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  • Side effects will be quite rare


  • Proprietary blend
  • Two ingredients do nothing for testosterone
  • Missing some key ingredients
  • Fenugreek Extract should not be a primary ingredient



Full Betancourt Test-HP Review


Betancourt is not a well known supplement manufacturer, but its Test-HP product has received a lot of attention lately. This is in no small part because of the fact it is now listed by most of the major bodybuilding supplement distributors.

A lot of you will have been looking for a Betancourt Test-HP review after seeing this stuff listed on

So does this product deserve all the attention?

What is it supposed to do?


Betancourt Test-HP Review


If we look at the bottle, we see that Betancourt Test-HP promises the following key benefits:

  • Stress/estorgen management
  • Promotes vitality
  • Improves “performance” in men

Interesting. These claims are fleshed out a little on the Betancourt website.

According to the Betancourt Test-HP official merchant page, this product tries to tackle low testosterone along multiple different fronts:


Betancourt Test-HP claims


That’s great to see.

We think low testosterone needs to be tackled along multiple different pathways at the same time.

At the end of the day, natural testosterone boosters are nowhere near as strong as synthetic alternatives (such as lab made testosterone or other AAS).

So, to see real results, we need to bring about improvements in lots of different areas.

That way, we get an end result that is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Stacks that only provide 1-2 ingredients, or they try to boost testosterone in one way, then we just aren’t going to see the same results.

So this sounds good.

But is any of it true?

Does Betancourt Test-HP do anything for your testosterone levels?

Is it safe? What are the side effects going to be like?

Does this stack compare well to other testosterone boosters on the market right now?

We’ll tackle all of these questions in our full Betancourt Test-HP review below. We’ll start by looking at the ingredients, the doses, and the known risks. At the end, we’ll summarize the review and tell you whether or not we’d recommend Betancourt Test-HP to anyone.



Betancourt Test-HP Formula

Here is the Betancourt Test-HP formula as shown on the bottle:


Betancourt Test-HP Formula Analysis

First impressions?

Not good.

Here we have some bare bones vitamins, a relatively effective libido booster, and a very confusing proprietary blend.

We don’t think this looks liek it’s going to be able to compete with the best testosterone boosters around at the minute.

It just doens’t pack the same punch.

There’s a lot in here that you really don’t want to be paying good money for if your priority is elevating free testosterone levels.

Let’s get into this in more detail.


Main Issue – Proprietary Blend

The Betancourt Test-HP proprietary blend is a serious issue.

We have some fundamental problems with prop blends.

Even the “best” prop blends rub us up the wrong way.

There’s no god reason for a manufacturer to be employing them. They will say that they’re protecting their special formula secrets, but we know that’s a lie.

Look at all the products that reveal their formulas in great detail; they don’t have their formulas stolen.

They make millions of dollars a year.

If they can do it, so can you.

The real reaosn they use prop blends is to keep embarrasing information form you, the customer.

They don’t want you to see how each ingredient is dosed.

Why would they want to hide that?

We all know the answer to that question!

The Betancourt Test-HP proprietary blend has some very particular problems.

The main issue is the fact that it contains Rhodiola Rosea and Phosphatidylserine.

Neither of these ingredients have any influence on testosterone whatsoever.

They are commonly found in brain supplements and memory boosters, not natural testosterone boosters.

These two ingredients could easily occupy 99% of the blend.

You could be paying good money for two ingredients you have no reason to be taking, assuming you just want to raise your T levels.



Useless Ingredients

7-Methoxyflavone may look like a very exotic ingredient, but it is simply an altered favanone extracted from Chrysin.

This stuff has been found in some studies to act as a powerful aromatase inhibitor.

However, we believe a much more thorough analysis of the available evidence can be found here.

The authors of this article concluded the following: “There is no meaningful evidence to indicate that methoxyisoflavone is useful as a sports supplement.”

We’re not in a position to argue with a conclusion that strong.


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Minor Issue – Testofen Not A Main Ingredient

Fenugreek Extract, and a high quality Fenugreek Extract like Testofen, is a good thing to have in a well balanced, potent, multi-pronged testosterone booster.

Some studies have shown that it increases free testosterone levels, although we aren’t completely convinced on that front.

Many more studies have show that it increases sex drive in otherwise healthy men, as well as in men suffering with sexual dysfunction.

However, if your goal is to see a real, noticeable increase in your free testosterone levels, then you’re going to need to use more than Fenugreek Extract.

You’ll need to utilize ingredients that DIRECTLY affect testosterone production.


Fenugreek Betancourt Test-HP ingredient analysis


You’ll need to utilize ingredients that actively reduce estrogen conversion, SHBG, and more.

Fenugreek Extract alone isn’t going to do a great deal.

But Fenugreek Extract is the main ingredient in Betancourt Test-HP.

We do have some Stinging Nettle Root Extract, which is a potent SHBG reducing agent.

But we don’t know how much we get per serving. Maybe next to none.


Good Ingredients (With Caveats)

It is worth pointing out that Betancourt Test-HP contains some very good natural testosterone boosters.

The 5,000IU of Vitamin D per day will provide excellent support for normal testosterone production.

Few guys get enough Vitamin D today (because we spend all day in an office).

Rectifying a Vitamin D deficiency can have an immediate impact on your hormone levels.

However, we think a very good serving of Vitamin D is an absolute basic requirement for a testosterone booster.

Alone, it isn’t something worth paying good money for. Strong Vitamin D supplements can be bought from health food stores for very little money today.


Stinging Nettle Root Extract Betancourt Test-HP ingredients


Stinging Nettle Root Extract is another effective testosterone booster.

A good serving of this stuff can have a significant effect on your free serum testosterone availability.

However, we have no idea how much Stinging Nettle Root Extract we are getting per serving of Betancourt Test-HP.

We could be getting 900mg, which is a huge serving.

We could just as easily be getting 9mg, which is completely pointless.

We think the fact that the manufacturer has chosen to withhold the information speaks volumes.


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Betancourt Test-HP Side Effects

Despite our serious reservations about Betancourt Test-HP’s effectiveness, we have no worries as far as side effects are concerned.

The ingredients used in Betancourt Test-HP have all been rigorously tested.

They are widely used over long periods of time, and side effects seem to be extremely rare.

When they do occur, they are almost always very mild.

There are no serious health risks associated with sensible use of Fenugreek Extract, Stinging Nettle Root, Rhodiola Rosea, Phosphatidylserine, or 7-Methoxyflavone.

However, we are dealing with a proprietary blend here, which means we are dealing with unknown doses.

If you don’t know the serving size, it’s hard to comment on safety.

Betancourt-HP could easily contain 900mg of Stinging Nettle Extract, which is a dose way above normal.

The same is true of the other ingredients in the blend.

You therefore need to exercise serious caution and monitor yourself closely. If you experience any side effects whatsoever, stop using the supplement and seek medical attention.

We are not doctors, and neither are the people pushing this stuff on the internet. It is absolutely vital that you seek proper medical advice from a qualified physician before using a product like Betancourt-HP.


Betancourt-HP Review Summary

If you haven’t read the whole Betancourt-HP review, then you’re probably looking for a quick answer to the question: “is this stuff any good?”

Unfortunately, we think the answer to that question is, “not really”.

Betancourt-HP has too many problems for us to recommend it to any of our readers.

The formula just doesn’t compare well to the best natural testosterone boosters.

The proprietary blend is a major let-down. It could easily be stuffed full of Rhodiola Rosea and Phosphatidylserine.

These ingredients might be great if you’re looking to support your memory into old age, but they do NOTHING at all for testosterone.


We went through the other main issues above, but that point alone is enough to put us off this stack.

If you want tangible, real results, you’re better off checking out some of our current top rated supplements. Betancourt-HP isn’t going to make a big difference.

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