Infinite Labs Elevate Cyclo Test Review – Does It Work?

Cyclo Test






Value For Money



  • Contains some effective ingredients


  • Contains some utter joke ingredients - PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM?! SERIOUSLY?
  • Missing many of the 'standard' natural test boosters
  • Many ingredients do nothing for testosterone



Full Infinite Labs Elevate Cyclo Test Review


Cyclo Test is a natural testosterone booster produced and sold by Infinite Labs. It is part of their “Elevate Series”.

Every major supplement company seems to bring out different “series” these days. We think one probably did it to shake things up, and in big consumer industries like that, everyone else quickly follows.

That’s the only bit of industry bashing we’ll do in this Elevate Cyclo Test review.

This seems to be a serious bodybuilding supplement. It is sold on some of the biggest supplement merchant sites in the world.


Cyclo Test Review


According to the bottle, Cyclo test provides “anabolic support”.

It supposedly contains “university-researched key ingredients”, which, wait for it, “MAY support” the following:

  • Libido
  • Lean mass development
  • Bio-available testosterone

Pretty standard stuff as you can see. 

Some of the merchant pages selling this product also state that Elevate Cyclo Test can also:

  • Support healthy estrogen balance
  • Assist vasodilation
  • Increase oxygen uptake in muscles

Apparently this product has in part been developed by Heuer M.D Research. This is a clinical research facility headed up by Dr. Marvin A. Heuer, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.

We did some research into this guy, and what we found was very interesting. You can find a pretty scathing piece written on this guy here.

Providence aside, this sounds like a pretty interesting natural testosterone booster. It claims to work along multiple different pathways, and it is sold by some of the major bodybuilding supplement outlets in the US.

But does it live up to our expectations?

Or is it another over-hyped bogus T supplement?

How does Elevate Cyclo Test stack up against other natural testosterone support products available now?

Is it safe?

We’ll walk you through all of these questions in our full Elevate Cyclo Test review, which you can find below. We kick off by looking at the formula, before considering the dangers involved. Finally, we’ll tell you what we think of this product as a whole.

Elevate Cyclo Test Formula

Let’s take a look at the most important part; the formula:


Cyclo Test formula


After giving this a quick look-over, we aren’t particularly optimistic.

The Elevate Cyclo Test formula is largely composed of pretty useless ingredients, most of which lack hard, scientific evidence to back up their touted test boosting power.

One of the main ingredients has very thin scientific support, and seems to only be a libido booster when coupled with other potent free test boosters.

On the whole, this doesn’t look like a particularly powerful testosterone booster.

However, it does have some good points which need pointing out.



What We Like

Elevate Cyclo Test contains some good ingredients at very good doses.

For example, we get 10mg of Boron in each daily serving (from 200mg of Boron Citrate).

Boron is a regrettably under-utilized natural testosterone booster.

Boron has been shown to significantly increase both DHT and testosterone in the human body. For those that don’t know, DHT is another male sex hormone; it is short for dihydrotestosterone.

Boron has also been shown to decrease estrogen levels in the blood.

The active dose of Boron is somewhere between 3mg and 10mg per day.

We are seeing Boron included in more and more testosterone support supplements these days, and we’re very happy to see a god serving in Cyclo Test.


Fenugreek Extract Infinite Labs Cyclo Test ingredient analysis


We are also pleased to see a decent serving of Fenugreek Extract in Cyclo Test.

The form of Fenugreek Extract used in Cyclo Test is branded, which means it is standardized to a certain potency.

Fenugreek extract doesn’t seem to be a particularly potent free testosterone booster.

Some studies, such as this one, have found that a good quality Fenugreek Extract at 600mg per day has been able to boost free and total serum test levels. But others have found it sub-par, if effective at all.

However, Fenugreek does seem to be a reliable libido supercharger.

Adding some Fenugreek extract into a stack containing other potent test boosters can give your sex drive that extra jolt of energy it needs.



What We Don’t Like

Despite the good points highlighted above, we don’t think the Cyclo Test formula is very good overall.

It is absolutely full of ingredients that do not belong in a natural testosterone booster.

By that we mean ingredients that do not influence testosterone levels in any way.

Annoyingly, most of the useless ingredients in Elevate Cyclo Test have been given Latinate names, or formal chamical names. That has been done to make you think they are more interesting, more scientific, than they actually are. This is a dirty trick. You’ll see what we mean.

Take Indol-3-Carbinol for example.

You wont see this in many test boosters for a very good reason; nobody has ever suggested that it elevate testosterone synthesis or suppresses estrogen conversion.

Indol-3-Carbinol is produced in the body when we break down a substance called glucosinolate glucobrassicin, which is found in very high amounts in things like broccoli, collard greens, and cabbage.

It is currently being researched for potential anti-cancer properties, but so far the results seem to be very mixed. It is certainly a long way from being proven in humans.

It is not thought to have any real testosterone-promoting properties at all.

So why is it in here?

Seems like a very expensive waste of space.

So too is Tribulus Terrestris.

We find ourselves writing about this stuff all the time, and we hope eventually we don’t have to any more.

Numerous trials have been conducted on Tribulus and it has been found to be ineffective at elevating testosterone levels in every single one.

You might be able to find the odd study supposedly showing Tribulus as having some test promoting power. But the number of robust, peer reviewed studies disproving this stuff makes us pretty convinced.

There are a number of ingredients in here that we don’t think have any place in a serious, premium-grade natural testosterone booster.

We also get some N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine in every serving of Cyclo Test.

Or, to give it the name you will probably know it by, Melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone which makes you feel sleepy. It is produced in the pineal gland and released slowly from late evening into early morning.

Increasing melatonin levels before you go to sleep may well boost Growth Hormone levels, which would help you burn body fat and grow muscle mass.

But there is no reason to consume this stuff first thing in the morning.

It has no direct relationship with estrogen or testosterone.

Another confusing inclusion.


Cyclo test ingredients portobello mushroom


The most ridiculous offender in the way of useless ingredients, however, is without a doubt Agaricus Bisporus.

Or, to give this mushroom its more common name, the portobello mushroom.

That’s right; part of this stack is the common mushroom most people eat with their steak!

We can’t believe it either.

All-in-all, we’re not impressed.


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Cyclo Test Side Effects

Side effects are going to be few and far between here.

Consuming melatonin will make you drowsy, no doubt about that. So you may need to be very careful when you take Elevate Cyclo Test.

Indol-3-Carbinol seems to have some interaction with cell growth, so that is not something we think you should be messing around with. Certainly not until it is researched more and better understood – and certainly not until we see some potential benefits!

Tribulus terrestris is known to cause intestinal discomfort.

Again, with no potential benefits, putting yourself in the line of fire seems particularly stupid here.

If you do take Cyclo Test and experience side effects, stop taking it immediately and go see your doctor.

It is absolutely vital that you do not take the assurances of the manufacturer or other users as gospel truth. Just because a supplement is safe for one person doesn’t mean it’s safe for you. Talk to a doctor before proceeding and listen to their advice.


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Elevate Cyclo Test Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

If you’ve been through the whole Cyclo Test review up to this point, then you’ve probably already made up your mind.

But if you’ve just skipped to the summary, then you are probably just looking for a straight answer to the question “should I buy this stuff or not?”

In our opinion, the answer is no.

This stack is chock full of useless garbage that has absolutely no place in a testosterone booster.

The ingredients include portobello mushroom, melatonin, and tribulus terrestris.

Although roundly hyped up as the real deal, Tribulus has been shown in multiple clinical trials to do nothing at all for testosterone levels.

It does contain some good ingredients, but these alone don’t justify the price tag.

Other stacks contain these very same ingredients, but instead of useless garbage, they have more potent test boosters.

Better value and better results lie elsewhere.

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