Monster T Review – Very Boring Stack!

Monster T






Value For Money



  • Contains D-AA at high dose
  • Contains Stinging Nettle


  • Formula to empty
  • Just 4 ingredients
  • Citrulline forces better blood flow; does not raise testosterone levels
  • You will get better results from more comprehensive stacks

Monster T Review


Monster T is a herbal supplement from UniScience Group.

It is currently one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market, owing to the fact that many review websites recommend it.

But many of these sites are owned by supplement manufacturers, so you can’t be sure that their recommendations are legit.

That’s why we have done our own, impartial, thorough, and fair Monster T review.

So, to kick things off, who are UniScience Group?

These guys make a pretty extensive range of health supplements, covering a wide (if a little bizare) array of conditions. The UniScience Group official website currently lists bladder relief supplements, a vision enhancer, and prostate support supplement, and testosterone boosters, to name but a few.

Admittedly, their website makes them look a little shady. It looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 1990s, and we have the usual testimonials from doctors (who are a little blurry in the photos).

So what about Monster T?

What is this supplement all about?


UniScience Group Monster T Review


Monster T claims to be able to naturally increase your free circulating testosterone levels.

The official UniScience Monster T merchant page doesn’t give us a lot of info about this product.

But there are testimonials from men detailing the benefits they experienced:

  • Restored energy levels
  • Rapid fat loss
  • Improved sex drive
  • Great results within 1 week

The first three benefits are pretty standard for natural testosterone boosters. All of these things will happen when your testosterone levels are elevated.

But the last benefit is not typical of these kinds of supplements.

Pretty much no natural supplement can make a big difference in as little as a week.

Even anabolic steroids can take longer than a week to make a difference to your physique.

But hey, maybe Monster T is a kind of natural test booster we haven’t come across before.

There’s only one way to find out. Below is our full Monster T review. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, then you can skip to the summary at the end.


Monster T Formula

Let’s not waste any more time and get to the meat of our Monster T review. Here is the Monster T formula:


Monster T Formula


You might be a little surprised to be so few ingredients in one of the most commonly recommended testosterone boosters on the market today.

So are we!

Monster T contains just 4 ingredients.

That’s 4 ingredients, where the best testosterone boosters today typically contain between 8 and 12.

If ingredients fall int he 6-8 range, then we expect to see nothing but high quality, scientifically proven, well-dosed ingredients.

With just 4 ingredients, we’d expect to see the 4 best testosterone boosting supplements all dosed very generously.

Unfortunately that’s not what we get exactly.

We can tell you now that all things considered, we don’t think Monster T is a very good supplement.

There’s just not enough here to make a big difference to your free testosterone levels.

Results from using Monster T will certainly be dull compared to more comprehensive stacks.

As always, here’s a breakdown of what we like about Monster T and what we like a lot less.


Main Benefits

Although it only has 4 ingredients, we have to hand it to Monster T; it does contain some of the best natural testosterone boosters we know of.

For example, the main ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid.

We’ve written at length about this stuff in many reviews. it is widely used precisely because it is so safe, effective, and reliable.

D-Aspartic Acid acts like a trigger to the brain to start releasing Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

In turn, LH acts as a signal to the testes that they need to start producing more testosterone.

Increasing your D-AA intake therefore directly increases your LH production, which in turn increases your own natural testosterone production.

This is, in our opinion, the best way to naturally raise your testosterone levels.

If you couple this with a natural aromatase inhibitor and something to bind with SHBG, your free test levels will quickly start to rocket!

We get 3,000mg in each serving of Monster T.

The amount of D-AA you need to take really depends on the form in question.

But whatever way you cut it, this is plenty. For regular D-AA, 3,000mg, is more than enough to see real benefits in as little as 4-6 weeks.


Monster T ingredients D-Aspartic Acid


We also get plenty of Stinging Nettle Root in Monster T.

This is quickly becoming one of our favorite additions to a natural testosterone booster.

A compound in Stinging Nettle, ligans, is known to bind to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. SHBG is what binds to excess testosterone in the blood, thereby rendering it useless to us.

By ‘taking the hit’, ligans free up more free testosterone in the blood.

As mentioned above, combining D-AA with a substance that eliminates SHBG or aromatase is an incredible one-two combination for raising testosterone levels.


Stinging Nettle Monster T ingredient


We also have zinc, which is a staple of modern natural testosterone boosters.

Even before stacks became popular, zinc supplements were a staple of a bodybuilders dietary regimen because of how much a zinc deficiency depletes testosterone.

The 200% of zinc found in Monster T will not make an enormous difference to your T levels if you have a great diet, but if you are deficient in zinc, it can make an unbelievable difference.


Main Drawbacks

The main drawback of this formula is its overal scarcity.

By that we mean, there just isn’t much here.

There are only 4 ingredients.

Even if the formula consisted of nothing but the most effective, powerful, science-backed substances, 4 is not enough to match the more comprehensive stacks on the market today.

That’s because natural testosterone boosters usually work by maximizing many different pathways in a small but meaningful way.

So some will raise LH production, inhibit aromatase, correct mineral deficiencies, supercharge libido, deliver Vitamin D, and improve sleep all at the same time.

The best stacks will attack the same problem in more than one way, so you may have two ingredients both working to raise LH production in different ways.

By attacking low T along several different lines, comprehensive stacks can deliver massive improvements in your free testosterone levels.

Monster T just provides 4 ingredients which act along distinct pathways.

If you aren’t deficient in zinc, then this ingredient isn’t going to have a massive impact on your T levels.

D-AA is great, but many stacks contain lots of D-AA and lots of other great ingredients.

The same is true of Nettle Root. Many stacks provide a high quality Stinging Nettle Extract along with 8-12 other great natural testosterone booster.

So while these ingredients are great, Monster T just can’t compete with the more professional, comprehensive stacks around today.


Citrulline Monster T ingredient


You might have noticed that we haven’t even touched on the remaining ingredient in Monster T.

What about Citrulline?

What does this do? Why is it in this supplement?

L-Cirtuline is an amino acid commonly used by bodybuilders.

it is converted into L-Arginine in the kidneys after supplementation.

This actually makes it a more efficient way to boost arginine blood levels.

Increasing Arginine levels in the blood significantly improves blood flow by stimulating vasodilation; basically, it makes your blood vessels dilate to allow greater blood flow.

This is why bodybuilders love Citrulline; THE PUMP BABY!

That it also why Citrulline is used in some “male enhancement” supplements; improving blood flow is one way to combat impotence and encourage hard, lasting erections.

However, while this might work for some men, we don’t think that gives Citrulline a place in a testosterone support supplement.

If you are looking for a test booster, then you want something that is actually going to raise your free testosterone levels.

You don’t want something that is just going to mimic the effects of having elevated testosterone levels.

That’s why we aren’t keen on seeing Citrulline in supplements like Monster T.

It feels like cheating.


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Monster T Side Effects

All of the ingredients used in Monster T are natural, widely used, and largely safe.

There’s nothing in here that we think you need to be particularly concerned about.

Citrulline is found naturally in watermelon, zinc in shellfish and nuts, D-AA in meat and dairy, and Stinging Nettle Root in, well, nettles.

There’s nothing synthetic here, and nothing known to cause serious side effects even at relatively high doses.

The doses used in Monster T are all sensible anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about.

You should talk to your regular doctor about your plans to use Monster T. There’s no reason to gamble with your health, even if this supplement does appear to be extremely safe.


Monster T Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

Despite some good ingredients and generous doses, we don’t think Monster T is a good choice for those of you who want serious, meaningful results.

If you’ve read our full Monster T review, then you’ll know that 4 ingredients, no matter how good, are unlikely to deliver the same kind of results as the 8-12 offered by the best stacks on the market today.

We would want to see more than D-AA and Nettle Root to be impressed with a stack.

Zinc is pretty standard for natural test boosters; it always has been.

Citrulline just boosts blood flow; it has no effect on hormone levels at all.

If you want good value for money and actual, tangible results, we don’t think Monster T is for you.

We don’t know why so many websites have published glowing Monster T reviews, and we aren’t going to speculate. We just strongly disagree.

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