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  • Minuscule proprietary blend
  • Could be 99% daisy leaves
  • Ingredients are laughable



Full BPI Sports A-HD ELITE Review


A-HD ELITE is an extremely popular testosterone booster from BPI Sports.

These guys don’t need much in the way of an introduction; they are easily one of the biggest, most popular, and enduring bodybuilding supplement manufacturers in existence. Their products are everywhere, and whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen their distinctive blue, white and black packaging a bunch of times.

But we’re not here to talk about BPI. We’re here to do a full A-HD ELITE review.




So what is this stack all about?

What is it supposed to do exactly?

All BPI Sports products are bodybuilding and sports supplements.

A-HD ELITE is no different.

According to the official A-HD ELITE page, this testosterone booster delivers the following central benefits:

  • Supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Promotes a leaner, more muscular physique
  • Increases stamina
  • Increases libido

The last three benefits would all follow from the first.

That is, if A-HD ELITE can help keep your testosterone levels high, despite a grueling work and training schedule, then you will see improvements in libido, strength, and stamina.

If you think you have low testosterone for other reasons (age, genetics, diet, etc), then getting your T levels back to within a healthy range will also lead to more muscle mass gain, enhanced sex drive, and so on.

There is also mention of promoting a healthy balance between testosterone and libido.

So this all sounds great. The question is, does any of it actually mean anything?

Are these empty words, or can A-HD ELITE really do all of these things?

Is BPI Sports A-HD ELITE safe?

How does it compare to the best testosterone boosters on the market right now?

We’ll start by looking at the formula in more detail, examining the ingredients and the doses BPI have used. We’ll look at any known side effect associated with these ingredients, before taking a quick look at what other people are saying about A-HD ELITE.

If you read the full A-HD ELITE review and you still have questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.



BPI Sports A-HD ELITE Formula

Let’s have a look at the actual A-HD ELITE formula and see if it supports the claims made on the box:


BPI Sports A-HD ELITE formula


First impressions are not good.

We’re not going to beat about the bush here; we are not impressed with this formula.

The big bodybulding supplement manufacturers always seem to be a little behind the curve when it comes to testosterone boosters.

Clearly this is the case with BPI Sports.

The A-HD ELITE formula is just a small proprietary blend containing a number of rather confusing and decidedly useless ingredients.

The box tells us that this supplement is “double strength”.

We aren’t sure whether this is an attempt at sarcasm, but we don’t find it funny.

Other stacks have single ingredients dosed at more than twice the total A-HD ELITE blend size.

Yes we get some zinc, but we aren’t going to bother calling that a benefit since the rets of the formula is so disappointing.

If you want a basic 100% RDI zinc supplement, go to your local health food store and pick one up for $10.

Anyway, let’s get into this in more detail.


Main Issue – Minuscule Proprietary Blend

Excluding the zinc, the entire A-HD ELITE formula is 500mg.

That’s 500mg total, split between 5 ingredients.

That means that for every ingredient dosed above 100mg, there is one dosed below 100mg.

Now, to give you some perspective, many stacks have single ingredients dosed well above 500mg.

Our current top rated stack, Prime Male, contains D-Aspartic Acid, which is dosed at 1,600mg per serving. On top of that, it contains a variety of other known testosterone boosters.

Now, we hate proprietary blends at the best of times.

They are only ever used to hide how bad a supplement really is from potential buyers.

But a proprietary blend with an average serving size of 100mg per ingredient?!

No thank you.

This would be bad enough in and of itself, but the fact that the blend is made up almost entirely of bogus, ineffective ingredients really is the icing on the cake for us.



Major Issue – Poor Ingredients – Daisy Extract? Seriously?!

The BPI Sports A-HD ELITE blend is almost exclusively composed of benign plant matter and unproven, “traditional” aphrodisiacs.

Look at Montanoa Tomestosa Extract for a prime example.

Montanoa Tometosa is a flowering plant in the daisy family.

Yes, A-HD ELITE contains daisy extract.


Daisy leaves BPI Sports A-HD ELITE ingredient analysis


Now, some people believe that this stuff works as an aphrodisiac.

Some studies have actually found that administering Montanoa Tomestosa to rats exerted a pro-ejaculatory response.

In the words of the study’s authors: “Systemic administration of the aqueous crude extracts of Montanoa tomentosa exerted a pro-ejaculatory effect and produced an increase in the number of discharges in the ejaculatory motor patterns in the spinal rats.”

Basically, the rats got more erections and ejaculated more often.

Now, we don’t mean to rain on this parade or anything, but let’s look at this for what it is.

A single study has found that Montanoa Tomestosa made some rats ejaculate more often.

For one thing, adult human males are not rats.

For another, we aren’t sure how much Montanoa Tometosa the researchers were using here.

Finally, we aren’t sure if more frequent ejaculations is what you’re looking for if you’re looking at A-HD ELITE.

A-HD ELITE is sold as a bodybuilding supplement. It is a testosterone booster which claims to help with your muscle growth, stamina, and sex drive.

It doesn’t say it is designed to make you cum more often.

As far as we can tell, there isn’t a shred of evidence that Montanoa Tometosa has any effect on testosterone at all.

Nor does it seem to have any effect on estrogen.

We have no idea how much Montanoa Tometosa we get in each serving, but we know that we get both leaf and plant parts.

That means that A-HD ELITE could easily be 90% or more of daisy leaves.

Does that sounds like a good investment to you?

Would you pay $30 for some daisy leaves?

We wouldn’t either.

The other ingredients aren’t much better. Here is a quick breakdown of what these exotic-sounding names really mean:

Chenopodium album extract – Commonly called “lamb’s quarters’, cultivated in India, can be eaten as a leaf vegetable, Widely considered a weed.

Caesalpinia benthamiana extract – Used in African traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac and treatment for erectile dysfunction. Works sporadically by boosting nitrous oxide production, increasing blood flow to the penis. No effect on hormonal parameters at all.

Curcuma longa – Tumeric. Literally, this is Tumeric. You know Tumeric; it’s the spice readily available from most supermarkets, found in abunadance in Indian food and sold as a standalone capsules from health food stores. Tumeric has many health benefits, but it has nothing to do with testosterone.

Trichopus zeylanicus extract – An incredibly obscrue berry native to India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Very few studies exist on this one. Some aphrodisiac properties have been noted https://examine.com/supplements/trichopus-zeylanicus/ at doses of about 1,200mg (for a 150lb person).

Since we’re dealing with a proprietary blend, any one of these ingredients could make up 99% of the blend and we’d have no idea.

So, do you think you are wiloing to pay $30 for 499mg of Tumeric?

How about 499mg of Daisies?

Or an obscure berry that has almost no scientific backing?

Us neither.

Some manufacturers don’t like this kind of guessing game, but we have to consider the worst case scenarios. We have every right to consider what is possible. If they want us to not consider the extreme cases, they should tell us what the serving sizes are.


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A-HD ELITE Side Effects

It’s really hard to talk about side effects here, since we have absolutely no idea what doses we’re dealing with and many of these ingredients are as new to us as they are to you.

This isn’t medical advice, but we’re going to go ahead and speculate.

We think it’s likely that the bulk of the A-HD ELITE formula is taken up by the cheapest, most benign ingredient: Tumeric.

This would make the most sense. Why else would BPI Sports be using a proprietary blend?

But it is possible that any of the ingredients could be dosed as high as 499mg, and that possibility needs ot be taken seriously.

As far as we can tell, the ingredients are not associated with any serious health risks.

If they were known to cause acute damage at doses below 500mg, then we’re sure BPI wouldn’t be using them.

But some of them really haven’t been studied enough to give a conclusive answer here.

We are not familiar enough with them to give you advice here.

We urge you to talk to a qualified health professional before you continue.

It is absolutely vital that you talk to a real doctor before you use this stuff. As far as we know these herbal extracts aren’t widely used as extracts, so we can’t comment on long term health risks. Your doctor needs to know what you are planning to take.

If you actually have a serious problem with testosterone production, your doctor may recommend TRT.


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What Are People Saying About A-HD ELITE?

Here is a selection of A-HD ELITE user reviews and customer feedback reports.

We aren’t endorsing any of these in particular. We just want to give you a range to check out:



A-HD ELITE Review Conclusion

If you have skipped the full A-HD ELITE review, then you probably just want us to tell you whether or not you should buy it.

Well, if you want to see real results, then we think you can do much better than A-HD ELITE.

If you want value for money, then you want to stay well clear of this stack.

You could easily be paying $30 for 499mg of Tumeric and some daisy leaves.

Maybe not, but since the manufacturer is choosing not to tell us either way, we’re forced to assume the worst.

Other manufacturers take pride in their formulas.

They tell you what doses you are getting for each ingredient.

Such a product is always a better bet in our opinion.

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