

Most of the best stacks today combine 5-10 powerful natural test boosters. The 2 we get from Mutant Test is never going to be able to compete.

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