JBC Nutrition Test 500 Review – Single-Ingredient Stack Not Worth The Price Tag

Test 500






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  • Single ingredient stack
  • Tribulus Terrestris proven to be ineffective
  • Some trials found TT to be as effective as sugar pills


Full JBC Nutrition Test 500 Review


Test 500 is a natural testosterone booster produced by JBC Nutrition. These guys are based in the UK, which is home to some of the best test boosters on the market today.

We think the reason for this might be because steroids are relatively hard to come by in the UK, and people aren’t as used to taking powerful medications as they are in the US.

In any case, Test 500 promises its users some serious results. According to the official website, JBC Test 500 is “not to be confused with the cheaper less Potent Tribulus products on the market!”


JBC Nutrition Test 500 Review


That’s right, we’re dealing with a single ingredient supplement here.

Users are told that the special form of Tribulus Terrestris in Test 500 is able to deliver the following:

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Improve libido
  • Enhance sexual performance

The website goes into even more detail.

We are told by JBC Nutrition that “JBC Test 500 is the Highest Potency at 2000mg daily dose ensuring maximum results! True Bulgarian Tribulus source ensures highest levels of Protodiocin.”

That’s quite a big claim.

Lots of supplements claim to provide the most potent product on the market.

Lots of supplements claim to have a special form of a given ingredient.

But few actually deliver.

So, does JBC Test 500 deliver the goods?

Can this single ingredient supplement help raise your testosterone levels?

Can it compete with the current leading stacks on the market?

Is it safe?

Let’s find out. Here is our full JBC Test 500 review. We’ll look at the ingredient in question, whether or not it is more potent than other forms currently in use, and so on. We will go through the potential dangers. Finally, we’ll tell you if we think it’s any good or not.

JBC Nutrition Test 500 Formula

This is a single ingredient supplement.

Here is the formula and directions for use:


Test 500 formula analysis


As you might have guessed, we’re not particularly optimistic about this supplement.

We don’t like Tribulus at all.

We know JBC Nutrition claim that their version is different, but we have our doubts. We’ll cover this in more detail later.

First, let’s deal with the more fundamental problem with this product.


The Problem With Single Ingredient Supplements

In general, we don’t like single ingredient supplements.

You can almost always get better value just buying a non-branded, generic version either directly from a wholesaler, or from your local health food store.

In the UK, tribulus terrestris supplements can be found in most supplement stores, and it is probably stocked by vitamin and health food retailers as well.

Going off-brand is almost always a better option when we’re talking about just one ingredient.

But aside from value for money, there are other reasons we don’t like supplements that provide just one ingredient.

We don’t like them because we don’t think they stand a chance of boosting your testosterone levels as much as a combined, multi-ingredient stack.

If your test levels are dwindling, chances are, there are multiple causal factors at play.

You might have a zinc deficiency, low Vitamin D levels, high estrogen conversion, lots of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, and testes that just aren’t being stimulated to pump out test.

All of these problems might be relatively small on their own, but together, they can drive your T levels down to nothing.

A single ingredient can’t address all of these problems.

You need to take a multi-pronged approach to combatting low testosterone.

You also need to realize that natural testosterone boosters are never going to be as potent as AAS.

Even the most powerful natural substances will only impact your T levels so much.

So we need to utilize a cocktail of them in order to raise their effectiveness.

Alone, their effect is going to be slight. Together, they combine to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.

So, with that dealt with, lets get into the details of JBC Test 500.


Does Tribulus Terrestris Work? No!

We really don’t like Tribulus Terrestris.

This plant extract is so over-hyped at this point that even highly intelligent people are convinced that it works.

The science tells us that it doesn’t.

Unlike many ingredients which lack any scientific proof, Tribulus Terrestris has actually been studied extensively and has been found to have no effect on testosterone levels in healthy men.

That’s right: NO EFFECT AT ALL.


Take a look at this study.

Here, researchers took a group of elite rugby players preparing for the start of the season and gave them either 450mg of Tribulus Terrrestris per day, or placebo.

Any athletes out there will know that pre-season training is often the most intense.

The athletes testosterone levels were measured over 5 weeks.

As you might expect, the guys using the placebo saw their testosterone levels steadily decline as the intensive training schedule took its tole.


Tribulus terrestris Test 500 ingredients


What surprised some people though was the fact that the guys using Tribulus Terrestris saw their testosterone levels decline just as much as the guys using the placebo.

There was no difference between groups.

That means that Tribulus Terrestris had the same effect (as far as testosterone preservation goes) as sugar pills.

Now, JBC Nutrition Test 500 provides 500mg per serving.

You are told to take 4 servings per day.

That’s 2000mg per day.

Will that make a difference?

Well, if 450mg had literally 0 effect, then 2000mg will have about 4 times the effect.

So what is 4 x 0?

That’s right, 0!

Just to be certain though, let’s look at some more studies.

In this trial, subjects were given 500mg of TT per day.

The researchers found that “the short-term treatment with T. terrestris showed no impact on the endogenous testosterone metabolism”.

In this study, guys were actually given 10mg-20mg of Tribulus Terrestris per kilogram of body weight.

So some subjects were being given over 2000mg of TT per day.

Again, the researchers found that TT failed to influence any hormonal parameters at all: “All results were within the normal range. The findings in the current study anticipate that Tribulus terrestris steroid saponins possess neither direct nor indirect androgen-increasing properties.”

So, it seems that Tribulus is not the potent testosterone booster many people hype it up to be.

Is the form used in JBC Test 500 any different?

Well, according to the website JBC Test 500 contains “Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris”.

We think this is just a marketing ploy; there is no reaosn to suspect that the TT from Bulgaria is any different to the TT from anywhere else.

In fact, we aren’t sure that other stacks don’t use TT from Bulgaria.

The 95% potency is what we would expect from an extract. We think similar potencies were used in the cited clinical trials.


-How Dangerous Are Steroids?-

JBC Test 500 Side Effects

Considering the inability of Tribulus Terrestris to influence testosteorne levels, it has some surprisingly serious side effect risks.

Compared to many other substances commonly used in natural test boosters, TT is associated with a wide variety of side effects.

These side effects are relatively rare for sure.

But they are far too likely for our liking – especially since TT doesn’t give us any benefits anyway!

What are you taking the risk for?!

The side effects commonly associated with Tribulus Terrestris use include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas

JBC Test 500 contains more TT than you will commonly find in a natural test booster.

As such, side effects might be more pronounced.

As always, don’t rely on advice that you get online; talk to a qualified doctor.

These supplements aren’t designed to treat a serious medical condition like chronically low T production. We urge you to talk to your usual doctor before using any of these supplements.

JBC Test 500 Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

We think you can do a lot better than JBC Test 500.

This is a single ingredient supplement, and that one ingredient has been found in multiple studies to be totally useless.

As useful for boosting test levels as sugar pills.

Single ingredient supplements are not going to give you the same results as a well put together stack.

They also offer bad value for money.

If you’re just going to be taking one ingredient, then it’s usually a good idea to just buy it straight from a wholesaler, or pick up a generic, non-branded version from a vitamin store.

All things considered, this isn’t a great supplement at all.

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