Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review – Does It Work?

Testosterone Up






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  • Contains Stinging Nettle Root Extract
  • Contains some other useful ingredients


  • Plenty of useless ingredients in here
  • Don't believe the MCT Oil hype!
  • Weak overall



Full Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review


Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up is one of the latest testosterone boosters to hit the market.

There’s already some chatter about this stack on the big forums, so we thought we had better get a proper Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up review published asap.

So what is this supplement all about?

Who is Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up designed for exactly?


Testosterone Up Review


According to the official Irwin Naturals website, Testosterone Up is “designed to boost testosterone levels already within a normal range”.

It is described on the bottle as an “advanced pro-male testosterone support formula”.

It also apparently contains a “physical peak performance booster”.

Quite rightly, Irwin Naturals claim that elevating your testosterone will:

  • Elevate mood
  • Increase sex drive
  • Promote muscle mass growth
  • Reduce body fat

Clearly, Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up is designed for every guy looking to raise testosterone, whether they’re an older man looking to regain their vitality, or a younger guy looking to get jacked.

The question is; does it work?

Can Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up really do all of these things?

Are there any risks involved?

Is there a better, more effective testosterone booster out there?

Check out our full Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up review below tofind out. As usual we’ll kick things off by picking apart the formula. We’ll go through the main side effect risks, before putting it all together in a summary at the end.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.


Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Formula

Take a look at the Testosterone Up formula:


Irwin Natural Testosterone Up formula


That’s quite an interesting formula.

Unfortunately, despite the grand promises made by Irwin Naturals, Testosterone Up doesn’t look like it’s capable of very much at all.

After giving this formula a quick once over, we don’t think Testosterone Up is going to be able to deliver on all of the claims made by Irwin Naturals.

It does contain some good ingredients capable of raising testosterone levels.

Some of these ingredients will boost testosterone even if its already within the normal healthy range.

But on the whole, it dosn’t look too good.

Let’s get into this in a bit more detail. Here’s an overview of the best and worst things about this stack.



Main Positives

There are some excellent ingredients in Testosterone Up.

Take Nettle Root Extract, for example.

Stinging Nettle Root contains a compound called ligans. This stuff is a really potent natural test booster.

Basically, in the blood ligans binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

SHBG is what usually binds to free testosterone in the blood, thereby maintaining a healthy balance between estrogen and testosterone.

By binding to SHBG, ligans ‘takes the hit’. It means that less SHBG is available in the blood to bind with testosterone, and as a result, more free floating test.

Stinging Nettle Root is a great addition to any natural testosterone boosting stack. In Testosterone Up, we get 300mg, which is superb – more than we need.

We also have some zinc in Testosterone Up.

Zinc isn’t something you need to get overly excited about, but it is an absolute staple ingredient in test boosters today.

Deficiencies in zinc are a very quick way to see your testosterone levels decline.

Sadly, most men today are deficient in zinc. Few of us eat a diet rich in seed, nuts, fresh vegetables and seafood.

Supplementing with zinc can almost immediately rectify a zinc deficiency, which in turn can almost immediately send your testosterone production up back to normal levels.



Main Drawbacks

It is a real shame, but in the Testosterone Up formula the drawback sreally outweight the strengths.

The main issue is that most of the ingredients used in Testosterone Up don’t seem to work in reality.

By that we mean that we haven’t been convinced by the available scientific studies done on these ingredients.

For example, Testosterone Up contains 300mg of Tribulus Terrestris.

Many manufcaturers claim that this stuff boosts free testosterone levels.

It is actually consumed as a standalone supp for supporting test levels during periods of intense training.

But every scientific study looking at Tribulus as a testosterone booster has found it to be ineffective.

In fact, a number of independent clinical studies have PROVEN THAT TRIBULUS DOES NOTHING!

In this study, it was found to be as effective as sugar pills.


Testosterone Up ingredients pumpkin seeds


One of the main ingredients in Testosterone Up is Pumpkin Seed Oil.

We have absolutely no idea why this has been included, but as far as we know, it has no testosterone boosting powers whatsoever.

Perhaps it confers some minerals present in pumpkin seeds, but this wouldn’t justify it being included here.

We want potent, effective test boosters, not some extra vitamins.

One ingredient mentioned specifically on the Irwin Naturals website is Longjack Root.

There is some evidence supporting the idea that this stuff can support healthy testosterone levels.

In this study, long-term Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack) supplementation led to a reduction in cortisol (the stress hormone) of 16% and an increase in testosterone of 37%.

However, to our knowledge no other studies have been able to replicate these results.

This remains one of the only pieces of evidence supporting the idea that Longjack does anything at all.


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Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Side Effects

One good thing we can say for Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up is that side effects are probably going to be very rare.

The ingredients used in this stack are all generally thought to be safe.

Most of them are widely used and wel understood.

They are not known to have serious negative health consequences.

Slight MCT Oil Concern

One thing we have to point out is that Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up contains 900mg of MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides).

The whole “fat is good, carbs bad” pop science trend is immensely popular right now, but we urge you not to be fooled by it.

There is no reaosn why you should want to try and squeeze more fat into your diet.

Increasing your fat intake, particularly your saturdated fat intake, directly increases your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.

We have no idea why almost a gram of MCTs have been added to this stack, but we think the formulation guys over at Irwin Naturals have been sucked into the keto fad by some “functional medical doctors” or “paleo-dietitians”.

On the whole, Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up looks like it’s safe for 99.9% of users. Where side effects do occur, they are likely to be very mild.

But as always, we urge you to exercise extreme caution when using testosterone boosting supplements.

We aren’t doctors.

It is vital that you get proper advice from a qualified medical doctor before continuing.

If you experience any side effects whatsoever while using Testosterone Up, stop using it and talk to a doctor. Never gamble with your health – always get medical advice before putting strange ingredints into your body!

Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with our readers below.


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Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review Summary – Is It Any Good?

If you’ve skipped most of the Testosterone Up review and come straight to the summary, then you just want answers.

Should you buy this stack or not?

Will it jack up your testosterone?

We’re sorry to say that we really don’t think it will.

After looking at the Testosterone Up formula in some detail, we think its weaknesses vastly outweigh its strengths.

There are some good ingredients in Testosterone Up, but not many.

Together, they wont make much of a difference to your testosterone levels.

The bulk of the Testosterone Up formula is ineffective; some of the main ingredients do nothing at all.

Sure, they have some good marketing behind them, but the science doesn’t stand up.

There are much better stacks out there, with more powerful formulas backed by hard science, not just enthusiastic marketing.

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