MHP T-BOMB 3XTREME Review – Does It Really Work?







Value For Money



  • Side effects should be pretty rare and mild


  • Uses proprietary blends to hide the truth
  • These prop blends contain potential fillers
  • Many ingredients proven to be ineffective for raising testosterone





T-BOMB 3XTREME is a natural testosterone supporting supplement from MHP, or Maximum Human Performance, to give them their full name.

These guys haven’t really been on our radar for long, but they look set to be a big name in the industry.

They currently have a complete range of bodybuilding supplements, including a pre-workout, a diuretic, and a protein powder.

So what about T-BOMB 3XTREME?

What is this testosterone booster supposed to do exactly?




The T-BOMB 3XTREME box tells us that this stack will:

  • Increase free testosterone
  • Enhance muscle and strength
  • Support libido

The second two follow on from the first; increasing free serum testosterone will make you stronger, leaner, and put your sex drive through the roof.

The website gives us a little more detail, telling us that this product works due to a “5 phase hormone optimizing complex”.

The whole “phase” thing is usually misleading – manufacturers split up the ingredient list into sections, but you take all the ingredients in the one capsule!

We’re also told that this is a “university tested formula”.

That doesn’t tell us anything.

The fcat that something has been “tested” doesn’t mean it works.

We can test gummy bears for their anabolic properties; doens’t mean you should add them to your supplementation regime.

Anyway, enough rambling about the advertisements. You’re here for a thorough review of T-BOMB 3XTREME and that’s what you’re going to get. As always, we’ll start by looking at the formula to see if it walks the walk as well as talking the talk.



Here is the T-BOMB 3XTREME formula as it is shown on the box:




Trust us, we’re as disappointed as you probably are.

With such confident marketing, we expected a lot more from T-BOMB 3XTREME.

Obviously, our biggest issue is the fact that the formula is presented as 2 proprietary blends.

All proprietary blends are bad of course. In case it isn’t self evident, we’ll explain why below.

But there are other serious issues with the T-BOMB 3XTREME formula. We’ll get into that more later too.


We Hate Prop Blends

It should be obvious that proprietary blends are a complete rip off.

Manufacturers say that they need to use proprietary blends to protect their special formulations from thieves.

That is total BS.

Formula theft doesn’t happen.

There’s nothing special about the ingredients used in T-BOMB 3XTREME.

We know how the main ingredients work, how they are supposed to be used, how they should be dosed.

There’s nothing to steal.

We think the real reason proprietary blends are used is to hide unpleasant facts about the formula from potential customers.

We’re not saying that this is definitely what MHP are doing.

But if they genuinely think they need the prop blend, that’s their problem.

We know they don’t, and there are plenty of other manufacturers out there who can offer us complete transparency.

If that’s the case, why would we opt for proprietary blends?


Poor Ingredients & Potential Fillers

As explained above, there are very good reasons to avoid proprietary blends altogether.

There are plenty fo manufcaturers who clearly don’t think they need to use them.

Even if the reasons for using them are (in some cases) innocent, this is a free market.

Their inability to be totally transparent is not our concern!

But the T-BOMB 3XTREME formula in particular has some serious issues that make it a very unappealing choice.

Even among proprietary blends, this doesn’t look competitive.

The main problem is that T-BOMB 3XTREME contains some totally useless ingredients.

Look at Tribulus Terrestris for example.

This stuff has been repeatedly shown to be totally ineffective.

Clinical trials have put its supposed ability to raise free testosterone to the test, and it has turned out to be bogus time and again.

This study, for instance, elite rugby players were fed 450mg of Tribulus Terrestris during their intensive pre-season training.

Their testosterone levels were completely unaffected by Tribulus throughout the trial, relative to placebo.

Tribulus turned out to be as effective at supporting free serum testosterone as sugar tablets.

Another trial, published in 2005, conducted a very similar experiment. The researchers concluded: “The findings in the current study anticipate that Tribulus terrestris steroid saponins possess neither direct nor indirect androgen-increasing properties.”

To put it simply, Tribulus Terrestris doesn’t work.


T-BOMB 3XTREME ingredients Tribulus terrestris


Another bogus ingredient here is Chrysin.

Many people claim that this substance helps elevate testosterone levels by preventing estrogen conversion.

Chrysin is found naturally in honey, so the idea that it helps with estrogen control has really helped some speciality food makers.

Sadly, the science has found that it doesn’t affect testosterone at all.

This study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2003, gave people Chrysin containing foods in amounts that mimic the dose usually used in supplements.

The reserachers found that “the use of these foods for 21 days at the doses usually taken as oral supplementation does not have effects on the equilibrium of testosterone in human males.”

As far as we know, there is no compelling, conflicting evidence regarding Chrysin and hormonal balance in humans.

We can say the same thing about lots of the ingredients in T-BOMB 3XTREME. Red clover Extract, Longjack Root, DIM – all useless.


Chrysin T-BOMB 3XTREME ingredient analysis


Now, the fact that a stack contains so many useless ingredients is bad enough as it is.

You don’t want to be spending hard earned money on so much dead weight.

But the fact that we find so many ineffective ingredients in two proprietary blends is much more worrying.

That’s because, for all we know, any one of these ingredients could constitute 90% or more of the blend.

The T-BOMB 3XTREME “5 phase testosterone boosting and estrogen control complex” could quite feasibly be 99% Chrysin.

To list the ingredients on the label, a manufacturer needs to include no more than 1mcg.

The information we’re given on the label would not be incorrect if 99% of the “5 phase testosterone boosting and estrogen control complex” were Tribulus Terrestris.

The “Testosterone Signalling Amplification Blend” could be 99% flaxseed oil for all we know.

Does that sound like a stack worth spending your hard-earned money on?

No, it doesn’t to us either.

A Note To Manufacturers

Many manufacturers don’t like us speculating about the composition of their blends like this.

They think it’s unfair.

But as consumers, what else are we to do?

We NEED to consider the worst. We have every right to consider the worst.

They are refusing to be completely open about their formula, so we only have vague indications to work with.

We would much rather not have to speculate like this; we’d much rather they just told us their formulas in full!


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It’s very hard to get into the subject of side effects when you’re dealing with a proprietary blend.

We don’t know how anyhting is dosed.

And of course, doses and side effects are inextricably linked.

All we can do is keep our eye out for obvious risks.

One potential trouble spot is Tribulus Terrestris. Common side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation

Considering that Tribulus doesn’t work, these risks seem unreasonable to us.

On the whole, the ingredients in MHP T-BOMB 3XTREME look very safe.

They are all used by lots of people around the world on a regular, long term basis.

They are commonly used in bodybuilding supplements.

As far as we know, they don’t have any serious associatd health effects.

However, we aren’t doctors!

Just because something seems safe for most people doesn’t mean it is necessarily safe for you.

You need to consider your own particular circumstances before you proceed with MHP T-BOMB 3XTREME: do you have any pre-existing conditions or allergies?

We think everyone should consult with a qualified health professional before using testosterone boosting substances.

Don’t gamble with your health; talk to your regular family physician before you start using testosterone boosters of any kind. If you do experience side effects, stop using MHP T-BOMB 3XTREME, seek medical advice, and share your experience below.


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MHP T-BOMB 3XTREME Review Summary – Does It Work?

We really don’t think this stack is a good choice for anyone hoping to elevate their free serum testosterone.

We certainly don’t think it’s a good choice if you are concerned about reliability, value for money, and predictability or results.

If you’ve read our full MHP T-BOMB 3XTREME review, then you’ll already know why.

But for those of you who skipped it, here are the main drawbacks:

  1. Uses proprietary blends
  2. Contains plenty of useless ingredients
  3. Many ingredients have been conclusively proven to be ineffective
  4. For all we know, these useless ingredients could make up 99% of these blends

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