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Value For Money



  • Contains very healthy D-AA serving


  • Proprietary blends
  • Contains potential fillers
  • Many ingredients do nothing



Full Alpha Pro GR8TEST Review

GR8TEST is a natural testosterone booster from Alpha Pro Nutrition.

It is described as the “ultimate anabolic formula”.

While this stack isn’t particularly popular at the minute, that could change in the near future.

So, what is Alpha Pro GR8TEST all about?

What is it supposed to do?


Alpha Pro GR8TEST Review


Alpha Pro GR8TEST is clearly designed as a kind of hybrid testosterone booster and pre-workout.

If we look at the bottle, we’re told that GR8TEST can:

  • Elevate free testosterone
  • Inhibit estrogen production
  • Block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen
  • Produce an “ultimate pump”

The first three are standard benefits claimed by testosterone boosters.

But the last one is unusual; this is what makes GR8TEST a kind of hybrid supplement.

It is made for use immediately before a workout.

It is definitely a bodybuilding supplement, not a PCT stack or a supplement for older guys looking to regain some vitality and sex drive.

If GR8TEST can relaly do all of these things, then we will no doubt have a superb supplement on our hands.

Lots of guys use test boosters before the gym. Products like TestoFuel are largely designed for athletes.

The question is, can GR8TEST really do all of this?

How safe is GR8TEST?

How does Alpha Pro GR8TEST compare to today’s leading testosterone boosters? Is it the best option for enhancing your workouts and increasing your muscle mass?

Read this thorough Alpha Pro GR8TEST review to find out! As per, we’ll kick off with the formula. Post any questions in the comments section at the end.


Alpha Pro GR8TEST Formula

Check out the Alpha Pro GR8TEST formula:


Alpha Pro GR8TEST formula


Right away, we’re not happy with this formula.

We’re not happy because we see proprietary blends.

We hate proprietary blends.

Manufacturers don’t need to use them. They might think they need them or others will steal their formulas. They might know that isn’t true, but they might claim they do anyway.

The truth is that no one needs to hide their formulas when using such common, well understood ingredients.

Formula theft doens’t happen.

They’re only ever used when the manufcaturer would rather you didn’t know thre truth.

As a general rule, we think you should avoid proprietary blends.

But not all proprietary blends are as bad as one another.

Some are much worse than others.

We also have some standalone ingredients in GR8TEST. They aren’t thrown into the prop blend so we know how they are dosed.

Let’s go through the main strengths and weaknesses of Alpha Pro GR8TEST.



Main Strengths

We don’t like the look of this supplement, but there are some very good aspects to it that we need to highlight.

The big one is the D-Aspartic Acid content.

Alpha Pro GR8TEST contains an absolutely superb dose of D-AA.

D-AA is one of the most effective, reliable, safe natural testosterone boosters in existence.

D-AA affects testosterone almost directly.

Basically, D-AA consumption stimulates the release of Leutinizing Hormone. This then acts as a signal to the testes to start releasing more testosterone into your blood.

This effect has been observed in numerous, robust clinical studies now.

Some results have been dramatic, with serum test level increases of dozens of percentage points.

Not everyone seems to get such a massive increase, but a significant increase is very common.



Main Drawbacks

We’ve gone over our problem with proprietary blends above.

We’ve gone through it in other reviews plenty of times.

We won’t linger on it here.

It should be self evident that not knowing how each ingredient is dosed is a big problem.

Well, that problem gets worse when said proprietary blend contains useless ingredients potentially being used to ‘fill out’ the blend.

Well, Alpha Pro GR8TEST contains plenty of bogus ingredients that can be used as fillers.


GR8TEST potential filler ingredients


Take the GR8TEST TESTOSTERONE FORMULA, for example. It contains L-Carnitine L-Tartrate.

The ability of this substance to raise your testosterone levels is pretty much nil.

Carnitine is sometimes used by bodybuilders to encourage muscle mass growth, but it isn’t very powerful. It is a very common amino acid prevalent in the human diet. It certainly doens’t have a meaningful effect on testosterone levels.

For all we know, L-Carnitine could make up 90% or more of the GR8TEST TESTOSTERONE FORMULA.

We can replace L-Carnitine with many ingredients in these prop blends, an the results woudl be the same: Longjack Root, Maca Root, DIM, Chrysin – all useless.

All of them do nothing for your testosterone levels in reality.

Most of them could be used to bulk out the blend, allowing the manufacturer to skimp on the other ingredients and save a pretty penny.


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Alpha Pro GR8TEST Side Effect Risks

It’s always hard to talk about side effects when you don’t know how each individual ingredient is dosed.

After all, how dangerous a substance is depends on how much you’re planning to take.

On the whole, side effects here are likely to be pretty mild.

There aren’t many serious red flags. No exogenous hormones, no powerful stimulants, no real synthetic ingredients.

We also expect these blends to be bulked out with the cheaper, more benign ingredients – why else would the manufcaturers use a proprietary blend?

However, there are some potential trouble spots.

One is the DIM content.

DIM is a natural substance; it is found in things like broccoli – most people eat it regularly.

DIM is thought to reduce aromatase formation – that is, it stops the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen.

However, when it is concentrated and consumed in large amounts, DIM is actually known to work backwards, boosting aromatase activity and thereby increasing estrogen levels.

At the end of the day, everyone is different.

You should also remember that we aren’t doctors.

This isn’t medical advice.

This is just some of the main risks that jump out at us here.

Always get proper medical advice from a qualified professional before putting strange herbal extracts into your body. If you do experience side effects, discontinue use immediately and talk to a real doctor or nurse right away.


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Alpha Pro GR8TEST Review Summary – Can It Deliver?

Alpha Pro promised so much, but they just haven’t delivered here.

Alpha Pro GR8TEST doesn’t look like it is capable of raising testosterone levels any more than a hundred other stacks on the market right now.

There’s absolutely nothing special about this formulation.

The D-AA content is actually excellent.

Most users will get a lot out of this; D-AA can produce a meaningful lift in testosterone levels in just a couple of weeks.

But that’s the only interesting ingredient for which we know the dose.

Everything else is thrown together in proprietary blends.

These blends contain some ingredients that do absolutely nothing.

They contain some obvious fillers.

We wouldn’t waste our money on a stack like this. Not when there are so many top quality testosterone boosters that tell you exactly what you’re paying for right on the label.

No tricks.

No fillers.

No prop blends.

If others can do it, so can Alpha Pro.

But they haven’t.

Ask yourself why.

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