HighT Black Review – Is This Stack Legit?

HighT Black






Value For Money



  • Very confused formula
  • Looks more like a diet pill or pre-workout than a testosterone booster
  • Raspberry ketones are a total rip-off
  • Proprietary blends inherently problematic



Full HighT Black Review


HighT Black is a well-known natural testosterone booster. It has received a fair bit of attention since its launch, and it isn’t hard to find highly positive HighT Black reviews on most of the major bodybuilding forums.

So what is HighT Black supposed to do exactly?

How does it try to differentiate itself from the rest?


HighT Black Review


If you take a look at the box, you’ll see that it lists 4 key benefits:

  • Improved sex drive and libido
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • More nitrous oxide and muscle mass

All of these (except for nitrous oxide) are related to elevated testosterone levels. You will experience all of these if your test levels do indeed go up.

Nitrous oxide increase would have a number of benefits for a bodybuilder, such as increasing the pump and allowing for more nutrient delivery to muscle cells.

Increasing your nitrous oxide intake has generally good implications for health too, as it ‘greases the wheels’ of your circulatory system.

In general, these are good things for a natural testosterone booster to strive for (if not the only things they should strive for).

HighT Black is described on the bottle as a “hardcore formulation”.

We’ve sure heard this before. Very few supplements live up to this claim.

Will HighT Black?

There’s really onlt one way to find out. Let’s take a look at the HighT Black formula, with particular attention being paid to the ingredients and their serving sizes. Then we’ll look at how the ingredients work together, and what risks they pose to your health.

At the end of our full HighT Black review, we’ll tell you whether or not we’d recommend this supplement to any of our readers. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.



HighT Black Formula

Here is the HighT Black formula:


HighT Black formula


Right away we see some serious problems.

The HighT Black formula comprises 2 separate proprietary blends.

We see a large dose of caffeine.

We also have an ingredient that has no proven performance-enhancing properties, let alone any testosterone boosting ability.

This coupled with a pretty uninspiring vitamin and mineral stack equals a pretty low quality testosterone booster.

Let’s get into this in more detail. Here are the main issues broken down one by one.

We aren’t going to bother going through the vitamin and mineral stack because…well…because there’s not much to say. Zinc is a good addition to an otherwise potent stack, but it isn’t a standout test booster in and of itself. It’s more of a basic requirement.


Main Ingredients Are Pointless!

The 2 interesting ingredients listed separately in the formula have no effect on testosterone whatsoever.

Neither do they have an impact on libido, nor nitrous oxide production.

Caffeine does support physical performance. We all know that. Caffeine decreases the perception of fatigue, allowing you to train harder for longer.

It also improves focus, drive, and motivation. It increases mental energy, and some think it even has a fat-burning effect in and of itself (we doubt it).

But what has any of that got to do with raising free testosterone?

You know…testosterone…the thing that you’re hoping HighT Black can help you with?


Raspberry Ketones bogus ingredient HighT Black


Raspberry Ketones pose an even worse problem.

Raspberry Ketones are hyped up as a powerful fat burning agent. They are found in lots of pre-workouts and diet pills these days.

The problem is that in reality they do absolutely nothing.

They aren’t like the ketones found in your body; they are actually odour molecules that make raspberries smell so nice.

But at least they’re HYPED as weight loss accelerators.

Nobody is even claiming that they influence testosterone levels.

It seems that the makers of HighT Black got confused as to what it is their product is supposed to be doing.

If you want a pre-workout, then opt for a pre-workout.

If you want to throw your money away on ineffective diet pills, be our guest.

If you want a testosterone booster, look for a dedicated, focused, potent testosterone booster.

The two ingredients listed separately in HighT Black have absolutely no effect on free serum testosterone. One of them doesn’t do ANYTHING AT ALL!


Proprietary Blends

Proprietary blends really irritate us.

Manufacturers claim that they need to use them to protect their property, but countless supplements show each ingredient serving size right on the bottle and nobody rips them off.

There are two explanations: either 1) they are stupid cowards and they really believe they can’t reveal their formula without someone ripping them off, or 2) they want to hide some aspect of the formula from potential customers.

We think 2 is the most likely explanation.

But even if it is 1, their inability to compete is not our concern. We aren’t here to stoke the egos of manufacturers. We’re here to rate supplements so you know what’s what.

The HighT Black proprietary blends pose some specific problems.

The blend supposed to actually boost testosterone contains some ingredients that don’t work.

Tribulus Terrestris, for instance, has been shown in numerous clinical trials to have no effect on testosterone production.

In some trials, it has been found to be as effective for treating low testosterone as sugar pills.

Since we aren’t told the serving size, we’re forced to consider the possibility that 99% of the blend in question is composed of Tribulus Terrestris.

That would mean you’re paying good money for nearly 900mg of an ingredient that doesn’t work.



Why The NO2 Booster?

Earlier we talked a bit about how the HighT Black formula seems pretty confused.

It contains caffeine, which is really only of interest to people using HighT Black as a pre-workout.

It contains Raspberry Ketones, which are hyped as fat burners, and in reality are completely ineffective anyway.

Those aren’t things we look for in a natural testosterone booster.

Well, another area where this stack seems to be confused is the NO2 boosting blend.

Why would someone looking for a testosterone booster want to increase nitrous oxide output?

If you wanted something to enhance the pump you get in the gym, then there are plenty of supplements out there dedicated to doing just that.

But HighT Black says “testosterone booster” right on the bottle.

Increasing NO2 output is not what a testosterone booster is supposed to do.

That is not what most of the people looking at this stack are hoping to achieve.

We think it’s possible that HighT Black bought this formula ready made and just decided at the last minute to call it a testosterone booster.

Maybe they have no idea what the difference is between a pre-workout and a testosterone booster.

It certainly looks that way at least.


-The Risks Of AAS Use-


HighT Black Review Summary – Is It Any Good?

We skipped the usual “side effects” portion of our HighT Black review because quite frankly, we didn’t see the point in going on.

This stack might say “testosterone booster” on the bottle, but the formula tells a different story.

We have some ingredients useful for boosting nitrous oxide, some caffeine, a total scam ingredient usually used by diet pills, and a proprietary blend.

This proprietary blend contains some total garbage.

It could easily be over 90% Tribulus Terrestris, which has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be utterly impotent when it comes to raising free serum testosterone.

That’s right, the main blend in HighT Black, the small part of the formula actually dedicated to raising testosterone, could easily be 99% Tribulus Terrestris – a substance found in clinical trials to be as effective at raising testosterone as sugar pills.

If you want any kind of value for money, predictable effects, and noticeable results, you should stay well clear of HighT Black.

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