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  • Bloated prop blend
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First Strike Review


First Strike is a natural testosterone booster sold by Military Labs. These guys aren’t a very big supplement manufacturing outfit by any measure. In fact, at the time of writing, we think First Strike is their only product. That may change in the future though, in which case we will update our First Strike review with a link to their new products. 

So what is this product all about?

Who is it designed for?

Military Labs First Strike is described as an “advanced testosterone booster”. 


First Strike review


According to the bottle, you can expect the following benefits while using First Strike:

  • Energy support
  • Strength support
  • Stamina support

According to the official merchant page, First Strike can reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep, and promote muscle growth.

A specific mention is also made of reducing estrogen activity. 

These benefits would all indeed result from higher testosterone levels. While we can’t see any specific promises of testosterone level increases, the decrease in estrogen conversion promised would definitely mean higher testosterone availability in the blood. 

Clearly, First Strike is designed as a sports performance supplement. It seems to be designed primarily to support recovery time, muscle growth, and to combat fatigue. 

This doesn’t mean that it will definitely be unsuitable for older guys looking for testosterone support, but it does mean that it will probably not be optimized for you guys.

That probably sounds all well and good to you.

The question we need to answer is: does First Strike actually work? 

Is it safe?

How does it compare to other comparable test boosters on the market today?

Read our full Military Labs First Strike review below to find out! We look at ingredients, doses, side effects, and more. If you really don’t have time to read a >1000 word review, then you can skip to the brief summary at the end. Leave all questions in the comments section!


First Strike Formula

Let’s take a look at the First Strike formula in full:


First Strike formula analysis


As you have no doubt noticed, we have another proprietary blend on our hands.

As our regular readers will be aware, we really don’t like proprietary blends for obvious reasons. 

They stop us from making an accurate estimate of how good a stack will be. They prevent us from weighing up the risks with any accuracy. 

In our opinion, they are only ever used to hide the truth from the customer. That truth usually being that the formula they are looking at is under-dosed in the worst places and over-dosed in the worst places.

Basically, we think they are only ever used to stop a customer learning that the supplement they’re interested in is total garbage. 

But not all prop blends are as bad as each other; some are worse than others. Let’s go through the First Strike proprietary blend and pull out our main positives and main negatives. 


Main Benefits

There isn’t a lot that we can get excited about here.

For every good ingredient, there is the obvious possibility that it is dosed so low as to make it impotent. 

But since we like to at least allude to benefits in every review if we can, we’ll talk about some of the best ingredients in First Strike. 

Each serving of First Strike contains Nettle Root Extract.

Nettle Root Extract is found in some of the best testosterone boosters on the market today for a very good reason: IT WORKS!

A compound in Nettle Root called ligans does something very interesting in the body. It binds to the glycoprotein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). 

SHBG usually binds to testosterone, neutering it and leaving it totally useless to us. After all, if testosterone binds to SHBG, it can’t bind to test receptors.

By ‘taking the hit’, ligans leaves more free testosterone floating around the bloodstream. 

We usually like to see at least 100mg of Stinging Nettle Root Extract in a serious testosterone booster, and that is assuming that we’re dealing with a high quality, strong extract.

For weaker extracts (maybe 5:1), we would want to see about 250mg per serving.

How much is in First Strike?

We have absolutely no idea, and nor do you!

Boron is another good ingredient here.

However, as with Nettle Root Extract, Boron is only useful above a certain dosage. Since we don’t know how much is in each serving of First Strike, we have to consider the possibility that it contains too little to benefit us. 


Main Drawbacks

The main drawback of this testosterone booster is obviously the bloated proprietary blend. 

However, we have gone through the downsides of proprietary blends elsewhere on this site many times before.

The main downsides to prop blends are so obvious and so widely written about that we’ll skip going through them here. We’ll just get to the meat: the drawbacks specific to this blend.

What makes the First Strike proprietary blend so poor is the heavy use of useless substances. 

There is only 1484mg of formula to go around here.

Yet we can assume that a sizable portion of this is going to ingredients that are not able to increase free serum testosterone levels. 

We say unable because, until we are shown evidence proving otherwise, we have no reason to believe that these ingredients affect testosterone levels at all. 

As far as we’re concern, a supplement manufacturer saying that something stimulates testosterone production does not make it so.

Just because a blogger tells you that a given substance prevents estrogen conversion doesn’t mean that it really does.

We let robust, impartial clinical trials be our guide, and in many cases here the science just isn’t there to back the ingredients up. 


wild yam extract First Strike ingredients analysis


Take a look at just one example; Wild Yam Extract.

Try as we might, we cannot find a single shred of scientific evidence supporting the idea that Yam Extract has a positive influence on testosterone availability. 

Yes, that’s true for “Wild” Yam Extract too, although we doubt that the yams being used by Military Labs are really so wild (sounds good on an ingredients list though).

We could say exactly the same thing about Saw Palmetto.

This ingredient is used in a lot of testosterone boosters today.

We aren’t sure why; maybe a lot of manufacturers have found a cheap source, or perhaps everyone is just copying from one another.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains the same: Saw Palmetto does not influence free serum testosterone.

If you can find any scientific studies showing otherwise, we would love to see them.


-Read Our Test Booster Guide For More Details-


First Strike Side Effects

It’s always hard to get a good grip of side effect risks when we’re dealing with prop blends.

Just looking at the ingredients themselves only tells us half the story. To tell if something poses dangers or not, we need to know what dose we’re dealing with.

It should be obvious that a substance can be perfectly safe at one dose but extremely dangerous at another.

If you have trouble getting your head around that idea, just think about salt; one intake level is necessary fro life, another will kill you. A very high single dose will kill you immediately.

Obviously, doses are a necessary piece of information for this discussion. 

That’s what makes it so disappointing when manufacturers hide the formulas behind a prop blend. They clearly don’t care that we can’t discuss potential side effects with any accuracy. They would rather we just take their word for it, like we are children and they are our teachers that we need to listen to. 

It is absolutely crucial that you talk to your regular doctor before using Military Labs First Strike. They need to know what you are taking in case you have an adverse reaction. After all, First Strike contains unusual ingredients that you will not normally consume. 

Don’t take the word of manufacturers or bloggers as it is. Talk to a qualified medical professional about your hormonal needs and concerns. Also, make sure that people claiming to be doctors online are actually ,medical doctors and not just a chiropractor or something!


First Strike Review Summary – Should You Use It?

After doing a pretty thorough First Strike review, we think it’s safe to say that this is a sub-standard, low quality testosterone booster. 

It seems to be a classic example of a supplement that probably doesn’t cost much to produce, and that might make someone a few thousand dollars on Amazon. 

The First Strike formula is a bloated proprietary blend.

It is full of ingredients that have absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever. 

It does contain some great ingredients, but we don’t know if they’re dosed high enough to have any effect whatsoever. 

If you want to see results, and you want to get some value for money, then check out some of our current top rated supplements.

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