Anabolic Freak Review – Does It Deserve The Price Tag?

Anabolic Freak






Value For Money



  • Good serving of D-AA


  • Only 3 interesting ingredients
  • Some ingredients don't do anything for low testosterone
  • Vitamin stack pretty pointless
  • Missing key ingredients common in test boosters today



Full Anabolic Freak Review


PharmaFreak are an absolute giant in the supplement industry. They are well known, widely used, and highly acclaimed.

They claim to make the “world’s strongest bodybuilding supplements”, and they do seem to have plenty of satisfied customers.

At present, their range includes all the usual suspects, from weight gain shakes and multivitamins, to more specialist products like a growth hormone booster and a joint support stack.

In this review we’re going to focus on Anabolic Freak.

Now Anabolic Freak is not their only testosterone booster. They also have a product called Test Freak. Both of these products are designed to do the same thing, but they go about it differently.


Anabolic Freak Review


So what is Anabolic Freak all about?

What is it supposed to do exactly?

According to the box, Anabolic Freak is a “testosterone stimulator”.

As always, we’re told that the ingredients are “clinically researched”.

Just because something has been researched doesn’t mean it works – the research might have come back negative! But you get what they’re trying to imply.

Users of Anabolic Freak are told that they can expect the following benefits:

  • Supports free testosterone
  • Supports Luteinizing Hormone
  • Promotes healthy estrogen and cortisol levels “already within normal range”

That last statement is very interesting.

PharmaFreak are being very careful here. If your estrogen or cortisol levels are high (or too low), then they’re saying Anabolic Freak can’t help you.

But if you have normal estrogen levels, Anabolic Freak will help them stay there.

This all sounds really interesting. We just need to find out if we can believe any of this marketing hype!

Does Anabolic Freak really increase testosterone?

Can it keep a lid on your estorgen and cortisol levels?

What are the side effect risks like compared to other stacks?

We answer all of these questions in our Anabolic Freak review, found below. If you read the review and you still have some unanswered questions, post them in the comments section at the bottom. We try to get back to everyone within 48 hours.



Anabolic Freak Formula

As we stated above, PharmaFreak have 2 testosterone boosters currently on the market.

However, they see the two products as totally distinct. They are designed to target low testosterone in completely different ways.

Just look at this comparison table provided by PharmaFreak.

So, with that out of the way, let’s check out the Anabolic Freak formula:


Anabolic Freak Formula


We expected better.

For such a reputable, highly acclaimed, popular brand, we were honestly expecting a little more bang for our buck.

Anabolic Freak’s formula is, on the whole, disappointing.

In the Anabolic Freak formula we basically have:

  • A weak vitamin and mineral stack
  • A very good dose of D-AA
  • Two ingredients that have no place in a product sold as a testosterone booster

That is the formula in a nutshell.

The D-AA dose is a major strength of Anabolic Freak – no doubt about that.

But unfortunately that is just about the only strength.

Let’s get into this in more detail.



What We Like

As stated above, we really like the D-Aspartic Acid serving in here.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is one of the most reliable, effective, and safe natural testosterone boosters in existence.

It has been thoroughly proven in several robust clinical trials, and thousands of people report getting good results from D-AA use over a long period of time.

In each daily serving of Anabolic Freak (so 4 capsules), we get 3.12g of D-Aspartic Acid.

That is the exact dose used in many of the clinical trials that showed D-AA as having the biggest effect on free serum testosterone.


D-Aspartic Acid Anabolic Freak ingredient analysis


Now, we don’t think that means you NEED to take 3.2g per day.

Many trials have found similar results when using less.

This is especially true when a more potent, highly absorbable form of D-AA has been used (such as D-AA Calcium Chelate). When using D-AACC, you only need about 1.5g per day to see real results.

But that’s exactly the form used by Anabolic Freak!

So we get more D-AA than we need per serving.

For such a reliable, potent and safe ingredient, this is great to see.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, ythe rest of the formula is pretty much baggage.

The vitamin and mineral stack is incredibly weak.

The ingredients themselves have some potential for boosting testosterone, but at these doses, not a chance.

An extra 50% of your RDI of Vitamin D is a pretty pointless inclusion.

Many supplements provide hundreds of times your RDI of Vitamin D because this substance is so abundant yet so powerful when used in higher doses.

You can pick up a more powerful vitamin and mineral blend from your local health food store for a fraction of the price of Anabolic Freak (more on this later).

We don’t even get any zinc or magnesium – TWO STAPLES OF MODERN TESTOSTERONE SUPPORT STACKS!

Not great.


Resveratrol Anabolic Freak ingredient review


The remaining 2 ingredients are 50mg of Rhodiola rosea and 25mg of Resveratrol.

Rhodiola rosea is a natural anxiety remedy. it is consumed as a tea in some cultures as a treatment for stress, while many natural anxiety supplements and sleep aids today include some rhodiola rosea extract.

It has no known ability to influence testosterone.

It does seem to lower feelings of stress, but it doesn’t influence hormonal parameters at all.

It just treats the symptoms of stress. It doesn’t lower cortisol levels – it just makes you feel like they’re going down.

In any case, 50mg is a pretty pathetic dose of RR as far as we can tell. A standard dose for stress reduction is 100mg.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant most commonly found in red grape skins.

Again, this ingredient has absolutely no effect on testosterone, estrogen, or cortisol.

It does seem to be good for long term health and longevity, and that’s great.

But we are paying for a TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER here, so it would be nice if the ingredients, you know, boosted testosterone.

Value For Money?

Anabolic Freak basically provides some small doses of common vitamins and minerals, and a good dose of D-Aspartic Acid.

The other ingredients might be useful to people looking for some anxiety reduction, or people hoping to live a little longer.

But if you’re looking at Anabolic Freak, chances are, you want something that’s going to raise your testosteorne levels.

You can pick up some powerful, generic, own-brand D-Aspartic Acid capsules from any health food or supplement store.

These days you might even be able to find some generic D-AA capsules in your local supermarket.

They will usually cost about $20 for a big bottle of 750mg capsules, or something like that.

The vitamins and minerals in Anabolic freak can be obtained in similar quantities form most fortified cereals.

But if you wanted a dedicated supplement, you can find a multivitamin with more ingredients and higher doses (and maybe some zinc – how about that) in your local Wallmart for about $5.

With that information, it is difficult to justify paying $54.99 for Anabolic Freak.

In doing so, you are paying more for the branding than the stack, since you can get all the ingredients yourself so easily and cheaply.


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Anabolic Freak Side Effects

We think side effects are highly unlikely with Anabolic Freak. When they do occur, they are probably going to be very mild.

The ingredients in here aren’t usually known for their adverse side effects.

D-AA, Rhodiola rosea and Resveratrol are all taken by many people and complaints are extremely rare.

The doses used (for all ingredients) have been used in several clinical trials, with no serious health consequences coming up.

As such, we think Anabolic Freak isn’t going to cause problems for 99% of users.

However, there is always an inherent risk when taking strange herbal extracts and concentrates. You wont be used to consuming these substances, so you wont know if you have any allergies or inteolerances to them.

If you have any pre-existing conditions that makes these ingredients potentially dangerous, you need to stay away from Anabolic Freak.

The only way to really assess the risks to your health posed by Anabolic Freak, you really need to talk to your regular physician.

Just because a supplement seems safe for 99% of people doesn’t mean it is definitely safe for you. There are no guarantees when it comes to supplementation. It is vital that you talk to a qualified doctor before proceeding.

Don’t gamble with your health. We aren’t doctors, and neither are the people you talk to on the internet!



Anabolic Freak Review Summary – Is It Any Good?

For such a big player in the bodybuilding supplement industry, we really expected a lot more from PharmaFreak.

Anabolic Freak bills itself as a highly potent testosterone support supplement.

In reality, it has just 1 ingredient capable fo elevating free testosterone levels.

That ingredient, D-AA, does work very well for almost everyone that uses it. It influences testosterone production in the testes almost directly, and it works fast.

The dose used in Anabolic Freak is good, too.

But that is about the only good thing to say for this supplement.

The other ingredients don’t influence hormone levels at all, and the vitamin stack is extremely weak. We don’t even get any zinc!

If you haven’t read the entire Anabolic Freak review, we strongly advise you to do so. We cover all of these points in greater detail.

But if you don’t have time, then check out some of our highly rated testosterone boosters and you’ll see the difference in quality.

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