Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Review – Complete Rip-Off! – Beware This Scam

Alpha Boost






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  • Mass produced, rip-off formula
  • Private label scam passed off as unique blend
  • Terrible ingredients
  • Same formula is used by Invictus Labs in other products!



Full Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Review

Invictus Labs LLC are prolific supplement manufacturers at the moment. They have multiple testosterone boosters (one of which we have reviewed already) several different weight loss products, and some single ingredient products too.

Their range is split between different lines; some bodybuilding lines, a kind of “diet” line, and a line of random products support hair growth and mood.

So, what is Alpha Boost all about?

Who is it designed for?

How is it different to their other test booster?


Alpha Boost review


It seems like the product is sold exclusively through Amazon. This looks to be the case with most Invictus Labs LLC products.

This is a bit of a red flag for us; a company that doesn’t want to invest in their own storage or fulfillment is not one that believes in the long-term prospects of their company.

As such, most of the information in our Alpha Boost review needs to be pulled off the official Invictus Labs Amazon page.

According to the bottle, Alpha Boost is described as a “vitality booster”.

The picture on the bottle is an ape with a barbell over their neck, so we can assume that it is supposed to be a bodybuilding-oriented supplement.

Users of Alpha Boost are told that they can expect help with:

  • Stamina
  • Energy
  • Strength

The merchant page tells us that Alpha Boost “builds lean muscle” and that it does so “fast”.

We’re also told that it helps burn “belly fat”. Now, no supplement can specifically reduce belly fat. To reduce belly fat, you need to reduce overall belly fat.

These are usually big red flags for us.

There’s no such thing as non-lean muscle. Either your muscle looks full and bulky because of glycogen and water retention, it is hidden by fat, or it looks lean. The muscle itself is always lean.

You can’t burn fat in a particular area. To lose belly fat, you have to lose overall body fat.

Not only that, but these claims sound very similar to what they say about their other testosterone booster too.


But we wont hold these little lies against the marketing team.

Let’s take a detailed look at Alpha Boost’s formula, see what the doses look like, and evaluate the risks. We’ll write a short summary of the review at the bottom in case you don’t have time to read the whole thing.



Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Formula

Here is he Alpha Boost label showing the formula:


Invictus Labs Alpha Boost formula


Well, that is hugely disappointing.

We really tried to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, but clearly we’re dealing with a bunch of scam artists.


Major Issue – Not Unique – Scam!

Where to begin?

Well, for one thing, we’ve seen this formula before.

It is the exact same formula used by First Strike.

But much worse than that, we’ve seen this same formula before in an Invictus Labs product!

This is the same formula used in their other test booster, Supreme Test.

Absolutely outrageous!

We regularly see supplements using the same formulas.

By the same, we mean identical, down to the layout of the label.

This happens when people buy ready made, off-the-rack blends from wholesalers on a “private label” basis. That’s where the manufacturer doesn’t brand the product, but lets you put your branding on instead.

Lots of people will buy the same blend from the same wholesaler, and just apply their respective labels after the fact.

These blends are always cheap, full of stuff the wholesaler needs to get rid of, and badly put together.

But we never see a single manufacturer using the same formula across multiple products.

It shows such a brazen disregard for their potential customers that we doubt we’ll see this again.

We think these guys are just trying to take up more space on the Amazon “shelf” to maximize their sale,s but they don’t want to go to the trouble of, you know, finding a different formula.

So they’ve gone the much easier route and changed the picture on the label.



Don’t fall for it.


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Poor Ingredients

Many manufacturers hide behind proprietary blends because they say that they’re scared of intellectual property theft.

But we’ve never seen a high quality, effective formula copied by another manufacturer.

The only formulas we ever see duplicated across “different” brands are low quality, cheap, proprietary blends.

That’s what we have here.

Proprietary blends are garbage because, as explained above, they’re only ever used when someone has something to hide.

The ingredients in this blend are largely bogus too.


Wild Yam Alpha Boost terrible ingredients


If you think “wild” Yam Extract is going to make a big difference to your testosterone production, you’re sadly mistaken.

The same is true of Sarsaparilla. Not only is there no hard scientific evidence showing that this stuff boosts testosterone, but there isn’t even any anecdotal evidence.

We don’t even see people hyoing this stuff up on forums or health blogs. In fact, we only ever see it come up in discussion of these cheap and nasty formulas.

Using the same “store bought” formula again and again is one thing.

Using a totally useless formula across multiple products is a complete joke.


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Alpha Boost Review Summary – Stay Away From Supplement Scams

We hope you’ve at least skimmed through the main sections of this Invictus Labs Alpha Boost review.

We haven’t gone into too much detail with the formula, because we just didn’t need to – WE’VE COVERED THIS FORMULA BEFORE!

Unbelievably, these guys have used the same formula in both of their testosterone boosters.

They are clearly trying to take up more spaces on the Amazon “shelf”, maximizing their chances of making sales, without going to the bother of making a new product.

Much easier to just knock up a new label, right?

This is the same formula used by First Strike, so it is obviously a ready made blend bought on “private label” (unbranded) from a wholesaler.

It certainly looks like the usual cheap prop blends we see being offered for “private label” purchase.

It goes without saying that you can do better.

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