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Value For Money



  • Contains Fenugreek Extract


  • Scam private label blend
  • Cheap, mass produced formula
  • Useless ingredients
  • Poor serving sizes



Full Soi Labs Macho-T Review


You’ve probably found your way on to this Macho-T review after seeing this product on Amazon.

You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Soi Labs before now; neither have we.

We can’t find a website for these guys or anything remotely official, so we assume they’re a pretty small outfit. They are apparently based in Texas, which is just about all we can get on them.

As such, most of the information contained within this Macho-T review is taken from third-party sites like Amazon.



Macho-T Review

Anyway, what is Macho-T supposed to do?

Who is it designed for?

Macho-T is sold as a natural testosterone booster.

According to the bottle, Macho-T promises to do three very simple things:

  • Increases libido
  • Boosts performance
  • Builds muscles

That’s a pretty standard list of benefits. If Macho-T can indeed increase free testosterone levels (which every testosterone booster claims to do by virtue of their name), the three benefits listed above should follow.

If you have low testosterone, then increasing your T levels will bring about noticeable changes in energy, physique aesthetics, and libido.

The question is then, can Macho-T actually raise testosterone levels in the blood?

Or is this another cheap pill designed to give you a bit of a pump and some extra vitamins?

Is Macho-T safe to use? Are there any real side effect risks?

How does Macho-T compare to other products on the market today? Is there a better option for a similar price?

Find out by reading our full Macho-T review, found below. We look at ingredients, doses and potential side effects. We then tell you whether or not we’d recommend this stack to someone looking to see a real difference in their test levels.

Please post any questions in the comments section at the end. We’ll try to get back to you asap.



Macho-T Formula

Here is the Macho-T formula as it appears on the bottle:


Macho-T formula analysis


If you’ve read a few product reviews on our site, you will have probably guessed that we aren’t going to be too thirlled about this.

We feel like we’ve seen this same formula before.

And indeed it turns out that we have!

Take a look at the Pronabolin formula:


Macho-T Pronabolin formulas identical


That’s right: it’s EXACTLY the same.

The same ingredients, the sane doses.

Even the label is laid out in exactly the same way.

So what’s going on here?



Private Label Blends

Seemingly different products using the same formula and presenting them as unique is a common problem in today’s supplement industry.

More and more people are getting wise to the fact that they can use priovate label blends to make a fast buck with very little effort.

Basically, individuals purchase a job-lot of some blend from a wholesaler for very little money.

These blends are pre-made, and sold on a “private label” basis.

That means that the individual has the right to use their own branding on the product and to claim it as their own.

These people will buy a lot of, say, 1000 bottles, and then have them delivered to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon takes care of storage and shipping for a fee.

All an individual has to do is come up with the money for the first order (not a lot), mock up a pdf of their label, and wait for Amazon to deposit their profits at the end of the month.

This is a great, relatively risk free way to make some easy money.

But it does leave you, the customer, left out of pocket.

You’re paying over the odds for a mass produced blend full of ingredients a wholesaler was happy to get rid of for very little money.



What About The Formula? – Useless Ingredients

We wont get into this in too much detail here, since we’ve written all this before in our Pronabolin review.

However, since you’re looking for a Macho-T review, we’ll touch on the formula itself.

To put it bluntly, it’s not good.

The Macho-T formula is full of totally bogus ingredients.

The main ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris.

This substance is widely used in testosterone boosters, but unfortunately, its popularity is built on hype.

Several studies have put the claim that Tribulus can raise testosterone levels to the test, and they’ve all found that it can’t.

This study, for example, found that Tribulus was no better at supporting healthy testosterone levels than sugar pills.


Macho-T ingredients Coleus Forskohlii


We also have some Coleus Forskohlii.

Like Tribulus, this stuff is often said to be a powerful testosterone booster.

And like Tribulus, it turns out that it is useless in reality.

There isn’t a single independent scientific study supporting the notion that CF influences testosterone in any way.

Studies have looked at it, but they’ve found that it is useless for countering low testosterone.

That’s good enough for us. This stuff is over-hyped, ineffective bunk.



Some Good Aspects?

The Digestive Blend in Macho-T is a fairly unusual thing to find in a testosterone booster.

However, it isn’t anything to complain about.

We don’t think it’s necessary, but everyone could use with a little extra help with their digestive health.

Macho-T also contains Fenugreek Extract.

This stuff is a pretty reliable libido booster.

However, it doesn’t seem to influence testosterone levels. Instead, it boosts your sex drive by other means.

Now, when added to a comprehensive, potent stack capable of boosting testosterone levels, Fenugreek Extract can have great results.

However, on its own, it isn’t going to do a great deal.

If low testosterone is your concern, then Fenugreek Extract should not be your priority.



Macho-T Side Effects

We don’t think there is much to worry about here as far as side effects are concerned.

The ingredients are all natural, and the doses used are well within normal bounds.

That said, there are some concerns that Tribulus terrestris may cause side effects in some individuals.

Tribulus has been known to cause the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach cramps

There is also some concern that Tribulus Terrestris may be linked to prostate problems.

Now, these risks seem to be fairly low.

But when you consider the fact that Tribulus terrestris has been found, conclusively, to be useless, these risks seem much more grave.

Why take any risks for something that is certain to do nothing good for you?

As always, this is not medical advice. Talk to a qualified doctor, not strangers online.

It is important that you talk to your regular physician about your plans to use Macho-T before you do so. Only they can tell you if Macho-T is safe for you.


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Macho-T Review Summary – Is It Any Good?

The short answer to this question is “no”.

The long answer is: no, not at all.

This is a rip-off, private label blend disguised as a unique, premium product.

The formula is mass produced.

It is full of cheap ingredients proven to be ineffective for raising testosterone production.

You can do much better than Macho-T.

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