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  • Proprietary blend
  • Blend is full of garbage
  • Most ingredients not validated by science
  • TT proven to be ineffective
  • InfoWars is a thinly veiled shopping channel


AnthroPlex Review


AnthroPlex is a natural testosterone booster formulated and sold by InfoWars Life.

That’s right, InfoWars – the media channel of self-styled prophet and unquestionable lunatic, Alex Jones. 

While it is sold through the InfoWars online store (more on this later), it is also sold through third-party merchants like Amazon and perhaps some independent supplement stores. So it is likely to move from the fringe markets into the mainstream. As such, we thought it was really important to do an independent AnthroPlex review. 

So what it AnthroPlex all about?

Who are InfoWars Life?


AnthroPlex review


If you’ve never heard of Alex Jones, we strongly suggest that you look him up. It will be quite an experience. 

He is known for his bizarre political opinions, his inventive conspiracy theories, and apoplectic outbursts. We don’t think we can really do this guy justice with words, you’ll just have to check him out yourself (we don’t want to give him a backlink so just look him up through YouTube). 

While InfoWars styles itself as a ‘media news channel’, it is actually just a channel created so Jones can sell his quirky health products.

The InfoWars Life line is designed around the idea of avoiding the products that “the elites” use to poison us, to rob us of our manhood, and so on. 

It isn’t surprising, then, to see that this line includes a testosterone booster. 

AnthroPlex is an all-natural product which is explicitly designed as a “daily foundation for men”. It seems to be sold more as a testosterone support supplement than a bodybuilding aid.

Since many of Jones’ theories revolve around the New World Order robbing us of our vitality, it makes sense for this supplement to be more of a testosterone ‘restorer’ than a booster. 

According to the Amazon merchant page, users of AnthroPlex can expect the following key benefits:

  • Optimized physical performance
  • Improved libido
  • Enhanced muscle growth
  • Lower body fat levels

Unlike many manufacturers, Alex Jones has actually used himself as a test subject for his supplements. Needless to say, the results are astounding! Just check out this unbelievable transformation:


AnthroPlex claims



What a transformation!

All of these claimed benefits would follow from having increased testosterone levels. However, many supplement merely treat the symptoms of having low test availability rather than treating the low testosterone production itself. 

Does AnthroPlex get to the root of the problem instead of plastering over the symptoms?

Is it safe?

Is it legit, or is it a total scam from a well-known shill?

Let’s find out. Below you will find our full AnthroPlex review. In it, we will look at the formula in greater detail, as well as what some other people are saying about AnthroPlex. If you don’t want to read through the whole review, we’ve done a quick summary at the end. 


AnthroPlex Formula

As is everything else InfoWars does, we’re sure there is a lot of hype surrounding the AnthroPlex formula. But at the end of the day, if the formula doesn’t meet your expectations, no amount of spin can make up for it.

Here is the AnthroPlex formula:


AnthroPlex formula review


We apologize for the low quality image. This is the best image available at the moment; it is actually taken from the official InfoWars Life website. Clearly Alex Jones is happy with some customers struggling to read the formula properly. For those of you who can’t quite make it out, the ingredients we have here are Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, and Fulvic Powder.

We’re sure the first thing that strikes you is the fact that AnthroPlex lists most of its ingredients as part of a single proprietary blend. 

We’ve gone over the reasons why proprietary blends are bad news so many times that we don’t think we need to go over it again here.

To put it simply, proprietary blends almost always mean you are being ripped off.

There’s no reason for a manufacturer to use a proprietary blend. No good reason at least. Many claim they need to do so to protect their intellectual property. Yet all of the most popular testosterone boosters reveal their formulas in full.

Obviously, then, formula theft isn’t that much of a concern. 

What is a concern to some manufacturers is the fact that their formulas are weak, full of garbage, and extremely cheap to produce. 

That’s why proprietary blends are used; so you don’t know how badly you’re being ripped off.

Of course, not all proprietary blends are equal; some are much worse than others.

On that note, we can look at the AnthroPlex blend in greater detail. Here is breakdown of the main positives and the main negatives of this formula.


Main Benefits

Benefits here are few and far between.

In fact, there’s really only one slight benefit that we can pull out of this proprietary blend. 

And even here, we need to outline a serious caveat. 

The only thing that we think can count as a positive here is the inclusion of Tongkat Ali, or Longjack Root to give it its more common name. 

Longjack Root is far from what we would call a proven testosterone booster. 


Tongkat Ali AnthroPlex ingredients


However, there have been some studies which found it to have an effect on libido, sexual performance, and other things affected by low test levels, however minor that effect may be. 

This study, for example, found that regular Longjack Root supplementation had a slightly pro-erectile and libido-enhancing effect of almost 10%.

But this is not a particularly impressive result. It is beneficial, for sure, but it is nothing to get excited about. 

It is also important to remember that the researchers did not find any difference in free serum testosterone with the use of Longjack Root. 

If you are shopping around for a testosterone booster, then it stands to reason that you will want it to have an effect on testosterone levels, not just the symptoms of low test availability. 


Main Drawbacks

Since there is only one thing in here that we can really call a “benefit”, the rest of the formula can really be said to be a drawback. 

Aside from Longjack Root, which has limited use, the ingredients in AnthroPlex are of absolutely no use to us whatsoever. 

As far as we’re aware, there isn’t a single bit of scientific evidence proving that any of the other ingredients in AnthroPlex improve testosterone production or serum test availability at all. 

Sure, there are plenty of people who claim that these substances can put your T levels through the roof. 

There are plenty of supplement manufacturers who are eager for you to believe that these ingredients can put your testes into overdrive. 

But marketing hype and reality are two very different things. 

In reality, we are yet to see an independent clinical trial showing Horny Goat Weed having an effect on test production. 

We are yet to see any robust proof that Fulvic Powder does anything at all. 

The worst offender here is Tribulus Terrestris. 

While a lack of proof is enough for us to consider something useless, Tribulus Terrestris has actually been proven to do nothing!

That these useless ingredients are dosed in unknown amounts just makes this problem so much worse.

All things considered, this is a pretty pathetic formula. 

That it positions itself in the same league as the leading testosterone support supplements is ridiculous in our opinion. 


-Learn More From Our Ingredient Guide-

AnthroPlex Side Effects

Usually when our big problem with a stack is that it wont do you any good, it’s safe to assume that it wont do you much harm either.

That seems to hold true for AnthroPlex.

This stack is so impotent that it seems very unlikely that it will cause most of you any problems. 

However, when we’re dealing with a proprietary blend, there’s always a worrying degree of uncertainty. 

We can’t be sure that the ingredients here are all dosed sensibly. After all, it is perfectly possible for a single ingredient to take up 99% of the blend. 

Many manufacturers don’t like us talking about extreme cases. They think it’s unfair. We wish we didn’t have to; if they don’t want us considering possibilities (which we are entitled to do as consumers), they should be more transparent with their products.

As such, we need to be aware that any ingredient can cause unwanted side effects when consumed in excessively large amounts. 

You also need to be aware that the man who recommends this product believes that we are at war with inter-dimensional aliens. No, we aren’t joking. 

Talk to a qualified health professional before using a product like AnthroPlex. Do not rely on information you read online; people are more interested in selling you things than helping you. If you think you have a severe hormone problem, then you need medical advice, not a supplement. 


AnthroPlex Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

If you’ve read our entire AnthroPlex review, then you will know full well that we aren’t going to recommend this product to anybody.

It contains a pathetically small amount of zinc, and a proprietary blend stuffed full of useless ingredients that lack scientific backing. 

That Alex Jones, the well-known conspiracy theorist and successful telemarketer, wants us to believe that this is a premium grade, professional quality testosterone booster is amazing to us. 

Although we shouldn’t be too surprised. That a man who believes in inter-dimensional alien warfare thinks this is a good quality test booster seems reasonable enough to us. 

If you want help keeping your testosterone levels within healthy limits, then opt for a more comprehensive stack. Ideally, use one which tells you how each ingredient is dosed.

If you want to maximize testosterone production in the short and long term, then check out some of our top rated supplements. We update this list regularly. 

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