ErgoGenix ErgoDRIVE Review – Does It Work?







Value For Money



  • Contains Vitamin D
  • Contains Boron


  • Most of the formula is bunk
  • Most ingredients lack any independent scientific proof
  • Best ingredients dosed quite low



Full ErgoGenix ErgoDRIVE Review


ErgoDRIVE is a natural testosterone booster currently enjoying a lot of attention. This is in no small part because it is currently featured on Amazon.

ErgoGenix aren’t a very well known manufacturing outfit at the moment. In fact, we only know the brand because we saw it being pushed on Amazon as a ‘featured product’.

But if you look at the website, you’ll see that they have quite an extensive range on offer.

However, you’ll also see that they sell their products exclusively through Amazon. This isn’t a disaster, but it does make us skeptical from the start.


ErgoDRIVE review


Anyway, let’s get back to ErgoDRIVE itself. What is this product supposed to do for you?

According to the official ErgoDRIVE webpage, this is a sports-specific testosterone booster. it claims to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased strength
  • More muscle mass growth
  • “Prevents tissue breakdown”
  • Maintenance of healthy testosterone/estorgen balance

The “prevents tissue breakdown” is a strange claim, one we rarely see referring to testosterone boosters today.

If you’re training to grow your muscles, then tissue breakdown is precisely what you want. Catabolism is terrible if constant and uncontrolled, but it is also the father of growth.

If you don’t break your muscles down at all, they will have no stimulus to grow back stronger while you recover.

But we assume ErgoDRIVE is designed to reduce tissue breakdown throughout the day.

The website also says that ErgoDRIVE “supports optimal male reproductive function”.

While not what most users will be looking for, we doubt there’ll be any complaints if this is true.

Higher testosterone levels will improve sexual appetite, as well as sexual performance.

This all sounds great.

The question is; how much of this can we believe?

Does ErgoDRIVE work at all?

Is it safe?

Can it compete with the best testosterone boosters on the market right now?

Find out by reading our complete, impartial, up-to-date ErgoDRIVE review below. We’ll start off, as usual, by looking at the ingredients, their doses, and the risks associated with them.



ErgoDRIVE Formula

Here is the ErgoDRIVE formula:


ErgoGenix ErgoDRIVE Formula analysis


Our first impression isn’t a good one.

The Vitamin D and Zinc are certainly good additions to a comprehensive testosterone booster, but they’re nothing to get overly excited about.

Big doses of vitamin D should really be a standard; most top-of-the-line stacks contain about 5,000IU.

There are a couple of fairly effective test boosters in here, but we don’t think many of you are going to get a lot out of them.

The bulk of this fomrula ia mde up of dud ingredients.

Let’s go through this in a little more detail.



What We Like

As mentioned above, the Zinc and Vitamin D stack is a good thing to have in a natural testosterone booster.

Vitamin D is an often overlooked test booster. In the body, it acts more like a hormone than a vitamin.

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels in the blood is known to help support higher testosterone levels. On top of that Vitamin D supports the normal function of the immune system, it increases calcium absorption, and much more.

A zinc defieicny is bound to cause low testosterone over a long enough period of time.

Many guys are actually deficient in zinc without realizing it.

Rectifying this deficiency can have an immediate, positive effect on your testosterone levels.


Vitamin D ErgoDRIVE ingredient analysis


We also get some Boron in ErgoDRIVE.

Boron is a great ingredient – it isn’t anywhere near as common as it should be, given its potential.

Boron reduces SHBG levels in the blood. That in turn reduces the rate at which you convert free testosterone to estrogen.

That means more free serum test.

The problem is that we only get 3mg of Boron in ErgoDRIVE.

Ideally we’d like to see twice that dose.


Fenugreek ErgoDRIVE ingredients


Fenugreek Extract can be a good addition to a formula, so long as there are actual, independently proven testosterone boosters in there.

Fenugreek Extract seems to be a more reliable libido booster than anything else.

Some studies have shown it to affect test levels, while others have shown that it doesn’t.

As such, we like to see Fenugreek only when coupled with good doses of ingredients known to actually infleunce testosterone itself, be it through estrogen reduction, production in the testes, or whatever.

But we don’t have good doses of potent, proven ingredients in ErgoDRIVE.


What We Don’t Like

As you will have probably noticed, many of the “positives” listed above aren’t free of caveats.

Many of them have serious downsides that make them hardly benefits at all.

But the real issue with ErgoDRIVE is the use of ingredients that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

ErgoDRIVE contains “purified” Shilajit.

The “purified” part doesn’t do us any good here, because Shilajit doesn’t affect testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, energy levels, libido.

To put it another way, Shilajit doesn’t do ANYTHING at all.

DIM is sold as an aromatase inhibitor, but we’ve never seen any evidence that it can actually do this.

Longjack Root Extract isn’t going to cure low testosterone.

While there is some evidence that it works, this evidence isn’t particularly convincing. We certainly don’t think it can make a big difference on its own.


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ErgoDRIVE Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

ErgoDRIVE isn’t in the same league as the top natural testosterone boosters on the market today.

It contains a few ingredients with potential for benefiting people with low testosterone.

But Boron is under-dosed, and Vitamin D is an absolute standard ingredient – it’s nothing to spend too long praising.

Fenugreek Extract might help your libido, but without any ingredients that actually influence testosterone itself, it’s never going to do a great deal.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty much useless.

The only saving grace is Boron, but even this is under-dosed.

If you haven’t had time to read the full ErgoDRIVE review, then suffices to say that we think you can get much better value for money elsewhere, not to mention better results. Check out our current top rated testosterone boosters and see if any of them might meet your needs.

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