We Are Fit Pro Test Boost Review

Pro Test Boost






Value For Money



  • Contains plenty of zinc and magnesium


  • Most of the ingredients do nothing for testosterone levels
  • Zinc and magnesium alone do not justify a premium price tag
  • Some ingredients carry side effect risks


Full We Are Fit Pro Test Boost Review


Pro Test Boost is a natural testosterone boosting supplement made by We Are Fit.

We Are Fit are something of a new kid on the block, but they are currently producing some very popular supplements.

Their current line includes supplements to support brain function, thyroid function, and now, hormone balance.

So who is Pro Test Boost for exactly?


Pro Test Boost Review


According to the official Amazon merchant page (run by We Are Fit), Pro Test Boost is designed to combat low test levels.

Specifically, Pro Test Boost is supposedly able to counter low energy levels and a decline in muscle mass which comes with low testosterone levels.

Pro Test Boost seems to be aimed at both older men struggling with low testosterone levels and at younger men looking to maximize muscle mass gains.

We Are Fit state that users can expect:

  • Shorter recovery time between workouts
  • Enhanced fat loss
  • More muscle mass
  • Greater energy levels

This all sounds great. We’d love a supplement that can actually deliver on all of these promises.

But does Pro Test Boost actually do any of these things?

Is it the powerful natural testosterone booster that We Are Fit claims it is?

Is it safe?

Is there anything better out there for meeting your goals?

Find out by reading our full Pro Test Boost review below. If you don’t have time to read the full review, then you can just skip to the summary at the end.


Pro Test Boost Formula

Here is the Pro Test Boost formula as it looks on the bottle:


We Are Fit Pro Test Boost Formula


The Pro Test Boost formula is vegetarian-friendly, and the capsule is made form vegetable cellulose. Vegetarians can therefore use Pro Test Boost.

There are some very unusual ingredients in this stack, as well as some really familiar names.

After giving the Pro Test Boost formula a quick glance, it doesn’t look like a particularly good supplement.

There are some serious issues with this supplement.

But of course, it’s not all bad. Here is a brief overview of the main positives and main negatives.


Main Benefits

Pro Test Boost contains plenty of Zinc; 200% of your RDI in fact.

Zinc deficiency is directly related to low testosterone levels. Zinc is necessary for the synthesis of Luteinizing Hormone, which stimulates the production of testosterone in the testes.

If your zinc levels are too low, which is true for most people, then increasing your zinc intake through supplementation will probably have a quick and significant effect on your testosterone levels.

It also provides a fair bit of magnesium. Magnesium has been found in clinical studies to greatly increase free serum testosterone levels. The 200mg in Pro Test Boost is more than enough; most top-end supplements deliver about 100mg.


Pro Test Boost ingredient zinc


Those are really the only two serious positives of this formula.

While both ingredients make good additions to comprehensive, high quality testosterone boosters, on their own they won’t make a big difference.

They are good supporting ingredients; not key players.


Main Drawbacks

As we said, there’s a lot more wrong with this supplement than there is right.

The remaining ingredients have never been shown to have serious androgenic properties, and none of them act as potent aromatase inhibitors.

Or to put it another way, the remaining ingredients in Pro Test Boost (that’s most of them) do nothing to raise testosterone levels.

For example, Horny Goat Weed is often said to raise testosterone levels.

It has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat things like erectile disfunction and a loss of libido, and you won’t have to look very hard to find a blog waxing lyrically about its benefits.

But as far as we know it has never been studied in human beings, and most of the trials looking at Horny Goat Weed at all have not measured for testosterone levels.


Horny Goat Weed Pro Test Boost ingredients


Similarly, Cissus quadrangularis has never been shown to increase serum free testosterone levels at all.

It has traditionally been used in Indian medicine as a cure for female sexual problems, such as a loss of libido or menopausal side effects.

To our knowledge, it has never been studied for its ability to raise testosterone production or reduce estrogen synthesis.

It does seem to be good for supporting joint health and mobility, as well as helping with the healing process, but we aren’t interested in that here.

We can go through the same story with Saw Palmetto Berries, Chrysin (which isn’t absorbed in the stomach at all), and Tribulus Terrestris.

The only ingredient which we think can sometimes help with libido, erections, and so on is Longjack Root. However, it needs to be dosed well above 50mg to be effective.

On the whole, the ingredients chosen by We Are Fit for Pro Test Boost could have been a lot better.


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Pro Test Boost Side Effects

There are a number of reasons to be wary of side effects while using Pro Test Boost.

For starters, Tribulus terrestris is increasingly being linked with potentially serious long-term side effect concerns.

In the short-term, at least one study has linked it with gynaecomastea.

The other ingredients in Pro Test Boost have some wide ranging consequences in terms of side effects.

For example, cissus quandrangularis can cause headaches, dry mouth, insomnia, diarrhea, and intestinal discomfort.

It is very important that you do thorough research into your own intolerances and allergies before using a product like Pro Test Boost. It contains many unusual herbal extracts that you aren’t used to taking. Talk to your regular doctor before using.


Pro Test Boost Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

There is a lot more wrong with this supplement than there is right. 

The fundamental problem is that it contains so many ingredients that do absolutely nothing for raising testosterone levels, reducing aromatase action, or anything of the sort. 

The only ingredients which have actually been scientifically proven to aid testosterone production are zinc and magnesium. 

While these are very good ingredients to have in a comprehensive test-boosting stack, they alone do not constitute a powerful testosterone boosting stack. 

Rectifying a zinc deficiency will make a big difference to your testosterone levels, but we expect a lot more from a serious supplement with a serious price tag. 

Ingredients like Horny Goat Weed and Chrysin are unproven as far as raising testosterone levels goes. Cissus quadrangularis isn’t even associated with improving hormonal balance; there isn’t even any anecdotal data that it does this, let alone scientific evidence. 

If you want meaningful results, then you need to use a more serious stack. Look for a testosterone booster with proven, powerful ingredients. 

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