Diesel Max Review – Have Sano Nutrition Produced A Winner?

Diesel Max






Value For Money



  • Side effects will be mild for most


  • Same tired old formula we see all the time
  • Useless ingredients
  • Lack of scientific proof across the board



Full Sano Nutrition Diesel Max Review


Diesel Max is a testosterone booster currently enjoying a lot of attention online.

There aren’t many Diesel Max reviews out there, but since this product has so much visibility on Amazon, we think this will change soon.

So what is Diesel Max all about?

Who is it for?


Diesel Max Review


Diesel Max makes the standard claims as every other generic testosterone booster sold primarily through Amazon.

If you look at the bottle, you’ll see the standard three buzzwords:

  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Stamina

The branding leaves no doubt that this stack is designed primarily for young guys looking to maximize performance in the gym.

The online merchant page also gives us a longer list of benefits superimposed onto a guy who has supposedly been using Diesel Max:


Sano Diesel Max claims

Now, we don’t need to tell you that a natural testosterone booster will not get you a body like that.

To look like that guy, you need to put in lots of hard work over the course of years, stick to a very strict diet, and for most of you, inject yourself with testosterone.

That’s enough time looking at the branding and marketing.

You’ve come to this page for a Diesel Max review, and we’re going to give you on.

Does the Sano Diesel Max formula walk the walk?

Are there any serious side effect risks?

How does Sano Diesel Max compare to our current top rated testosterone boosters?

Read our detailed Diesel Max review to find out. Below, you’ll find an analysis of the ingredients, the doses, and the major risks. If you have any questions, just post them in the comments section and we’ll get back to you asap.


Sano Diesel Max Formula

Here is the Diesel Max formula:


Diesel Max formula analysis

Theres nothign special going on here.

We’ve seen these ingredients countless times before, although we wish we hadn’t.

We’ve seen these ingredients in a similar combination plenty of times before.

Unfortunately, we don’t think the Diesel Max formula is able to deliver on its promises.

This is a pretty poor formula, all things considered.

There are a couple of positives worth pointing out. But they are very small consolations.

Overall, the Diesel Max formula is very sub standard (although par for the course these days).

Let’s go through this in more detail.


What We Don’t Like

The vast majority of the ingredients used by Diesel Max are totally worthless in terms of raising your free serum testosterone.

Take Yohimbe Bark Extract, for example.

This stuff has been a staple ingredient in natural testosterone boosters for years.

It is commonly found in on-cycle support supplements, as well as in post-cycle therapy (PCT) stacks.

But there isn’t any hard scientific proof that it really works.

Instead, this ingredients reputation seems to be built entirely on old wives’ tales and clever PR from supplement manufacturers.

In fact, there is some evidence that Yohimbe can work AGAINST your goals.

In this study, healthy young males were given Yohimbe (0.4mg/kg body weight). Astoundingly, the researchers found that “in comparison to placebo conditions, both the social stress test and the administration of yohimbine were followed by significant increases of anxiety symptoms, plasma cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure in both groups.”

The participants actually got a spike of cortisol – the testosterone-killing stress hormone!

We’ve never seen any evidence that Yohimbe increases free serum testosterone.


Diesel Max ingredients Yohimbe bark extract


The same is true of Horny Goat Weed.

We think people must believe this stuff boosts testosterone because it has “horny” in the name.

There is honestly no other explanation.

There’s certainly no good reasont o think Horny Goat Weed improves testosterone availability.

If you know of a robust scientific study showing that Horny Goat Weed boosts T levels, then please let us know!

We can go on and on with the ingredients here, but you get the point.

We don’t like paying for any dead weight in a formula.

We certainly don’t like paying good money for a formula that is MOSTLY dead weight.



What We Like

There aren’t many saving graces here.

The only thing that we think can be said to be a positive is the inclusion of 40mg of Zinc.

Having a zinc deficiency is one of the fastest ways to have your testosterone levels plumment.

Zinc is a vital part of the testosterone synthesis process.

It is a sorry fact of modern life, however, that most guys don’t consume anywhere near enough zinc.

It is found in abundance in things like seeds, nuts, and seafood – things your average western guy eats maybe once a month in any appreciable amount.

Some guys will actually have lower testosterone levels than they could have solely because of a severe zinc deficiency.

Rectifying this can put your T levels back up to where they should be in no time.

However, zinc is an absolutely standard ingredient in testosterone boosters today.

It is something we expect as a bare minimum.

It also doesn’t have that much power. Rectifying a zinc deficiency is an important first step in maximizing testosterone levels, but it doesn’t have any punch after that.


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Diesel Max Side Effects

The one good thing about Diesel Max is that it looks unlikely to cause anyone serious side effect problems.

The ingredients used in Diesel Max are all thought to be generally safe for human consumption.

They are widely used, and few users report experiencing side effects.

The only exceptions here are Tribulus Terrestris and DIM.

Tribulus Terrestris has been known to cause some side effects. They are rare, but notable. They include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Constipation

Tribulus terrestris has been shown in multiple studies to be totally ineffective for raising testosterone levels.

If it was incredibly potent, then risking some stomach problems might be worth it.

But it isn’t effective, so why take these risks?


Diesel Max side effects DIM backfire


DIM is thought to be an effective aromatase inhibitor.

Aromatase inhibitors prevent the enzyme (aromatase) that converts estrogen into testosterone from forming.

The problem is that there is reason to believe that excessive amounts of DIM can INCREASE aromatase activity.

The dose needed to encourage estrogen conversion is not well established, but you need to be aware that DIM is also found in lots of foods like broccoli and leafy green vegetables.

You should be eating lots of these, so supplementing with DIM seems unnecessarily risky.

In any case, you need to do your own research here.

Be mindful of your own pre-existing conditions and allergies.

Everyone is different. What is perfectly safe for one man may not be for another.

If you think you have chronically low testosterone levels, then a doctor may prescribe TRT to you.

If you do experience any side effects while using Diesel Max, please share them below so other readers know what to expect!


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Diesel Max Review Summary – Worth A Try? Not In Our Opinion!

After looking at the ingredients, we wouldn’t recommend this testosterone booster to anybody.

If you haven’t read our full Diesel Max review, then we recommend you go back and do so.

Our main issue with Diesel Max is that very few of the ingredients actually do anything.

The only two that have appreciable properties backed by science are zinc and Fenugreek Extract.

The rest are just hyped up herbal extracts that have no scientific backing whatsoever.

The main ingredient has even been conclusively proven to have no effect on testosterone levels.

Not a good option for anyone wanting some bang for their buck.

Not a good option for anyone wanting to see a real difference in their free serum testosterone!

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