HighT Senior Review – Ideal Product For Older Men? – Nope!

HighT Senior






Value For Money



  • Contains Boron
  • Contains fenugreek


  • Contains Vanadium which is all risk no reward!
  • Proprietary blend
  • Useless ingredients
  • No prostate support as far as we can tell
  • Sitosterol is just pointless



Full HighT Senior Review


HighT Senior is a natural testosterone booster designed for older men who may have lost a little bit of their ‘get up and go’ as they have gotten older.

HighT make a number of similar products, but they’re all supposedly designed for a slightly different purpose.

One, HighT Black, is meant to be for guys looking to gain an edge in the gym.

They also have a female libido booster (first one we’ve ever seen), caffeine free variants, and more.


HighT Senior Review


So what is HighT senior supposed to do exactly?

What do the manufacturers think older men need?

If we look at the box, we see that HighT Senior is more than a testosterone booster. It also provides, apparently, prostate support.

That is definitely something older guys in particular could use.

The product box also lists a number of specific areas that users can expect to see improvement in while using HighT Senior:

  • Sex drive & libido
  • Strength & stamina
  • Energy & vitality

We also see that HighT Senior is designed to provide “urinary flow support”.

If you’re over 50, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Clearly then, HighT Senior is designed specifically and exclusively for older guys.

There’s not much point in a younger guy paying for a product when it contains ingredients that help with prostate health and urinary flow.

While older guys can usually benefit from a good quality testosterone booster mainly designed for younger guys, it doesn’t look like younger guys would have much reason to use HighT Senior.

But if it can do all of the things it says it can, it will be great for men aged 50 and over who are experiencing the signs of low testosterone, poor urinary flow, and who worry about their prostate function.

The question is; does this stuff actually do what it says on the box?

Does HighT Senior do anything?

Can it actually support prostate function WHILE boosting testosterone levels?

Will it cause any nasty side effects? What are the long-term risks of using HighT Senior?

Is there a better option for older men looking to regain some vitality, strenght, and sex drive?

We’ll answer all of these questions in our thorough HighT Senior review, which you can find below. We’ll kick off, as always, by picking apart the formula. We’ll then give an overview of the side effect risks, before putting it all together in a short summary.

Please post all questions in the comments section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!



HighT Senior Formula

Let’s have a look at the HighT Senior formula:


HighT Senior formula


For such big promises, we expected better.

For one thing, we see something thought to have a high toxicity potential: Vanadium. More on this later.

The HighT Senior formula is a pretty broad vitamin and mineral blend stacked with a small proprietary blend.

Yep, another prop blend.

We hate proprietary blends. As we’ve explained many times before, they are only ever used to hide just how bad a formula is from prospective buyers.

Most manufacturers use their formulas as their biggest selling point.

They show their ingredient serving sizes on the box, and they boast about their generous doses whenever they can.

If they can do this without having their formulas stolen, then so can everyone.

So why do some manufacturers use them?


Because they don’t want you knowing what you’re really paying for.

Anyway, on with the review.

All proprietary blends are bad, but they’re not all the same. Some are clearly much worse than others.

So what about HighT Senior’s proprietary blend?



Small Blend Size

First of all, we have the problem of size.

This is common to pretty much every proprietary blend we see. It makes sense; if you weren’t hiding tiny serving sizes, why would you need to hide from the customer?

The HighT Senior proprietary blend is 1,300mg in size.

The blend contains a total of 9 ingredients.

Now, we are actually given a serving size for one ingredient in the blend: Phytopin Mixed Plant Sterols (B-Sitosterol), which is dosed at 250mg.

That means we have 1,050mg split between 8 ingredients, which gives us an average serving size of 131mg.

We don’t think every ingredient is dosed at 131mg.

But we do know that for any ingredient to be dosed above 131mg, another needs to be dosed below 131mg.

That isn’t great.

Many of the ingredients in HighT Senior are usually dosed well above 131mg.

There just isn’t enough formula to go around here.

Some ingredients must be dosed so low as to make them pointless to include.

This problem is made much worse, however, by the presence of totally useless ingredients.



Useless Ingredients – Small Blend Needs No Dead Weight!

The overstretched HighT Senior proprietary blend contains some total garbage.

A proprietary blend that is stretched for space does not need any dead weight.

This is especially true of ingredients that are usually taken in relatively large doses.

For example, look at Rhodiola Rosea.

This stuff is usually taken as an anxiolytic, which means that it reduces stress and anxiety.

That is of no use to us here; we want higher testosterone levels!


Rhodiola rosea HighT Senior ingredient analysis


Stress does reduce testosterone production, but that is a pretty weak route for a premium testosterone booster to take.

Now, rhodiola rosea is usually consumed in amounts exceeding 300mg.

Below that, and using it is pretty much a waste of money. You’re not going to get much out of it.

300mg in a formula with just 1,050mg to go around is a lot.

But 300mg of an ingredient that has no influence on testosterone?

Either this stuff may as well not be here at all, or it is taking up far too much space in an already overcrowded formula.


Unproven Ingredients – No Test Boosting Power

The HighT Senior proprietary blend contains some dud ingredients.

The one that jumps right out at us here is Saw Palmetto.

We see this stuff in proprietary blends sometimes, but never as a standalone ingredient.

We think it is a pretty obvious “filler”.

It has absolutely no proven testosterone boosting properties.

It doesn’t seem to influence testosterone production, estrogen conversion, or anything like that.

It doesn’t even seem to have secondary benefits for health and wellbeing, like Rhodiola Rosea does.

There are no studies showing it as doing very much of anything. In fact, there aren’t many studies even looking at this stuff in the first place!


Saw Palmetto HighT Senior ingredients


No anecdotal evidence, so forum hearsay.

In short…NOTHING.

The HighT Senior formula could easily be well over 50% Saw Palmetto.

In fact, of the 1,050mg unaccounted for, 1,049mg could feasibly be Saw Palmetto.

The manufacturer refuses to tell us otherwise, so that’s what we have to consider.

That represents very bad value for money, and there is 0 chance of anyone seeing a lift in their testosterone levels from supplementing Saw Palmetto and some vitamins.



What Is B-Sitosterol?

The main attraction here is obviously B-Sitosterol.

It is mentioned specially on the HighT Senior box, and it is the only ingredient in the prop blend to have its serving size stated.

So what is this stuff?

Can this turn the formula around?

Will this deliver all of the benefits promised by HighT Senior?

Not likely.

B-Sitosterol (the B stands for Beta) is a phytosterol found naturally in plants.

It has a chemical structure similar to cholesterol, as you can see:


High T Senior Sitosterol structure


Some natural sources include pumpkin seeds, peanuts, and, believe it or not, SAW PALMETTO!

If this is the mysterious active ingredient in Saw Palmetto that makes it effective, then we wonder why it has been included in its raw, wasteful form too.

Now, this is where we think some clever wording gets employed.

People often point out that cholesterol is necessary for the synthesis of testosterone.

This is true.

But this fact is then taken a step further: people claim that you need more cholesterol to produce more testosterone.

Cholesterol is necessary for the production of testosterone, but we need very little to make all the testostrone we need.

Cholesterol is synthesized in the liver, and the baseline circulating cholesterol level is about 70ng/dl.

This is more than enough to make all the hormones you need to be optimally healthy.

So you don’t need to consume any cholesterol at all in order to have healthy, even high testosterone availability in the blood.

But there is one thing we need to point out here.


Just because something is SIMILAR in structure does not mean it IS THE SAME THING.

Just because something looks like something on a chemical level does not mean it has similar properties.

As pointed out above, consuming extra cholesterol does not lead to higher testosterone levels. If that were the case, everyone who ate at McDonald’s on a regular basis would look like Phil Heath.

But even if it did, B-Sitosterol wouldn’t do you much good.



Prostate Support? Urinary Flow?

We can’t see any ingredients in HighT Senior that make us think this stack can help with prostate health, function, or anything else for that matter.

We can’t see much that might help with urinary flow.

On these two fronts, we think this stack is pretty weak.



Good Points?

With all that said, it is worth pointing out that HighT Senior contains some ingredients known to increase testosterone levels if used correctly.

Boron is an excellent natural testosterone booster.

If consumed in the right amount for a good length of time, Boron can help kick your testosterone levels back up to within their optimal range.

Fenugreek Extract is a potent libido booster. The extract used in HighT Senior is of a very high quality.

Fenugreek Extract doesn’t influence testosterone levels directly, but it does seem to increase sex drive in most men.

However, you need to take enough to get any benefit from either Boron or Fenugreek Extract.

We don’t know how much is in HighT Senior.

That’s a problem as far as we’re concerned.


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HighT Senior Side Effects – VANADIUM MAJOR RISK

There is a serious side effect concern in HighT Senior.

We see that the proprietary blend contains Vandium.

We have no idea why this element has been included, but it is a worry.

For one thing, even small doses of Vanadium are thought to be potentially toxic.

For another, there have been some suggestions that high levels of Vanadium in the blood are associated with bouts of mania and depression.

It is not an essential mineral.

You do not need to consume ANY vanadium.

It has no soundly proven benefits.


Vanadium HighT Senior side effects


Exposing yourself to these risks for potentially no benefit is insane as far as we’re concerned.

Apart from that, the ingredients are pretty benign on the whole.

The rest are almost all widely used, well understood, and thoroughly studied.

The only other ingredient we don’t usually come across is B-Sitosterol, and as explained above, this is pretty innocuous. It is found in abundance in tuna fish, peanuts, soy beans, and many other common food stuffs.

The others are commonly used in health supplements.

They aren’t known for their ability to boost testosterone levels, but they aren’t thought ot be dangerous either.

Please remember that this is not medical advice. We aren’t doctors.

It is vital that you get proper medical advice before using HighT Senior. If you have a pre-existing condition, your doctgor needs to knwo what you are taking. If you have chronically low testosterone, your physician may recommend TRT.

Don’t gamble with your health; get the advice of your regular physician today.


If you experience any side effects while using HighT Senior, stop using it, tell your doctor, and if possible, post your experiences below.


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HighT Senior Review Summary – Is It Worth It?

We’re heavily disappointed with HighT Senior.

For one thing, it contains Vanadium.

This element is thought to be potentially toxic, even in small doses.

High levels of Vanadium in the blood has been linked with episodes of mania and depression.

This substance is to be avoided as far as possible in our opinion.

The rest of the formula is simply a vitamin and mineral blend coupled with a pretty useless proprietary blend.

The most interesting ingredient, B-Sitosterol, is just a cholesterol-like substance found naturally in many plants.

Cholesterol intake doesn’t influence testosterone levels, despite what people may tell you. You need cholesterol ot make testosterone, but not a lot.

Many other ingredients have no influence on testosterone at all.

Of the ones that do, we can’t be sure of the effect they’ll have because we don’t know doses.

Since HighT have decided to withhold that information from us, we’re going to play it safe and assume it’s bad news.

If you want to see real results, we think you are much better off, and safer, checking out some of our current top rated testosterone boosters.

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