Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster Review – Useless Ingredients!

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster






Value For Money



  • Does contain some Vitamin D


  • Tribulus Terrestris proven to be ineffective
  • Other ingredients just as useless
  • DIM might increase aromatase activity



Full Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster Review


Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is a natural hormonal support supplement.

It is sold primarily through Amazon; a quick search for Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster wont turn up an official website or merchant page. You’ll see a number of Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster reviews and the Amazon page.

Indeed, it seems that Iron Brothers run that Amazon page, so we can assume that they do most (if not all) of their sales volume through this site.


Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster review


We’re always a little suspect of a supplement that does its sales through Amazon; it sometimes means the manufacturer doesn’t want to invest in a warehouse and shipping infrastructure of their own.

But that doesn’t mean that this is necessarily a scam test booster.

So what is Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster all about?

Who is it designed for?

According to the bottle, Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is designed to deliver three key benefits:

  • Increased strength
  • Greater energy levels
  • Supercharged libido

The Amazon page makes much of the increased energy that results from using Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster. The manufacturers say that higher energy levels will lead to better workouts, and more, muscle growth as a result.

Indeed, a lot of the advertising material that comes with this stack focus on strength:


Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster claims


But we do have specific mention of sexual performance too:


Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster sexual performance


This all sounds great.

If you have low testosterone, then you are probably seeing your sex drive dwindle, and you are likely to be experiencing strength and muscle mass loss.

So Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster looks like the ideal supplement, right?

Well, maybe.

That depends on whether or not any of this is actually true!

Does Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster work?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to similar products available right now?

Find out by reading our full Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster review below. We look at the ingredients, as well as how much you are getting per serving. In the summary, we’ll cover the main positives and negatives, before telling you our overall verdict.

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster Formula

Check out the Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster formula:


Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster formula


That’s not a great formula by any means.

Right away we can see that we’re not going to be big fans of Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster.

We see large servings of ingredients proven beyond doubt to be ineffective.

We see some ingredients that do absolutely nothing.

We see potential for backfire.

We don’t see any of the main, powerful, unique testosterone boosters that are often found in high quality hormone supplements today.

There really isn’t anything good to say about this product.

It does contain a good vitamin and mineral stack.

Upping your zinc and Vitamin D intake should be one of the first things you do if you want to maximize testosterone production. Most guys in the West are deficient in both of these crucial components of test synthesis, so this is a good addition to a stack.

But it’s a total standard – nothing to be impressed by.


Main Issue – Useless Ingredients

The main problem with Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is that almost all of the ingredients have no independently verified effect on testosterone.

Even the main ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, is an ineffective cure for low testosterone.

In fact, several studies have looked at Tribulus Terrestris’ effect on free serum testosterone, and it has repeatedly been found to be about as potent as a placebo.

That’s right, Tribulus Terrestris is ABOUT AS EFFECTIVE AS SUGAR PILLS.

So we get 500mg in each serving of Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster; that’s 500mg of bunk.

Since the main ingredient in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster has been conclusively shown to do NOTHING, we don’t have much hope for the rest of the formula.


Tribulus Terrestris Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster ingredients


Horny Goat Weed is sometimes sold as a natural test booster, but we haven’t seen a shred of evidence in support of this claim.

We haven’t seen this stuff debunked as clearly as Trubulus Terrestris.

But we haven’t seen any positive evidence, which for us is about the same thing – if you have no reaosn to believe something, DON’T BELIEVE IT!


Ashwagandha is a good supplement to take if you’re experiencing some stress and anxiety. But it has no known influence on human sex hormones.

This might help some of the symptoms of low testosterone, such as insomnia, anxiety and low mood, but it doesn’t treat the cause.

Or to put it another way, it will make you think Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is working as advertised, but it isn’t actually doing what it says on the bottle.

It isn’t increasing your natural testosterone production.

We could go on, but you get the idea.


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Minor Issue – Potential For Backfire

So most of the ingredients in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster are totally useless when it comes to increasing testosterone production.

That’s a pretty big issue.

But there is a smaller issue which also needs highlighting.

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster contains DIM, which is short for Diindolylmethane, is a compound found in many brassica vegetables; broccoli, cabbage, kale, watercress, and so on.

Diindolylmethane is thought to act as an aromatase inhibitor. That means it is thought to prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen.

Since it is found in such high amounts in foods that you’re consuming anyway, there isn’t much need for supplementation.

Not only that, but we haven’t actually seen any solid, convincing evidence supporting the claim that it inhibits aromatase activity.

But worst of all, we have seen claims that Diindolylmethane can actually work to STIMULATE aromatase activity.

Some believe that larger doses of DIM can INCREASE aromatase activity, not decrease it.

That means lower free serum testosterone and higher estrogen levels.

Since DIM has not been conclusively shown to have benefits, we think the risk just isn’t worth it here.

If you really want DIM, just eat more broccoli.


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Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster Review Summary – Does It Work?

So should you buy Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster?

No, we don’t think that’s a good use of your money – that’s the long and short of it.

This supplement is composed pretty much entirely of useless ingredients with no independently proven utility to people with low testosterone.

Most of the ingredients in here don’t effect testosterone levels at all.

The main ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, has been conclusively shown in more than one clinical trial to be bunk – it’s about as good for supporting testosterone production as sugar pills.

If you want to see any real results, you’re going to have to use a more powerful formula. look for ingredients with strong, independent scientific backing, good doses, and no risk of backfire.

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is not worth its price tag – not even close. There are test boosters on the market right now that deliver real, tangible results for a very similar price.

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