Beast Super Test Review – Does It Really Work?

Super Test






Value For Money



  • Good serving of Stinging Nettle
  • Good serving of Fenugreek


  • Prop blend full of useless fillers
  • Several ingredients are total duds - white button mushrooms? Seriously?
  • Prop blends make side effect risks hard to judge


Full Beast Super Test Review


Beast Sports are a small but rapidly growing supplement company. As the name suggests, they specialize in sports supplements. At the moment, their range is dominated by bodybuilding supplements; BCAAs, weight gainers, creatine, etc. And of course, they have a testosterone booster: Super Test.

So what is this stack all about?

What is it supposed to do exactly?


Beast Super Test review


As you can tell from the bottle, this is a specialized bodybuilding supplement. It says that it is designed to “maximize mass & strength”.

Clearly, this isn’t a stack designed to help older guys regain a spring in their step.

It’s not a natural PCT stack, either.

Users are told that they can expect these key benefits:

  • Supports muscle growth
  • Increases strength
  • Supports healthy sex drive
  • May help detoxify the body
  • Boost nitric oxide levels

That’s a really interesting range of benefits.

Strength, muscle mass and sex drive do all increase as a result of having higher free testosterone levels.

If a supplement can help increase free test production or decrease aromatase action – or both – then it will no doubt produce improvements in all these areas.

One thing we definitely DO NOT want is a stack that treats the symptoms of low T rather than actually increasing free testosterone. Boosting libido is good, but we want it done via testosterone, not some secondary pathway.

Very few testosterone boosters, however, promise to boost nitric oxide levels.

This has no effect on testosterone. But it will help you get a pump in the gym. This will help you make gains, appear more vascular, and improve your physique overall.

So long as Super Test also helps boost test levels in the blood, this is a good benefit.

All of this sounds great to us. If Beast Super Test can actually do all of these things, then it will be a fantastic testosterone booster.

But can it?

Does Super Test really do all of these things?

How does it stack up against the best testosterone boosters today?

Is it worth the price tag?

How safe is Beast Super Test? Are there any serious side effect risks?

Find out by reading our full Beast Super Test review below. We kick things off with a proper look at the formula. Do the ingredients sit well with the latest scientific findings? Are the ingredient sufficient? Is it safe? In the end, we’ll tell you what we think of the stack as a whole. If you’ve got any questions, just post them in the comments at the end and we’ll get right back to you.


Beast Super Test Formula – Ingredients, Doses & More

Let’s look under the hood. Here is the Super Test formula:



What a car crash!

That’s a seriously busy formula.

There’s so much going on here, it’s hard for the customer to really figure out what’s going on. Maybe that’s what Beast Sports want. Maybe they just got too excited and wanted to include every ingredient they could get their hands on.

Either way, this doesn’t look like a very good formula.

Results are going to be limited.

There’s a lot of dead weight here too. We can spot several ingredients that don’t actively contribute to higher testosterone levels. Ingredients you’re paying for.

Not great.


What We Like

There isn’t a lot to get excited about here. But there are some good ingredients in Super Test. Together, they are going to have a real – although limited – effect on your free serum testosterone levels. 

A prime example here is Stinging Nettle Extract.

Several clinical trials have concluded that a compound in Stinging Nettle has powerful testosterone boosting properties.

This compound, called ligans, works by binding to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG attaches to testosterone in the blood stream, rendering it useless. By binding to SHBG, the ligans in Stinging Nettle “takes the hit” for your testosterone.

More testosterone is left circulating in the blood stream as a result.



Each serving of Super Test provides 150mg of Stinging Nettle Extract. That is more than enough to experience the full force of this potent natural testosterone booster.



What We Don’t Like

Sadly, there’s a hell of a lot more about this formula that we dislike.

It does have a few good ingredients known to boost testosterone.

But they can’t make up for the weaknesses in the formula.

The main weakness as far as we’re concerned is the bloated proprietary blend.

Proprietary blends are almost always used when the manufacturer wants to stuff a formula full of the cheapest, least effective ingredients without having to admit as much on the label.

There’s really no other viable reason for using them.

After all, plenty of testosterone boosters show their full formulas on the bottle. They make lots of money. Nobody rips them off.

The Super Test proprietary blend contains 7 ingredients and is 800mg in total size. This gives us an average serving size of just under 115mg. 

Several of the ingredients in this blend have no scientifically proven ability to affect testosterone levels.

They don’t do anything for your free serum test levels at all.

And we have no idea how much of this blend they make up.

That’s pretty much unforgivable for us. We don’t think you should be too impressed either. After all, if so many other manufacturers can be totally transparent, why can’t Beast Sports?!


White Button Mushrooms Super Test ingredients


We also have several other dud ingredients in Super Test.

While we are given their serving sizes, we don’t think you should be paying for substances that don’t help you achieve your goals.

A key example here is White Button Mushrooms.

We can’t believe that so many manufacturers are getting away with charging for this one, but they are.

Just think about it for a minute: you’re paying top dollar for a product that provides you with a substance you can buy by the pound from your local grocery store for a few dollars.

As far as know, nobody has ever proven that White Button Mushrooms have a positive effect on free serum testosterone levels. 

They don’t affect aromatase activity to any significant degree. 

They don’t interact with SHBG. 


Even if they do have some kind of indirect effect on testosterone, is it really worth putting them in a premium testosterone boosting stack? Isn’t it more cost effective to concentrate on rare and exotic ingredients, and just add more mushrooms to your diet?


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Beast Sports Super Test Side Effects

The presence of a proprietary blend makes any discussion of side effects difficult. 

You need to know what doses you’re dealing with to correctly gauge the risks.

And we don’t know how many of these ingredients are dosed – all we know is that they could each be dosed anywhere from 1μg to 799mg.

That’s quite a range.

On the whole though, there doesn’t seem to be any ingredients in here that we know to pose serious side effect risks.

To our knowledge, these ingredients have all been deemed safe for human consumption. We can’t see any that we know to be prone to causing side effects.

But of course, we’re not doctors, and every individual is different.

Please Remember

There are some things you MUST keep in mind when reading these reviews.

  1. This is not medical advice
  2. We are not doctors.

It is absolutely crucial that you do your own research and consult a qualified health professional before using any of these supplements. 

Every individual is different, so we cannot possibly provide an exhaustive overview of every possible side effect. We don’t know you or your unique medical history. 


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Beast Sports Super Test Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

It has some strong points, but on the whole, this isn’t the top quality testosterone booster it claims to be.

Compared to some of the best natural test boosters on the market today, it doesn’t come close.

If you haven’t read our full Beast Sports Super Test review in its entirety, we’ll do our best to cover the key points here.

It does contain a very good serving of Stinging Nettle Extract, which is known to significantly increase free testosterone. 

It contains a healthy serving of Fenugreek, although this only has an effect on libido – not testosterone. 

Then we have a bloated proprietary blend – always a problem.

We have several ingredients that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for testosterone production, estrogen conversion, or anything else for that matter. 

Overall, not fantastic.

You can get much better results elsewhere.

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