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  • Proprietary blend full of bogus ingredients
  • Only useful ingredient is Milk Thistle, and that is only good for PCT


dub MUSCLE Review


This is a fairly new product on the market. It isn’t very well known, and as such there aren’t many objective dub MUSCLE reviews out there. That’s why we’ve done this dub MUSCLE review; so you get the information you need to make the right decision. 

Without question, dub nutrition are small-time players as far as supplement manufacturing goes, but they are obviously serious about changing that. 

They currently just have three products on offer; a fat burner, a kind of longevity-promoter, and a testosterone booster.


dub MUSCLE review


Yet they are obviously pouring money into their social game and their branding, so they seem to think they’ll be around for a little while. That’s always a good sign. 

According to dub nutrition, dub MUSCLE is “the most advanced lean muscle formula available on the market today”.

They make some fairly bold claims about their product on the official website: “dub Muscle is firstly and most importantly designed to protect your existing muscle tissue, and secondly to create an optimum environment for the addition of new muscle tissue.”

Obviously then, this is first and foremost a bodybuilding supplement. It does not sound like it has been designed with older guys in mind. 

It is important to note that the manufacturers say that the main goal of dub MUSCLE is facilitating a better physique.

The main stated goal is therefore NOT RAISING TESTOSTERONE LEVELS. 

We’ll state that again differently; most supplements aim to raise test availability, which will in turn improve musculature and body fat balance. dub MUSCLE does not. It aims for the latter first and foremost. 

Indeed, dub nutrition say that they aim for physique enhancement through 5 key pathways:

  • Ensuring proper circulation
  • Increased anti-oxidant activity
  • Increased athletic endurance
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Liver support

From looking at these benefits, we suspect this is not going to turn out to be a testosterone booster at all. 

Rather, it looks like a supplement designed to help guys currently implementing post cycle therapy (PCT). That is, it looks like a supplement made for guys coming of a steroid cycle. 

But, we’ll find out how this plays out in reality when we come to looking at the formula. 

So, let’s get to it. Here is our full dub MUSCLE review. We’ve done a short summary at the end in case you don’t have time to read the whole thing. If we’ve missed anything, or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below!


dub MUSCLE Formula

Here is the dub MUSCLE formula:


dub MUSCLE formula analysis


What’s the first thing we notice here?

That’s right; the proprietary blend.

We are told the individual serving sizes of a few vitamins here, but all of the interesting ingredients (the ones that are actually supposed to make a meaningful difference to your physique and performance) are lumped together in a big prop blend. 

We don’t know what their individual doses are.

Why is this a problem?

Well, the effectiveness of any substance is intrinsically tied to its serving size. A substance might be absolutely amazing for raising free testosterone levels at one dose, but useless at another. 

Take testosterone itself. Injecting 0.1ug of testosterone cypionate into your blood is not going to raise your testosterone levels. 

Using 500mg/week of testosterone cypionate is going to make an enormous difference to your testosterone levels. 

So obviously, dosage is important, but we just aren’t given that information here. As such, it’s very hard to gauge how useful this formula is going to be. 

Why is this done?

Quite frankly, we think it’s always done to hide just how bad the formula is in reality.

A formula looks better when it is just a list of exotic sounding substances. If a customer could see that some of the most interesting ingredients are dosed at 0.1mg, they wont be quite as impressed.

We don’t know that this is happening in the dub MUSCLE formula, but then we don’t know that it isn’t either.

We wish the manufacturer didn’t force us, as reasonable, thinking creatures, to consider the worst case scenarios. If they just told us the individual ingredient serving sizes we wouldn’t need to!

But anyway, what about the dub MUSCLE formula itself?

What are the main benefits and downsides, aside from the prop blend of course?


Main Benefits

The only real benefit we can see in this ingredient list is the presence of Milk Thistle.

As stated above, it seems that dub MUSCLE is desitgned at least in part for guys running a PCT cycle.

If you’ve just stopped a steroid cycle, then Milk Thistle is probably going to be a very useful weapon to keep in your arsenal.

This stuff is best known for an incredible detoxification agent. The evidence here is a little thin in reality.

But the evidence is very strong when it comes to Milk Thistle’s ability to reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and act to protect both the liver and kidneys from stress-damage.


dub MUSCLE ingredients Milk Thistle


Steroid cycles place an enormous strain on your liver and kidneys, especially if you use an oral steroid like dianabol, or very strong compounds like trenbolone.

Adding Milk Thistle into your supplement regimen both while on cycle and immediately after will help mitigate the damage these very powerful and dangerous drugs do to your body.

We are by no means advocating the use of steroids here, nor are we saying that Milk Thistle will keep you safe and healthy if you use AAS. It is simply known to help. Steroids are incredibly dangerous; only very experienced, serious athletes who know the dangers and have access to incredible medical care should even consider using them.

That this stuff has been included in a stack designed for potential PCT use is a good point indeed.

Of course, Milk Thistle is only useful if there of enough of it in a given stack.

We don’t know how much is here, so whether or not it will benefit you is pure guess work.

If you think you need to introduce some Milk Thistle into your stack then we recommend just buying a generic Milk Thistle extract from a health store; they’re widely available, good quality and cheap.

Main Drawbacks

The main drawback is, we’re sorry to say, everything else.

Apart from the inclusin of Milk Thistle, there isn’t anything about this formula that makes us think it is worth using.

None of the remaining ingredients are known to elevate free testosterone levels in the blood.

None of the remaining ingredients are known to improve physical performance in any way.

There isn’t even anything in here that we think might help improve your physique.

This is really surprising and incredibly disappointing.

As we said, most low-quality testosterone boosters will treat the symptoms of low testosterone production, not test output or estrogen conversion itself.

That’s because simply boosting energy, libido and muscle retention is easy.

Realistically, if you want to maximize muscle mass retention and improve stamina in the gym, you could just consume leucine on a regular basis and drink more coffee.

Kicking your test production up a notch is much harder.

But dub MUSCLE doesn’t even seem to treat the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Saw Palmetto does nothing for energy, libido, or strength.

Tribulus terrestris does nothing for muscle mass or sex drive.

Chrysin doesn’t do much of anything.

In our opinion, MUSCLE is a totally useless stack, incapable of delivering any of the benefits claimed by dub nutrition.

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dub MUSCLE Side Effects

We don’t think side effects are a serious concern for anyone using dub MUSCLE.

There aren’t any ingredients in here that we think present a serious risk to your health.

There are some concerns regarding Tribulus terrestris use and longevity.

There are some people who suspect that this ingredient might lead to an increased risk of your children developing birth defects, so until more research is done, stay away if you’re trying to have children!

Other risks associated with Tribulus Terrestris use include headaches, nausea and insomnia.

As with any prop blend though, we can’t say for certain that this supplement is safe and side effect free. No supplement is 100% safe for everybody.

You might have unusual sensitivities or allergies that make this supplement highly unsuitable for you. 

It is absolutely vital that your doctor knows what you are planning on putting in your body, just in case something very bad happens. Talk to a doctor before using dun MUSCLE – do not gamble with your health!


dub MUSCLE Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

All things considered, we don’t think this is a good option for anyone serous about raising their testosterone levels by any appreciable amount.

It simply doesn’t contain any ingredients known to increase free serum test availability.

Sure, it contains some ingredients that have been said to increase testosterone levels.

But a manufacturer’s claims are very different to what we see happening in the lab.

If you want to see real results, you will be much better off choosing a natural testosterone booster which uses nothing but ingredients proven in clinical settings to improve testosterone production, lower estrogen conversion, and correct any deficiencies you might have.

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