Meeka T3 Review – Low Doses & Useless Ingredients!

Meeka T3






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  • Low doses across the board
  • Most ingredients do NOTHING
  • Tribulus Terrestris about as good for low testosterone as sugar pills
  • DHEA poses HUGE risks - exogenous sex hormone



Full Meeka T3 Review


Meeka T3 is a highly popular bodybuilding supplement. it is currently enjoying a lot of popularity at the moment, with websites all giving it pretty good reviews and a lot of exposure.

We’ve never seen any other Meeka products. We might be wrong, but we believe that T3 is their only product on sale at the moment. If T3’s popularity stays strong though, more products are bound to come along.

So, what is Meeka T3 all about?

What is it supposed to do, exactly?


Meeka T3 Review


Meeka T3 is described as “natural anabolic support”.

According to some of the advertising produced by Meeka, T3 “naturally supports testosterone and muscle mass”.

Clearly, we’re dealing with a bodybuilding supplement here, not a treatment for chronically low testosterone or a sex drive fix.

Meeka T3 claims to do the following key things for all users:

  • Increase strength
  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Help build lean muscle mass
  • Enhance libido

Of course, 3 of these claims follow on from the 1 central purpose of Meeka T3: raising testosterone.

If you raise the amount of free testosterone you have in the blood, then you will indeed see your strength increase, your muscles start to grow much more quickly, and your sex drive kicked back into gear.

So we just need to find out if Meeka T3 can really boost testosterone or not.

Does this stack work?

Is Meeka T3 safe?

How does it stack up against the best testosterone boosters on the market today?

Check out our full Meeka T3 review below and find out! We’ll kick things off by looking at the ingredients, the doses, and the associated risks. In the end, we’ll tell you whether or not we’d recommend Meeka T3 to any of our readers.


Meeka T3 Formula

Here is the Meeka T3 formula:


Meeka T3 Formula


Meeka T3 is encapsulated with gelatin – sorry veggies! This one isn’t for you!

That is a very interesting formula.

Unfortunately, we don’t think it is a good one.

We see plenty of bogus ingredients here, some of which have been proven beyond doubt to be ineffective.

The doses are all small anyway, so even if these ingredients did work, you wouldn’t experience their full potential.

Most worryingly of all, Meeka T3 contains an exogenous human sex hormone.

That means it isn’t a “natural” testosterone booster at all.


Despite its clear popularity, we don’t think many of you are going to get much out of this stack.

Let us give you some concrete examples.

Some Ingredients Don’t Do Anything

Some of the key ingredients in Meeka T3 don’t do a thing for your testosterone levels.

The main ingredient in Meeka T3 is Tribulus terrestris.

As we’ve pointed out in several reviews now, this stuff has been proven in numerous clinical trials to be bunk.

It has been given many chances, and every independent clinical trial has found it to be ineffective.

It doesn’t do anything.


Deer antler velvet Meeka T3 ingredients


In fact, in one study, tribulus was as effective as a placebo at supporting testosterone levels in athletes undergoing intense pre-season training.

That is the biggest single ingredient in Meeka T3 – not a good way to construct your stack in our opinion.

We could go through most of the Meeka T3 formula and say the same thing: Deer Antler Powder, Tongkat Ali, Octacosanol – all useless.


Small Serving Sizes

Even if these ingredients worked, it is generally accepted that they need to be taken in amounts far exceeding 200mg to be really effective.

For example, despite being thoroughly proven to be benign, Tribulus Terrestris is often claimed to be a potent testosterone booster.

But Tribulus terrestris supplements will usually provide 750mg per serving.

Now, we don’t think TT would do anything if you were taking 1,500mg per day. All you would be doing here is opening yourself up to side effects for no benefit.

But you DEFINITELY aren’t going to get anything out of 200mg.

Again, the same is true of much of the Meeka T3 ingredients. Most are dosed at 100mg, and some are dosed much less.



DHEA Is Dangerous

Meeka T3 cannot honestly claim to provide “natural testosterone support” since it contains a synthetically made, exogenous human sex hormone: DHEA.

DHEA is naturally occurring in the human body. it can be thought of as a base sex hormone; it converts to either testosterone or estrogen, depending on your needs.

That doesn’t mean you can DHEA what it needs to convert to.

If your body thinks you need to up your testosterone levels, then it will convert any DHEA in your blood into testosterone.

But if it wants more estrogen, your estrogen levels will quickly rise.

Now, we run into a number of different problems here.


DHEA Meeka T3 ingredient analysis


For one thing, if you did manage to pump your blood full of DHEA, then your liver and kidneys will be placed under the same stress as they would if you were using regular steroids (which are, after all, just delivery systems for exogenous sex hormones).

But it isn’t clear that oral DHEA consumption leads to higher DHEA levels in the blood.

Whether absorbable or not, it is clear that DHEA puts you at risk of some pretty serious side effects. These include, but are not limited to:

You also need to be aware that DHEA is banned in some countries.

Even in places were it is not illegal, it will still get you disqualified from some competitions or leagues.

Do your own research on this substance before you use it.


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Meeka T3 Side Effects

We have laid out the main risks of using DHEA above.

We therefore don’t see the need to go into this again.

However, DHEA is not the only risk factor to be considered here.

Tribulus terrestris is thought to cause mild side effects on some users. This is rare, btu the risks are there.

These risks actually seem much more severe when you realize that you have nothing to gain from TT use.

The side effects often said to come with TT use include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps

Please remember that we are not doctors, and this is not proper medical advice.

Supplements may be “100% natural” (Meeka T3 is not), but that doesn’t mean they are 100% safe.

They may claim to be completely safe, but that doesn’t mean they are definitely safe for you.

Talk to a doctor before you use something like Meeka T3.

It is crucial that you discuss your plans to use Meeka T3 with a qualified health professional. If you do experience side effects while using Meeka T3, discontinue use and seek medical advice immediately.


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Meeka T3 Review Summary – Should You Use It?

The Meeka T3 formula really doesn’t justify this product popularity.

Once you pull the curtain back, you find a small formula, with many impotent ingredients and low doses across the board.

If you are looking to see real results, then you’ll need to use a more potent, powerful, refined stack than Meeka T3.

Check out our top rated testosterone boosters to see what we mean.

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