MuscleTech Test HD Review – Does It Deserve The Hype?

Test HD






Value For Money



  • Contains good serving of Boron
  • Side effects not a major worry


  • Most ingredients offer no real benefits
  • DIM can actually increase estrogen conversion
  • The few powerful ingredients are largely under-dosed
  • Doesn't come close to the most powerful stacks available today


MuscleTech Test HD Review


Most of you will know who MuscleTech is already. This company is one of the leading supplement companies in the world today. They produce a wide range of bodybuilding supplement. These supplements are widely used and well-liked. 

This is why you will generally see MuscleTech products getting good reviews – it’s hard to hate on them as they have such a wide fan base.

Test HD is their “hardcore testosterone booster”. It is not the only testosterone support supplement they have, but it is one of the most popular. 

So what is MuscleTech Test HD all about?

What is it supposed to do?


MuscleTech Test HD review


Well, MuscleTech don’t shy away from making bold claims about this product.

According to the bottle, Test HD “boosts free testosterone in 7 days”. No qualifiers are attached to that. That’s therefore quite a claim.

According to the MuscleTech website, Test HD is “America’s #1 selling testosterone support supplement brand”. We assume by that they mean the United States’ #1 selling testosterone support supplement.

On top of increasing total testosterone levels, Test HD promises to boost ATP levels. This means it will increase ATP availability in your cells, which will allow your cell mitochondria to increase energy output. This is how creatine works.

This is an interesting combination. 

Clearly then, Test HD is designed primarily with bodybuilders in mind. 

It is targeted at natural bodybuilders looking to gain an edge in the gym. It’s target audience is obviously guys who may have a demanding training schedule and how want help recovering, but who also don’t want to turn to AAS (for obvious reasons). 

So the thing we now need to find out is, does Test HD work?

Is MuscleTech Test HD everything it claims to be?

Can it really elevate free testosterone levels in just 7 days?

How does it stack up against the other big testosterone supplements on the market today?

Let’s find out. Read our full MuscleTech Test HD review below to find answers to each of these questions. We look at the formula in greater detail, examining the ingredients and the doses used. We also look at potential side effects. Finally, in a  summary we tell you if we would recommend this supplement to any of our readers.


MuscleTech Test HD Formula

Let’s take a look at the MuscleTech Test HD formula:


Test HD Formula


There really isn’t anything about this formula that strikes us as extraordinary. 

There is nothing in here which makes us think MuscleTech Test HD will be particularly effective for most people.

This is seriously disappointing.

For what is supposedly the “#1 selling testosterone support supplement brand” in the US, we really expected much more than this. 

The ingredients are largely unproven. Some of them have actually been shown NOT to affect testosterone levels in healthy men.

With one exception, the ingredients that do have potential are under-dosed massively. 

All in all, this is a pretty sub-standard supplement. When looked at purely in terms of its worth (so ignoring the marketing and brand trust), it is certainly unable to compete with the ‘big guys’ on the market today.

But you’re probably looking for more detail than this from a MuscleTech Test HD review, right? Here is a more detailed analysis of the main benefits and main drawbacks of this formula. 


Main Benefits

The only real good point of this formula is the fact that it contains one good ingredient which is dosed properly.

A prime example here is Boron.

Too few testosterone boosters utilize Boron. It is a great ingredient and it should be a part of every comprehensive stack.

Boron has been proven in robust clinical trials to significantly increase free serum testosterone levels. It does this by binding to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). 

SHBG binds with testosterone and effectively neuters it. 


Test HD ingredients Boron SHBG


By ‘taking the hit’ and binding with SHBG, Boron effectively frees up more testosterone to stay circulating in the blood. 

The 100mg dose of Boron Citrate provides us with 5mg of Boron, which is well within the range of what we would call an ideal dose. 

Other than that, there aren’t many benefits to be had here.

The only other really good ingredients, Nettle Root and Mucuna Puriens, are under-dosed, rendering them unlikely to deliver serious benefits. 

After all, the Mucuna puriens content is wrapped up with a larger extract. That means you aren’t getting the full 50mg of Mucuna puriens; it comes with lots of other matter that is of absolutely no use to you. 

Even the best ingredients need to be dosed high enough to take effect. When a manufacturer goes to the length of sourcing good ingredients but then under-doses them, we always let out a sigh of disappointment. 


Main Downsides

The main downside here is the heavy use of ingredients which have never been genuinely proven to be effective. 

The main ingredient in here, Tribulus terrestris, has never convinced us. 

It is said by many people, mainly supplement manufacturers, to be a superb testosterone booster.

Plenty of bodybuilders use it alongside AAS or as part of their Post Cycle Therapy. 

Standalone Tribulus supplements are sold by many manufacturers as testosterone boosters. 

Yet there just isn’t any independent evidence supporting these claims. 

In fact, where there have been studies looking at tribulus terrestris, they have found that supplementation does not influence testosterone levels. 

Please take a look at the cited study and you’ll see that there was NO difference in testosterone parameters noted between placebo or TT-fed group. 


This is a common problem for the MuscleTech Test HD formula. 

Broccoli powder?

This is usually added to T-boosters because it contains DIM, which is thought to decrease estrogen conversion. 

Yet we have never seen any compelling evidence proving this to be true. All we have are claims, claims and more claims. 

DIM is also thought to potentially INCREASE estrogen conversion if consumption is fairly high.

Why would anybody want to run that risk?!

In any case, why would you use this and not just eat more broccoli? Broccoli is cheap and provides lots of other benefits too. There is no need to supplement for anything you can get from broccoli; just eat your greens!


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MuscleTech Test HD Side Effects

The good thing about MuscleTech Test HD is that it is unlikely to cause serious side effects.

There is a concern is that DIM consumption can cause increased estrogen conversion if the intake is high enough.

That means the touted effects of this substance are reversed, your testosterone levels drop, and estrogen increases.

We don’t understand why anybody would run this risk for an ingredient that has never been conclusively proven to be effective anyway.

That said, most users are unlikely to experience this effect with such a small intake (that sadly goes for benefits too usually).

Other than that, there isn’t anything in here which gives us serious cause for concern.

As always though, this is not medical advice!

Do not use a supplement like this without talking to a qualified health professional first. If you think you have extremely low test levels, you need a real test done and potential pharmaceutical treatment, not a bodybuilding supplement.


MuscleTech Test HD Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

To answer this question as simply as possible, we don’t think this is the best choice if you want significant, tangible results from your testosterone booster.

MuscleTech Test HD is a weak stack on the whole.

It contains plenty of unproven ingredients that offer no real benefits as far as testosterone support goes.

The best ingredients are, on the whole, under-dosed. They are left impotent for no reason whatsoever other than cutting costs. 

The only ingredient dosed properly is Boron. 

When compared to the other comprehensive stacks on the market today, we don’t think MuscleTech Test HD comes close.

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