Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0 Review

Test Booster 1.0






Value For Money



  • Contains reasonable serving of D-AA
  • Good servings of Vitamin D & Zinc


  • DHEA isn't something to play around with
  • Not a natural testosterone booster as it uses exogenous hormones
  • Side effects a serious concern
  • Tribulus terrestris not effective


Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0


Blade Nutrition is a little-known supplement manufacturer, yet their natural testosterone booster, Test Booster 1.0, is really making a name for itself.

Blade Nutrition is now regularly listed alongside some of the biggest, most well-known supplement brands in the rankiongs of the best natural testosterone boosters on the market.

But it’s often difficult to know if you can trust these rankings when the same site actually sells those supplements itself. So, we’ve done our own impartial Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0 Review.


Test Booster 1.0 Review


First of all, who is this supplement designed for?

According to Blade Nutrition, Test Booster 1.0 is made for people looking to make gains in strength and size.

Users are promised the following key benefits:

  • More muscle growth
  • Increased strength
  • Elevated testosterone levels
  • Better estrogen balance

Test Booster 1.0 supposedly works along multiple pathways. So we expect to see more than just vitamin and mineral deficiencies being fixed here.

We expect to see serious testosterone support in this product.

So let’s put the claims of Blade Nutrition to the test. Does Test Booster 1.0 really deliver all of these benefits? Is it safe?

Is it what you’ve been looking for?

If you don’t have time to read our full Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0 review, then skip to the summary at the end. If you have any questions, then post them in the comments section at the end!


Test Booster 1.0 Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the Test Booster 1.0 formula. Here is the label:


Test Booster 1.0 formula


After looking at the formula, we’re surprised that there are so many positive Test Booster 1.0 reviews out there.

While there are some good points, there are some serious issues with Blade Nutrition’s leading testosterone supplement.


Main Benefits

There are some good ingredients in this supplement, and their doses are pretty good.

For example, Test Booster 1.0 contains D-Aspartic Acid.

D-Aspartic Acid is one of the most effective, reliable and safe natural testosterone boosters on the market right now.

It directly influences hormones in the body which trigger testosterone production in the testes. This is one of the most immediate and significant ways to increase testosterone production in a safe, natural way.

Each serving provides 1,500mg of D-AA. While this is less than you will find in many top-end test boosters, it is still enough to deliver benefits.


Test Booster 1.0 ingredients review Vitamin D


We also get healthy servings of Zinc and Vitamin D in Test Booster 1.0.

Most people are deficient in these substances, and rectifying these deficiencies can have a profound effect on your hormonal balance.

Upping your Vitamin D intake to over 3,000IU per day can immediately bring up your testosterone production. The 4,000IU in Test Booster 1.0 will make a major difference to your test levels in a very short space of time.


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Main Drawbacks

There are more negatives to this formula than positives, unfortunately.

The main issue is the use of DHEA.

DHEA is a human steroid hormone which also goes by the name of androstenolone.

It is the most abundant circulating steroid in human beings. It actually has many functions in the human body.

But of most interest to us is the fact that it is heavily involved in the synthesis of testosterone and estrogen. It can be thought of as the precursor to the major sex hormones.


DHEA Test Booster 1.0 main ingredient


Taking DHEA as a supplement is not only incredibly dangerous, but it can actually be counter-productive if raising testosterone levels is your goal.

For starters, taking exogenous human steroid hormones is always extremely dangerous. Consequences are largely unpredictable, and they can be severe.

DHEA can also act as an antagonist for testosterone as it binds to the same receptors.

DHEA does convert into testosterone and estrogen, but it also binds to androgen receptors itself.

It is a weaker androgen than testosterone, so increasing the chances that your androgen receptors will bind to DHEA and not testosterone is not a great idea if increased strength and size is your goal.

The other two ingredients in Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0 are less than impressive testosterone boosters.

Tribulus terrestris is often cited as a potent natural androgenic.

However, evidence supporting this claim is practically non-existent. Studies looking at Tribulus terrrestris in humans have actually found that it exerts no effect on testosterone levels.

DIM is not a common site on supplement ingredient lists. DIM, or Diindolylmethane, is a “super anti-oxidant”, to quote Blade Nutrition.

It’s supposedly great for supporting a healthy hormone balance. However, we haven’t really seen much evidence to support this claim.

While anti-oxidants are almost always a good addition to a supplement stack, we aren’t convinced that such a thin stack needs one.

There’s only a few active ingredients here; it would have been better to include another potent test booster or something to aid physical performance.


Test Booster 1.0 Side Effects

Test Booster 1.0 seems to have a higher side effect risk than many other testosterone boosters.

We actually aren’t sure if it can claim to be a natural testosterone booster since it contains exogenous human steroid hormones.

DHEA is illegal in some countries, and for good reason. Playing around with your hormones by consuming them is immensely dangerous and should only be done under the guidance of a qualified, experienced medical practitioner.

Tribulus Terrestris is also known to carry an elevated side effect risk compared to other compounds.

Since TT doesn’t seem to be particularly effective or reliable, this risk is totaly unjustifiable in our opinion.

Please talk to a doctor before using substances like DHEA, or indeed any stacks like Test Booster 1.0. You may think they sound safe, but you’d be a lot better off talking to a real doctor first.


Test Booster 1.0 Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

We won’t be recommending Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0 to anybody any time soon.

If you’ve read our full Test Booster 1.0 review, then you’ll know that our main concern is the use of DHEA; a human steroid hormone.

However, that isn’t the only problem with this formula.

Aside from the D-AA, which is dosed on the lower end of the spectrum, the ingredients aren’t very effective testosterone boosters.

The Zinc and Vitamin D3 will indeed contribute to higher testosterone levels, but these are pretty standard ingredients. They do make a difference to free T levels, but we need more from a premium-priced supplement.

If you want real results, more muscle mass, enhanced libido, and overall enhanced well-being, then we don’t think Test Booster 1.0 is the best choice for you.

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