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  • Literally just a few amino acids and Vitamin B3
  • Will have no effect on testosterone levels



ELITE TESTO is a natural testosterone support supplement produced by Elite Health.

Elite Health are an up-and-coming supplement manufacturer based in the UK. ELITE TESTO is made in the UK, and it is in the UK that it is mainly used. For now these guys are a small player on the scene, but they may well become much more widely known later on. 

So what is ELITE TESTO all about?

Who is it for?




According to the bottle, ELITE TESTO is an “extreme testosterone booster”. The directions on the bottle specifically reference “workout days”, so this supplement is clearly designed with very active men (such as amateur bodybuilders and MMA enthusiasts) in mind. 

We are told that using ELITE TESTO will give us:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Fast muscle recovery time
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved libido

This is the standard list of benefits we expect to see listed on a testosterone booster’s label. All of these things will result from increasing your free testosterone levels, so if a supplement doesn’t think it can deliver these things, then it really isn’t much of a natural testosterone booster. 

So this all looks great.

The only thing we need to figure out is, in any of this true?

Does Elite Health ELITE TESTO raise free testosterone levels?

Can it lead to enhanced muscle recovery, increase muscle gain, and boost your libido?

Is it safe?

Is there anything better out there for a similar price?

Let’s find out together. Below you will find our full ELITE TESTO review. We examine the formula, the doses used, and the probably side effects. If you don’t have time to read such a long review, you can skip to the summary at the end. 



Here is the ELITE TESTO formula:




Underneath the bar code you will notice that it says “100% Pure Testosterone”. Don’t be confused by this; ELITE TESTO contains no testosterone in any form. If it did, we wouldn’t be reviewing it here!


So, what to make of this formula at first glance.

Well, right off the bat we’re pretty disappointed with this formula. 

It seems to contain simple amino acids and Vitamin B3. 

This is not what we expect to see on the ingredients list of a modern supplement which claims to be a comprehensive testosterone boosters. 

We look for a good range of extracts, concentrates, amino acids and vitamins which have all been proven to positively affect testosterone levels in the blood. 

We sometimes also look for scientifically-proven libido enhancers, sleep aids, and so on (to help get things going). 

We never want to see a list of common, widely available amino acids which have little to nothing to do with free testosterone levels. 

Unfortunately, this is what we see when we look at the ELITE TESTO formula. 

As far as we’re aware, none of the ingredients in ELITE TESTO are associated with increasing free testosterone levels. 

The vast majority of these ingredients are simply amino acids which you can find at any health food or vitamin store for a few dollars per bottle. 

Instead of going on and on about how much we dislike this product, we’ll focus on the two central issues as far as we’re concerned.


Main Ingredients Don’t Boost T Levels

The main ingredients in ELITE TESTO are Arginine (present in two forms) and Citrulline. 

We’ve dealt with Citrulline very recently in another review. This amino acid is a popular addition to pre-workout supplements because of how much it increases the “pump”. 

Citrulline, when consumed, is absorbed and then converted in the kidneys to Arginine. 

So really, the three most prominent ingredients in ELITE TESTO are actually all Arginine if we just look at what ends up in the blood. 

As with Citrulline, Arginine is usually consumed by bodybuilders because it increases the “pump” you feel when doing higher repetition movements. 


ELITE TESTO ingredient arginine


The pump is simply when you force a large amount of blood into a muscle.

Arginine enhances the pump by improving blood flow. it does this by promoting vasodilation. That is, it encourages your blood vessels to pen up and to allow more blood to pass through. 

Enhancing a pump is a sure-fire way to accelerate muscle growth. Constantly inflating a muscle, forcing nutrient-rich blood into it, and stretching the fascia, will over months and years lead to greater gains in muscle mass.

However, it has absolutely nothing to do with elevating testosterone levels. 

ELITE TESTO claims to be able to increase muscle mass gains, but it implies that it does this by elevating testosterone levels.

There is not a shred of evidence that Arginine, Citrulline, or any other ingredient in ELITE TESTO is able to do so. 

What we have here is a supplement which tries to treat some symptoms of low-T (slow muscle gains) instead of actually addressing the problem. That isn’t fair to the customer.

The other ingredients are just as useless.

A great example here is the 10mg of Vanadyl Sulfate we get in each serving of ELITE TESTO.

This stuff is a derivative of Vanadium; an inorganic compound. Researchers have looked at Vanadyl Sulfate from a sports nutrition perspective for a long time, but they are yet to find it as having an effect on weight loss, muscle growth, endurance, or physical performance in any way.


No Proven Test Boosters

So on the one hand, we have the main ingredients in this formula all being totally useless as far as actually promoting high testosterone production goes.

They may help you achieve a bigger pump in the gym, which in turn will help with muscle gains in the long-run, but they wont have any effect on your testosterone levels. 

Pretty shocking for a test booster.

But it gets worse.

On the other hand, we have a total absence of scientifically proven testosterone boosters.

Today we are aware of a long list of herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, and nutrient concentrates that are all capable of significantly raising testosterone levels. 

We know many testosterone boosters that are safe, reliable, available, and reasonably cheap to source (for a supplement manufacturer charging premium prices anyway).

Yet ELITE TESTO doesn’t contain any of them. 

There’s no Luteolin, for example.

No Nettle Root Extract.

No Vitamin D.

No Zinc, no boron, and no magnesium. 

These aren’t obscure ingredients; they’re found in many of our most highly rated testosterone boosters today.


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ELITE TESTO Side Effects

As we’re talking about a supplement that is pretty much just amino acids and B3, we’re never going to be too concerned about side effects. 

There isn’t anything in ELITE TESTO which makes us particularly worried as far as adverse effects go. 

That said, you always need to be careful when consuming supplements like this. ELITE TESTO contains amino acids in doses that you may not be used to consuming them in. The fact that you are taking them all in one dose in a concentrated capsule form slightly heightens the risk of adverse effect if you are sensitive.

If you experience any side effects whatsoever from using ELITE TESTO, then stop using it right away and talk to your doctor ASAP.

Please note that Arginine significantly increases blood flow. If you have any conditions which might make this dangerous (heart conditions, blood disorders, etc) then please talk to a qualified health professional before continuing to use any product high in Arginine.


ELITE TESTO Review Summary – Should You Use It?

If you’ve read our full ELITE TESTO review, then you’ll know full well that we’re less than impressed with this supplement. 

It contains amino acids that can help improve blood flow, helping you achieve a better “pump” in the gym, but that’s about it. 

None of the ingredients can do anything for free testosterone levels. 

This is another example of a supplement trying to trick people into thinking it’s effective by giving you some quick fixes to some problems that arise from having low testosterone levels. 

If you’re serious about boosting your free serum test levels, then ELITE TESTO isn’t what you’re looking for.

If you want a supplement that is mostly Arginine and Citrulline, then you can get supplements containing just these ingredients for a much lower cost than ELITE TESTO.

To see some serious results, invest in a professional quality natural testosterone booster.



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