ANSI Testavar HD Review – Does It Work?

Testavar HD






Value For Money



  • Contains some good ingredients


  • Best ingredients all staples in most stacks today
  • Missing many cutting edge test boosters
  • Some ingredients do absolutely nothing
  • Tribulus PROVEN to be useless


ANSI Testavar HD Review


Testavar-HD is a natural testosterone booster from ANSI, which stands for Advanced Nutrient Science International.

Clearly, ANSI have tried to make this product sound like a mix of testosterone and Anavar; the incredibly popular oral anabolic steroid.

It’s apparently part of their Pharma Series, which again makes it sound like a serious pharmaceutical product when it isn’t.

Whenever we see a product trying to sound like a well-known AAS compound, we get seriously suspicious. No natural testosterone booster can deliver the same results as anabolic steroids, and it is seriously cheesey to boot.


Testavar HD natural testosterone booster


But we’re not going to pass judgement just based on the name. We’re going to do a thorough Testavar-HD review!

According to the official website, ANSI Testsvar-HD is designed to be “the ultimate all-in-one free testosterone performance booster”.

We’re told that it uses all-natural ingredients backed by hard science – sounds good to us!

Users of Testavar HD are told that they can expect the following benefits:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Increased libido
  • More energy during workouts

Not only that, but we’re explicitly promised that we will see “insane results”. That’s quite a promise! But can it deliver?

Does ANSI Testavar HD actually work?

Does it promote lean muscle mass?

Can ANSI seriously deliver “insane results”?

How does Testavar HD compare to other stacks on the market today?

To kick off our Testavar HD review, we’re going to look at the formula in greater detail. We’ll examin the ingrecdients, the serving sizes, and the potential side effects. Then we’ll look at what some other people are saying about this popular test booster. At the end, we’ll tell you whether or not we’d recommend this testosterone support supplement to you.

ANSI Testavar HD Formula

As always, we’ll start things off by looking at the formula:


Testavar HD Formula


That’s a real mixed bag of a formula.

There are things we like about the ANSI Testavar HD formula, and some things we don’t.

Generally speaking, this can’t be said to be a terrible testosterone booster.

It does contain some ingredients known to support healthy testosterone production.

But it also contains some useless ingredients.

It is also missing some natural substances that we think should be staples in a modern, premium quality testosterone booster.

ANSI Testavar HD is missing some of the best natural test boosters we have access to today.

For a product named to sound like Anavar – something part of a ‘Pharma Series’ – ANSI Testavar HD is a little disappointing.

Let’s get into this in more detail.


What We Like

For starters, we like the good serving of D-Aspartic Acid we get in ANSI Testavar HD.

Each daily dose of ANSI Testavar HD provides 3,120mg of this powerful natural testosterone booster.

We think D-Aspartic Acid is an absolute must-have for any testosterone booster that wants to be taken seriously.

It is a well-known fact that D-AA plays a role in regulating both the synthesis and release of testosterone in humans.

There have been a number of studies looking at D-AA’s ability to actually boost testosterone production. Some have turned up little results, while others have found that D-AA significantly increases free testosterone levels.

One study found that D-AA may boost sperm count by as much as 150%.

As it is so readily available and so clearly involved in testosterone synthesis, D-AA is a must for any modern T-booster.


Zinc Testavar HD ingredient analysis


We also get plenty of zinc and magnesium in ANSI Testavar-HD.

These two minerals are absolutely vital for the proper functioning of the testes with regards to testosterone production and release.

Deficiencies in zinc and magnesium will almost inevitably lead to a steady decline in free testosterone levels.

Sadly, most guys today are deficient in both zinc and magnesium. This is largely due to a poor diet low in leafy green vegetables, nuts, and seafood.

Rectifying any deficiency in either zinc or magnesium can have an almost immediate and sizable effect on your testosterone levels. In our experience, many guys who sort out their zinc intake feel more energetic and more aroused within a week or two.

Finally, we get a serious of Fenugreek Extract in Testavar HD.

People are skeptical about fenugreek extract these days. Evidence is thin on the ground when it comes to Fenugreek and free testosterone levels.

However, fenugreek has been convincingly proven to boost the sex drive of men struggling to their libido.

We think 100-200mg is enough to give your libido a kick when coupled with other testosterone boosting substances.

The 600mg in ANSI Testavar HD is more than enough to stimulate your sexual appetite, especially when coupled with so much D-AA, zinc and magnesium.


What We Don’t Like

The rest of the formula is pretty much useless as far as we’re concerned.

What we have left are unproven ingredients with little to no testosterone-boosting power.

We are sick of seeing Tribulus Terrestris used in supposedly “pharma-grade” testosterone boosters these days.

This plant extract has been thoroughly proven to be totally useless when it comes to boosting testosterone levels.

We also have Chrysin.

This stuff is a flavanoid naturally occurring in plant pollen (people sometimes mistakenly say “bee pollen”, but bees don’t produce pollen – they collect it).

As far as we know, there isn’t a single scientific study suggesting that Chrysin has any effect on testosterone levels at all.

Not one.

All we have are some manufacturers telling us that it boosts T production, increases libido, etc.

But until we see proof, we’re going to call it over-hyped bunk.

The 100mg of Maca Extract in Testavar HD is also not going to make a significant difference to your testosterone levels.

Many people hype this stuff up as a potent sex hormone stimulator, but in reality it seems to do very little in the human body.

For a product that claims to deliver “insane results” in the gym, that’s a lot of useless baggage to be carrying.


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ANSI Testavar HD Side Effects

Generally speaking, we think ANSI Testavar-HD is unlikely to give many of you any trouble as far as side effects go.

All of the ingredients are natural, their doses are sensible, and they aren’t usually associated with serious dangers.

The only real problem might come from Tribulus Terrestris.

This stuff is thought to have a relatively high chance of causing side effects. These side effects are said to include:

  • Stomach pain
  • Cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting

This chance is low when looked at relative to more dangerous substances.

But when you realise that Tribulus doesn’t give you many benefits, those risks seem unjustifiable.

As always, if you experience any side effects whatsoever while using ANSI Testavar HD, disonctinue use and talk to your doctor right away. We mean it!

It is crucial that you talk to your regular doctor about ANSI Testavar HD before you start using it. Just because its ingredients are safe for some people doesn’t mean it is safe for everyone. Get a doctor’s opinion first. If you think you have a genuinely low testosterone count, your doctor may recommend more serious interventions.


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ANSI Testavar HD Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

If you haven’t read our full ANSI Testavar HD review, then we recommend you at least go back and check out the formula analysis.

While ANSI Testavar HD can’t be said to be a bad supplement, we certainly don’t think it is a particularly impressive testosterone booster.

We definitely don’t think the manufcaturers are right to claim that it will deliver “insane results” in the gym.

It contains some good ingredients, but they are staples in most high-quality test boosters today.

The difference is that top-level stacks will also provide a wide range of other substances known to boost T production, block estrogen conversion, and enhance libido.

Where are all the other testosterone boosters in ANSI Testavar HD?

There’s no Vitamin D.

There’s no Mucuna Puriens.

There’s no Luteolin.

There’s no Boron.

What ANSI Testavar HD does contain in abundance is over-hyped herbal extracts that have yet to be proven to work.

It even contains Tribulus terrestris; a substance thoroughly proven by clinical trials to do NOTHING AT ALL!

Is this an awful stack? No.

Will it support healthy testosterone levels? Yes, probably for most guys.

Can you get better value for money elsewhere? Definitely.

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