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  • Contains a good quality Fenugreek extract


  • Many ingredients dosed too low to work
  • Some ingredients do nothing
  • Some ingredients have no place in a test booster

GAT Testrol Gold ES Review


Testrol Gold ES is a natural testosterone booster from GAT Sport.

GAT Sport are a pretty serious supplement manufacturing outfit. They have a wide range of supplements on offer, almost all of which are bodybuilding-oriented.

So what is Testrol Gold ES all about?

Who is this supplement designed for?


Testrol Gold ES Review


It is described on the bottle as a muscle and male performance supplement. We are also told that it has “estrogen support”.

The official Testrol Gold ES merchant page states that users can expect:

  • Help build lean tissue/body mass
  • Enhance training performance
  • May help stimulate the body’s own production of free testosterone

Clearly then, Testrol Gold ES is designed primarily for young men looking to optimize their testosterone levels to help with muscle mass gain and athletic performance.

This is very much a supplement intended for natural bodybuilders and those of you who have a very intense training and work schedule that can rapidly deplete testosterone levels.

Of course, young users can still benefit from the libido-enhancing effects of elevating testosterone levels. But this is not a supplement explicitly designed for improving sex drive. It is a sports supplement first and foremost.

And that doesn’t mean older guys can’t benefit from the leveated testosterone levels (supposedly) provided by Testrol Gold ES.

It is just that the supplement has been designed with amateur bodybuilders and natural athletes in mind.

What we now need to decide is if this product can actually come good on all of these amazing claims.

What is in the formula?

Does Testrol Gold ES work as advertised?

Is it safe?

Is there a better option out there for maximizing testosterone levels, enhancing muscle growth, and burning body fat?

We’ll answer these questions below in our full Testrol Gold ES review. If you want, you can get a quick run-down in the review summary at the end.


Testrol Gold ES Formula

Let’s take a look at the Testrol Gold ES formula:


Testrol Gold ES Formula


That’s one busy formula!

We don’t like to see a formula that’s too sparse, but we also don’t like to see one that’s far too overcrowded.

Our first impression is that the Testrol Gold ES formula is way too busy for our liking.

A quick scan is all we need to know that these dosages are way too small to have a meaningful effect on muscle mass, fat loss, endurance, or indeed, free testosterone levels.

There just aren’t that many ingredients that can have a major impact at 100mg or so per day.

Many of these ingredients are also incredibly weak, while some are completely ineffective.

Some do have an effect on physiology, but not on hormone levels. Why they have been included in a testosterone booster is as much your guess as it is ours.

Let’s get into this in greater detail.

As always, we’ll divide the formula up into what we like, and what we don’t like, so you can get a more balanced feel for the product.


Main Benefits

Testrol Gold ES does contain some great ingredients which can have a positive influence on sex drive.

In each serving, we get 100mg of Fenugrek Extract.

Fenugreek Extract has been shown in robust clinical trials to significantly improve sex drive, sexual performance, and even some factors such as seminal count.

Many of these studies have found much better results with doses above 100mg per day. Yet we do think 100mg per day of a very high quality extract can deliver notable improvements in sex drive.


Fenugreek Gold ES ingredient Fenugreek


We also get some Mucuna Puriens per serving of Testrol Gold ES.

Mucuna Puriens is known to reduce cortisol production, improve sex drive, and encourage testosterone release.

We have a very good extract quality here; 15% L-Dopa is a much better than you will find in the vast majority of supplements out there.

However, again the dose used here is very small: just 100mg!

In our currnt top rated testosterone booster, we get 300mg of the same extract quality per serving. That’s something to keep in mind!

There is also plenty of zinc and magnesium in each serving of Testrol Gold ES.

Zinc and magnesium deficiencies are a common cause of low testosterone levels.

Dramatically increasing your intake of both of these minerals can immediately restore your testosterone levels to their natural range (assuming deficiency is the main reason for the decline).

However, these aren’t really particularly interesting ingredients. We expect every testosterone booster to provide zinc, and magnesium is fast becoming a standard ingredient too.

Neither of these substances will do much on their own, and they will only make a meaningful impact if you are deficient.

That’s it as far as the main benefits go. As you can see, even the best things about this supplement have serious downsides. Now let’s take a look at the main negative pointsd of Testrol Gold ES.

Main Drawbacks

As mentioned above, the problem of dosing effects even the best ingredients in Testrol Gold ES.

Unfortunately, that is not the most serious issue we see with this formula.

The most serious problem is the widespread use of totally useless ingredients.

By useless, we mean ingredients which have never been proven as natural testosterone boosters.

By useless, we mean ingredients that we have no reason to view as having an effect on free testosterone levels.


Tribulus terrestris Testrol Gold ES ingredients


For a prime example, take the main ingredient: Tribulus Terrestris.

Yes, we are sure you’ve seen this stuff before. It is used by many natural testosterone boosters.

It is actually taken by many amateur bodybuilders as a standalone supplement, or as part of a post steroid cycle therapy course.

Plenty of fitness bloggers and supplement manufacturers are very keen for you to believe that this stuff works.

But sadly, there isn’t a single independent, reliable, convincing scientific study showing TT doing what so many people say it can.

On the contrary; this study actually conclusively found that TT does nothing for testosterone production – NOTHING!

And this was when subjects were taking 450mg per day for 5 weeks.

Saw Palmetto, Damiana Leaf, Avena Satvia, DIM, Epimedium Extract; none of these ingredients are proven testosterone boosters.

They have clearly been included here to make the formula sound more extensive and more exotic.

That is certainly why the manufacturers have chosen to go with the Latin names instead of the more commonly known names:

Avena Satvia = Oats
Eurycoma Longifolia = Longjack
Epimedium Extract = Horny Goat Weed

Don’t the Latin names sound so much more impressive?

We think this kind of thing is a bit transparent and doesn’t reflect well on the manufacturer, especially when they try to pass oat off as something more impressive.

Another problem is the use of substances which do have an effect on your physiology, but an effect we aren’t looking for here.


Testrol ingredients review Ginkgo biloba


For example, Testrol Gold ES contains Ginkgo Biloba.

This stuff is commonly added to supplements designed to enhance memory function.

Indeed, there is a trove of scientific data supporting the idea that it does do this.

Yet why is this in a supplement marketed as a potent testosterone booster?

Are the manufacturers trying to just make people feel better in a handful of ways so they think their T levels must be on the rise?

Or are they just confused about what this supplement is trying to achieve?

The second option is hard to believe, because it says quite clearly on the bottle that Testrol Gold ES is about muscle, endurance, and male performance.

There’s no mention of memory anywhere, so why is Ginkgo Biloba here?


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Testrol Gold ES Side Effects

As all of the ingredients are dosed so low, side effects are fairly unlikely.

We can’t see anything that gives us serious cause for concern.

Most of the ingredients here are natural, safe, and well-tolerated.

However, no supplement is 100% safe.

With such a long ingredient list, Testrol Gold ES carries a relatively higher side effect risk than other supplements. That’s because there is a greater chance that you are allergic or sensitive to one of the extracts used here.

Remember, an ingredient isn’t necessarily safe because it is totally natural. Consuming a plant isn’t the same as consuming a purified extract; don’t believe us? Which do you think is stronger, chewing coca leaf or snorting pure cocaine? Exactly.

This is why it is so important that you talk to your doctor before you try a supplement like Testrol Gold ES.

You wont be used to consuming these things in extract form, and certainly not in such an extensive combination.

Book an appointment with your regular family physician and tell them what you are planning on using and why. If you have a genuine hormone problem, they may be able to provide better help than a supplement you bought online.


Testrol Gold ES Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

If you haven’t read our full Testrol Gold ES review, then we’ll try to give you a good summary here.

Basically, we don’t like this testosterone booster at all.

We really wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

The formula is so over-crowded that literally every ingredient is needlessly under-dosed.

The formula is full of totally unproven, ineffective ingredients.

The ingredient with the biggest dosage has actually been shown in clinical trials to do nothing.

The ingredients that actually do something have nothing to do with testosterone levels.

Fenugreek Extract may help with libido, while Ginko Biloba is a memory enhancer primarily useful to older people.

The former has a place in a testosterone booster so long as some other ingredients actually elevate testosterone levels.

The latter has no business here.

If you want to see an actual difference in your physique, stamina, and strength, then you should invest in a high quality testosterone booster that is backed by science rather than hearsay.

If you invest in a professional level, high quality testosterone booster, then you can optimize your own natural testosterone production and reduce estrogen conversion. That means treating the cause instead of just treating the symptoms.

Check out our current top rated supplements and see if any of those look right for you. All of them are backed by rigorous science and a lot of anecdotal data to boot.

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  1. David Storm

    I have been using GAT L-Arginne/Multi+Test/Testrol Gold ES for some time, and only have good things to say about the GAT line of products. Being a older guy(67) and having COPD to deal with, I truly feel the GAT Supplements do work well for me! I have tryed other brands that did do nothing for me..but by taking the GAT Brand Supplements, I sure do feel better!


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